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  1. AWESOME folks...thank you so much. Will give it a go in the next few days. Thanks again for your help. Will let you know how it turns out. Reg
  2. Evening Kevin, hope all is well. Here it is. Pretty close to the Sharpy profile but still a no go. One thing i noticed, when I create a chase, the fixture do a 360 spin before the chase is executed. Not sure if this info helps. Hope this helps. R Sharpy_Clone.ift
  3. Hello All, I have 4 GLOW-LIGHTING Bumble Beams which in short is a Chinese knockoff of a Clay Paky Sharpy. I have tried using the Sharp Standard and Vector Profiles which seems to work...sort of. I tried to create a fixture profile but can't seem to get the configuration correct. Any help would be great. Manual attached in zip form Thank you in advance for your time. Reg Bumble-Beamâ„¢-User-Guide.zip
  4. Kevin...You ROCK !!!!!!!!!! Worked like magic.......here is my profile....big difference. Thank You So Much. You saved my bacon !!!!!!!!!! Rejean RCR_Lighting_Jan_2016.ift
  5. Thanks a Million Kevin. As for CH 12...not a big deal. I'll let you know. Thanks again. Rejean.
  6. Hello and Good Morning from Canada I received 2 used YISCOR CREE 12LED RGBW LED Moving Heads. I was not able to find a similar match to that fixture with the new version 30 of the fixture profiles I downloaded the other day. I tried to create one based on the DMX Values chart provided on line but does not seem to work when I load it into my Fat Frog console. Below are the DMX values listed.... Channel DMX Value Function --------- ------------ --------- 1 000-255 X 0-540° 2 000-255 Y 0-180° 3 000-255
  7. Good Morning kgallen, Every little bit helps in this case. I'm an old school LD and just recently over the last few years got back into the business. In short, my shows are not complicated. I work with a KISS Tribute, BON JOVI Tribute, Journey Tribute and soon to be a Fournier Tribute. Straight ahead rock & roll...nothing fancy. I think I will be able to get away with some additional topics you covered in this thread, it looks like I will have to start from scratch after the holidays....have lots of time until the shows start up again. Will let you know what happens...... Reje
  8. Thank You very much for the additional clarification. I rechecked the desk last night and this is the infor I have: Software Version: 10.12.1 (OS updated in 2013) Desk Setup: ---> Program Mode: FULL When I press the "-" button, the following information displays: ---> Mode: Partial ---> Tracking: ON ---> Replay Tag: Add ---> Brightness: All ---> Beamshape: Channel ---> Position: Channel I will mess around with this again tonight. Thank you for your time. Rejean
  9. Thank you very much....will let you know what happens. Rejean
  10. I have a very large show this weekend. This past weekend I noticed some strange behavior with my fixtures. Example: - 3 Chauvet Par 56 LED's...1 assigned to fixture 1, 2 & 3 - 4 Sharpy like movers The Sharpy like movers have all been programmed and built into the memory stack. So.... memory #1 = HOME postion memory #2 = Yellow - Up Position LED's on Submaster 1-1 = Blue LED's on Submaster 1-2 = Green LED's on Submaster 1-3 = Yellow Transfer Movers from memory #1 to Submaster 1-12 = HOME Transfer Movers from memory #2 to Submaster 1-11 = RED - Up Position
  11. Also looking for Chauvet Geyser profile for the FAT FROG......anyone have it?
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