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  1. Hi I would like a fixture profile for the ADJ inno color beam z7. See link for manual. http://www.americandj.eu/nl/inno-color-beam-z7.html
  2. max

    Effect speed

    alright thanks for the help. guess I'll have to manage without it.
  3. max

    Effect speed

    hi Thanks for the help but I still can't manage to get it right. max
  4. max

    Effect speed

    Hi, I've been working with the solution for a few months now and I'm very pleased with it. Except for one thing I can't figure out. Is there an easy way for me to control the speed of an effect when I've programmed it on a submaster, like a second submaster controlling the speed or something. this would be very usefull because we always have to improvise the lighting. Thanks in advance, Max
  5. max

    Future feature changes/requests

    Hi, I would like an RGBW colour picker since most of the LED fixtures we use(and probably more people) are RGBW and I have to make palletes for every colour which is a real nuissance. Thanks in advance, Max
  6. max

    RGBA/RGBW picker

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the information I would really appreciate this feature but I'm not the one making it so I shouldn't complain . Thanks anyway. max
  7. Hi, I noticed that when I use a RGBA fixture the color picker will not affect the amber channel. Is this intentional and if so I would like this feature very much. Max
  8. max

    TEMP fader

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Maybe my dircription is a little vague. I want my fader to control Tilt directly. Say it is record at 50 and then at 70 I want the fader to control that difference of 20, so if the fader is at 50% the tilt value should be 60. If this makes sence.
  9. max

    TEMP fader

    Hi, Is there a way to make a fader act like an TEMP fader like on MA2 panels? I want it to control the pan(and tilt) of a movinghead. All help is welcome. Max
  10. max

    wysiwyg DLL error

    Hi, I've tried to get phantom working with wysiwyg and when I try to load up wysiwyg an error pops up saying: "error loading../../Zero88WYSIWYGDriver.DLL" Any help please. wysiwyg is release 33 and phantomZerOS is version 7.8.0
  11. Hi, I Would like a few fixtures added to the list. Stairville MH-x200 Pro spot manual: http://images5.thomann.de/pics/atg/atgdata/document/manual/c_288712_en_online.pdf Litecraft mini PAR AT10 Manual: http://www.kme-eventteck.de/Manuals/Litecraft%20AT10%20Mini%20PAR%20Manual_DE%20V2_0.pdf that's it guys thanks in advance.

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