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  1. Hello Jon ; thanks for the response.... and no doubt about the fact that you are working hard to try to do things the right way (and this is certainly a 100% verified for FLX and FLXS consoles) just to point that out : I didn't talk about any Beta-Version (Edward told me about a new Beta but I didn't see it yet); =>> I really was talking about the two latest OFFICIAL Firmwares version 7.9.3 and 7.9.4 The last show I did with Solution was in summer last year and under 7.9.2; so I was curious to see what kind of "evolutions" are brought by newer Firmwares I published my observ
  2. Hello for some reasons I don't use the Solution desk anymore and the last Firmware I ran shows with that console was 7.9.2 (one whole year ago... and switched now to another brand) In the first time I was quite happy with the fusion of the new Firmware for Solution-Desks (7.9 coming from old 7.8) and bringing with it lots of new features from the FLX-Desk unless that there were this very annoying latency-bug for the LCD-refreshing the Solution ran very fine ! (which get worse and worse with every new Firmware (but the Support-Team told me that there seems maybe à fix for that be possible
  3. I think it is a bug and as I remember, appeared already in a beta before 7.9.3 .... (I noticed it also in 7.9.3 when doing a quick test ; but did not go further into it; because I don't use the console any-more...)
  4. okey, thanks for all these useful infos... I just couldn't find the "Z-button" on FLX-S in Pantom-OS (did not realize that Shift=Z....) things are clearer now ! and I found the DMX-Output-Window and can verify all these things by myself !! thanks for your help !
  5. I never had a FLX nor a FLX-S in my hands; just played with Pantom-OS there is one crucial question : it seems to me that FLX and FLX-S don't have the Effect-Edit-Window as it is present on Solution and Orbs this window allows actually a very sophisticated creation and edition of personalized "enhanced" effects; getting and setting oscillators for every single attribute independently ! while there is no functionality for "matrix-control" nor "sub-fixtures" in Zero-OS; this "effect-edit-window" on Orb and Solution allows us to create some matrix and/or subfixture effects (as one c
  6. Hello if you have just a few cues on your stack (not dozens) the following could be helpfull : be sure to be in "Smart-Tag" mode be sure to have the needed number of empty playback-faders (one for each Cue needed) Now bring up the first Cue, hit record and then the first empty playback-flash-button; continue the same for the second Cue on the next playback-fader... and so on... you now have splitted the Cue-Stack into individual Cues (one per Playback) and you can use them as "Submasters" in a manual way you might need it....
  7. Hello Thierry avant tout : j'espère que tu es déjà en mode trackin (et non pas en mode : "NON TRACKING" ensuite, comme j'ai dit plus haut : une fois qu'une Cue-List est enregistré d'une façon ou d'une autre le comportement de tracking est enregistré avec tu peux changer ce comportement d'enregistrement, comme je l'ai décrit plus haut dans la page "Special" activer Smart-Tag (Basic Tracking) ou le desactiver (Tracking Advanced); le menu d' UPDATE intervient évidemment plus tard lors de l'édition; mais il faut éditer dans chacune des Cues si auparavent tu as enregistré sous "Smart-Ta
  8. Hello Thierry je vais te répondre en français; ce sera plus simple ! quand tu enregistres une cue-list dans un playback (par exemple pour en faire un chase); il y a deux façons de faire et cela décide comment l'édition se fera ensuite première façon : quand tu es en Smart Tag (Basic Tracking), dans chaque Cue sont enregistré tous les paramètres d'attributs que tu vois (en somme tout ce qui n'as pas une valeur de "zéro"); exemple la couleur blanche est enregistré dans chacune de tes Cues quand tu veux changer ton chase ensuite en rouge il faut donc éditer chaque Cue indépendamm
  9. yeppp... it took me a very long time to really "isolate and identify" the problems and the reasons for.... (often thought its just my fault or bad using...till I saw that many other users are struggling with exactly the same problems !!) ...but never had those problems with other consoles (Avolite, ETC, Congo etc) for a very long time I never understood why most of the time while testing and preparing "at home" all went fine and in the show itself it often ran into a big big stress and disaster.... (especially when other operators came on the desk...) I really see much clearer now why tho
  10. Hello when you boot the console, be shure that nothing (except the eventual external monitor) is pluggued into the USB-Slots !! maybe you tried to reboot with the USB-Stick still in, which causes the booting process to stop ! and same issue with a keyboard that draws a little bit to much "juice"...
