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  1. Hi John, I'm using the latest software V5.4 if i'm correct. For the remote i'm using a pda with windows mobile 6.1 Professional. Looks like exactly the same problem as mason. Ivan
  2. Hi Peter, I had the same problem with my leap48. Unfortunately I didn't have a memery stick with me, so I don't have a bug report. Ivan
  3. Hi, I'm not realy satisfied by the way the macros are working on the leap48. In the beginning they are fearly slow. And the biggest problem for me is that realy switched all lights screens and so on. Could be handy to create a layout of windows on your monitor. But if your running a show and you want to use the macro's to combine some positions and effects, it's not realy convenient that it switches other screens when you run the macro. So my question is, is it possible to have an option on a macro to make it 'silent' and is there way to make them a little faster. Kind Regards, Ivan
  4. Hi, I have some problems with the effect window. First of all when you just press the effect button on the desk, and there are no effect parameters tagged, the wheel mode is still shown on the LCD. But when a parameter is tagged, the wheelmode disappears. Secondly, when you open the effect window, and adapt for example speed there with the keyboard, the new values are not applied to the effect. But if you then use the wheels it does work. But the problem with the wheels is that you can not adapt for example size for pan an tilt seperately. It should be able to do this by the keys on the desk or the keyboard. Kind Regards, Ivan
  5. Hi, I'm using the dmx input to get an extra 20 submasters on my leap 48. So I assigned dmx input channels 1-20 to submasters 11-30 Now when I want to transfer a memory to a submaster, it works fine. So if I send dmx channel 1, submaster 11 is selected. But when i'm using the submasters and I open the submaster window on the monitor it goes wrong. When I send dmx channel 1, the desk executes what is saved under submaster 11. But in the display submaster 12 is highlighted. Seems to me like a little bug. Kind regards, Ivan
  6. Hi, My Leap 48 crashed on saving scene data to a submaster which already had memory data saved to it. Please find attached the bug report. Kind Regards, Ivan DEBUG.DAT
  7. Great option ofcourse to extent your submasters, but would it not be more conveniant to make this possibilty available in the software itself. Something like an option on a channel fader to say that has to be submaster number xx.
  8. First let me say that I'm happy with the release 5 of the zeros software. The only thing that i'm missing, is the possibility to change the gobo images. It's not possible in the fixture edit tools and also not on the desk. This is not realy conveniant if you use custom gobo's in your equipment. Kind Regards, Ivan
  9. Hi Peter, The usb enumeration was not the problem, no changes at all. But we discouvered also another problem. De desk had a severe case of altzheimer. After opening the desk we found out that the backup battery was installed up-side down. And this was the cause of all problems (ofcourse). So, problem solved. Probably the battery is installed up-side down from the factory to prevent it from drawing empty. And the the dealer should install it correctly.... Thanks, Ivan
  10. Hi, I'm using a LG L1510SF touchsreen on the desk. This works fine, besides the fact that I have to perform a calibration every time the desk is booted before I can use the touchscreen. Regards, Ivan
  11. Hi, I assume that with "Saved Views" is ment, saving views for your monitor. What I would also suggest on this, is that the desk stores the current view so when you turn it on a next time, you have the view back again. Regards, Ivan
  12. Hi, A feature that I would lik to see, is another way of page overlay on the submasters. Now a submaster stays locked as long as it's active. The way I would like it, is the way it works on the good old pulsar masterpiece. With the masterpiece your fader is avialable again if you go to another page. If you switch back to a page with 'active' faders, you can hook up your physical fader again by sliding over the set value. This would give me much more flexibility in using the desk. If this could be implemented as a selectable option in the setup, you would make me a happy frogger. BTW: I miss the game!!! Regards, Ivan
  13. Ivan

    Mambo SX Buttons

    Thanks, That's an answer I would probably never find by simply reading the Froging Manual. In other words, I couldn't find it. Moderators edit for language!
  14. Just a simple question: On a Mambo, is there a way to switch between the two pages of SX button information on the monitor, without pressing an actual SX button? This would be nice because if I last pressed a button somwhere in 1-24, I can't see on the monitor what's underneath buttons 25-48.
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