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  1. Hey, i've got some problems with the remote App on my iPad Air2. The App worked fine with iOS 7, but after upgrading to iOS 8 and 9 the app stop working after 7-8 seconds. It is not possible to select anything, but the Desktop is still visible. We work with a Solution XL. It is not possible to do a downgrade to iOS7, because there is no backup :/ Is there any work-a-round to get the iPad working again? Thanks for help, Christopher
  2. Hey, i have got the same Problem. I create a chase and the first step is a blackout. The next steps work fine, but the first is always a blackout. Is this a feature or can be deactivated? thanks for your help, chris ps.: os: 7.8.1
  3. Hey, i am starting working with a Solution XL. We would like to add on Desktop 2 two views of the Colour Palettes. Is it possible? On the left hand our Palettes and on the right hand the Colour Picker? Thanks for your help, Christopher...
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