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  1. Have managed to get the Elmen Eight 9 channel onto the FF. I am now struggling with downing the fixture file for the AXIS 250 Moving Heads. Any chance that you can email it across. Cheers mate I'm just plodding and making progress Cheers H
  2. New to Fat Frog struggling with loading ELUMEN EIGHT as CFT have managed to load to diak but the desk is not recognising it. I seemed to have loaded LED 64's OK. NEED SUPPORT URGENTLY> Thanks in advance. Could it be that I'm missing something simple? iS A COMMON fixture file once you have imported it to the flopp[y Which format shouls it be saved as *cft or what?
  3. Programming fat frog How to copy fixtures to desk. Support and mentoring needed urgently Come on duck me x x
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