  11. my intention is not at all to criticize the Brand, the products or the team, really not at all BUT : since three years now we are discussing these "slow-down" issues on Solution consoles and it took me nearly two years to understand and identify clearly the bug and how to recreate it !!! (for a long time I never understood what was going on...but as I am/was not the only one with these same problems I knew it could not be my own personal mistake or fault).) we went through all : bad using of the console, bad show-files, too many fixtures patched, too many Cues, eventual hardware issues;
  12. Hello Jon maybe you did not read or you did not understand what I said above you are asking if we (the users) would be happy to HAVE to use an external monitor... as I described above ; we (the professional users) HAVE already to use an external touch-screen (and avoid MFK-use in live-situation) because without that the Solution is actually impossible to use in Live-Concert-modus !!! the Solution-Control-Surface (stand-alone-mode) is practically not usable because faaaar tooo slooow the control-surface (except GOs and faders-only) is going sooooooo slow that we can consider
  13. hello I am(-was) just a professional (-Solution) user, not an R&D engineer , neither a software developer.... and to respond quickly to the question : ""How do you (usually) use your Solution?"; my answer is : I don't use it anymore...!! the very big problem with those Solution Consoles is (as I said several times before on other topics) : that the effect engine causes very serious issues on the LCDs refreshin-rate LCD refreshing latency is already very high in normal use (without using the FX-engine) it takes 1 to 3 seconds to refresh the LCDs - which is (already) the longes
  14. hello hold down the TIME button while changing pallets... or affect TIME to an empty playback-fader (you'll find it in "SETUP + FLASH[Playback]"
  15. Hello Edward yess I for sure know to use groups... my question is what the "group button" on the I-Pad-App is expected to do ??? I guessed that it should activate a GROUP but it doesn't for example the syntaxe you gave : "GROUP 1 @ 70" brings up channel/device 1 to 70% (and not as expected "Group1-selection") !!!!! exemple : my group1 contains channels 1 to 5 ! the command on the I-Pad Remote App: "1 THRU 5 ENTER" activates selection of channels 1 to 5 but "GROUP 1 ENTER" activates only selection on channel 1 !! note that : on the Solutiondesk : pressing GROUPS button; than [spec
  16. Hello the Team you did a great Job with the new Remote-app which is better than the last version I appreciate especially the Command-Line-Syntax It would be great to have in the Syntax also a "DMX-button" as on the Solution desk (very useful while focusing question : the button "Group" on the Syntax, what is it expected to do ?? (how to use it ? - grouping commands ? but how ?) and is there any chance to get one day scroll-function for playbacks ? specially on the playback page things are not easy at all !!! -- only 6 playback on a page at one time !! (and 34 pages) -- and we have t
  17. Hello This does not work on my console (without external keyboard); the command line on "special-page" 2 does not show the slash "/" (I did not try with the remote app, will try this later...) I tried this one : hit LOAD and enter the number of the desired Cue; all playbacks are blinking; select the one you need (hit its flash-button); and it will load the Cue into the programmer; this workes most of the time but fails sometimes => sometime another Cue is loaded into the programmer.... never understood why this fails (rarely) better thing to do : bring up the Cue you want edit; e
  18. Hello Ed and thanks for the response... I wasn't sure if this is a bug or just something I don't understand in any case it changed since 7.8 and I am not comfortable with.... (I use those Cue-Stacks not as theatre-sequences but more as container for various Cues where I can chose just the one to use at a given moment (-> concert use....) - for example having several colors for a given Fixture-group in just one playback
  19. I have a question about sequencer stacks on Playbacks when (in the playback Setup) trigger on Raise and Lower are enabled, the GO-button also act as Solo => even with the master fader totally down, each GO triggers the Cue at full output and even stays at full output !! I have to take the fader to the top and then pull it down to have a dimmer function when trigger on Raise and Lower is disabled, this strange behaviour also occurs the first time when starting the playback (for example after : Clear+Playback and then hit GO with the fader down -> every Cue is output at "full") stra
  20. Hello I don't have a Jester-ML (so I can't verify); here is my question : selection of a single fixture is done by pressing a MFK multiple selection of a range of fixtures is done by pressing multiples MFKs one after another (= addition), or pressing the first and the last MFK of the given range with other consoles (example ETC) a double-click on a given MFK select this given fixture but deselects also all the others... is this also that way it works on Jester-ML consoles ??? in the case of "yes"; the "deselect-all" function would be : double-click on a "not selected" MFK (it turns "
  21. its all there (on the Homepage Zeo88) !!! whats the problem ??? http://www.zero88.com/software/zeros/index.shtml then : "previous versions of ZerOS..." https://eatonfilesharing.app.box.com/v/zeros you can go back to 7.4 if you like to.....
  22. Hello the new Command-Line function in the Remote App is very very useful (much more easier now for testing and highlighting fixtures and channels, dimmers etc etc) I have just one question what would be the Syntaxe (or things to do) to record a lighting state (Cue) into a playback other than playback-0... I couldn't find that yet.... thanks !
  23. I suggest to add some more critical informations in your "Changes to operation of Solution consoles within ZerOS 7.9.2 and later.pdf" file as for exemple Palettes and Groups recording: before : just press and hold down the MFK-button now : RECORD -> attribute MFK -> MFK choice
  24. great job ) ZerOS 7.9 is a real milestone !!! getting some bugs fixed and this will be a real great software that gives a new life for Orb and Solution generation desks , some sort of rejuvenation and revitalization !! (I love it)
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