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  1. Hello I was wondering if there is a way to create a simple flashing (strobe) effect to be added on the pre-existing ones, this is an issue with general fixtures rgb that we currently use, Also is there a sort command to grab all the used fixture in a specific cue? I amen not all available just the one used in that particular moment? Many thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering whether it was possible to have the main playback cue list a separate display ? We always end up having many many cues and we do struggle to have to view them on a shared display.. hence prioritising of the cue list on the external display would be great. We also use iOS monitor app on an iPad although since update the desk on the latest os the app won’t connect anymore on an old mini iPad but it does on a iPad Pro with update app... let us know thanks G
  3. Hello everyone It would really help me to find a way to customise display view, I would love to have programming view on a full display rather than be shared with other windows like playbacks or palette.... or be able to customise what I acutually prefer onto one of the displays ...is it possible to realise so? We have flx with lates software and dual touch external display connected.. Thanks for your time Gio.
  4. hello, yes I did check and seams all fine also I did use an hold set up after the updating ....but nothing ...
  5. hello, just updated to latest, saved all my work, performed the update then reboot...everything worked well all configuration and file are in place, but now remote the desk is even more problematic, the console doesn't show on the app at all when I try to connect..... can't figure out what is going on.. many thanks
  6. Hello we have trouble using the new version of the remote. Since updating to the recent new version we are not able to control parameters on any fixtures, basically after selecting fixture the wheels doesn't pop on the window therefore removing any parameter is impossible. We have same issue on iPad iPhone or iPod touch. Do let us know Thanks
  7. Hi Jon, thanks for your quick replay, I have attached another file, could you try to open this? many many thanks gmanno hello again, I cant find your file for the 6 ch version,...could you attach it again ? cheers gmanno pdf euroligts.pdf
  8. Hello All I am trouble with the eurolite rgba bar 2 fixtures, could you please create them for me? the 6 channels version is this: ch1 0-255 red ch2 0-255 green ch3 0-255 blue ch4 0-255 amber ch5 0-255 master dimmer ch6 0 on - 1-5 sound control - 6-10 on - 11-55 flash I am very interested to the 19 channels fixture which i have attached description. will very appreciate your help all the best :)
  9. Hello there , there are any good soul willing to help with this two fixtures ? I have tried to use the zero88 fixture maker software but unfortunately fixtures that I made don’t work. We have a solution 48 running 7.8 software 1: Stairville Stage Par CX-3 RGBW 18x8W Channel 1 = Red Channel 2 = Green Channel 3 = Blue Channel 4 = White Channel 5 = Macros Channel 6 = Strobe Channel 7 = Mode Channel 8 = Master Dimmer 2: Ecoline Series EL-700GB laser Channel Value Function 1 0 - 63 Laser off 64 - 127 Sound mode 128 - 191 Automatic mode 192 - 255 DMX mode 2 0 - 255 Pattern selection 3 0 - 255 Animation (not with all patterns); strobe effect 4 0 - 255 - 5 0 - 255 Point speed 6 0 - 255 horizontal movement 7 0 - 255 vertical movement 8 1 - 99 green and blue 100 - 199 blue 200 - 255 green 9 >200 Reset above 200 (shortly) Please please please help !!!! thanks to everyone Gio
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