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  1. Chas C

    error code 001

    Hi, the chat with Keith was useful, seems to be the battery, now replaced and seems OK. Updated to 4.1. The LCD was a setup problem, not in the manual, under the RH and LH LCD, I had to set the LCD to low. Fingers crossed all OK now.
  2. Chas C

    error code 001

    I think this may be a return to factory under warranty, doing all sort of strange things, if the desk is lightly tapped the fade times change, after reset the lcd displays do not come back up as readable although they are still set. the count is now 162? hankfully I can still run the show.
  3. Chas C

    error code 001

    I am using version 4, all programming on the one machine, not used phantom. not updated to 4.1 as I had started loading the show.
  4. I Have a TLxtra, on starting up it shows error 001 data 1 count 151. the show on run is rubbish. thankfully I can reset the desk and reload the show. it also shows the same when editing live, press OK and the edit is ok. any ideas?
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