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  1. Merci Ziglight et John Hole pour leur aide très précieuse en PV et salut à tous les français du forum Edit : On espère quand même toujours le manuel en FR !
  2. Salut Ziglight Content de trouver un français qui utilise la Solution On reste en contact, on pourra peut être s'entraider sur quelques trucs sur la bébête ! Salutations Laurent
  3. Laurent

    submaster chase

    I don't understand anything ! The problem is yet again with any submaster or memory...Yesterday, everything worked normally and I thought I had found the solution... Here is my showfile with a simple three step chase. Fader 1 step 1, Fader 2 step 2 and fader 3 step 3. first step does not turn on (but is saved in the chase) Maybe I forgot something !? Is it a bug ? chase submaster.isf
  4. Laurent

    submaster chase

    Ok, I had forgotten to "return to the Submasters Window and move the cursor out of the Step field." Sorry
  5. Laurent

    submaster chase

    Hi Jon The Version is 7.8.1 (original version of the console when I bought it) I tried several submasters and any have this problem Thank you
  6. Laurent

    submaster chase

    Hi ! I have the same problem When i program a chase in submaster or memory the first step does not work !
  7. Laurent

    Led Fixture Control

    Thank you Bullocmg it works just fine ! Laurent
  8. Hi Jon, thank you for your answer ! I will definitely ask some questions when I'll be really stuck. For now, I can deal with the English manual for basic operations ! I'll call Axente also (thank you for the link) Best regards Laurent
  9. Hello ! We bought a ZERO88 solution but we only have English manual. Is there a french manual for this console ? Thank for helping and sorry for my english Laurent

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