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  1. John in Linlithgow

    Phantom Zero 7.9.3 has a bug

    Many thanks Ian & Edward. Initially Essentials refused to download Phantom because it thought there was a virus in it. However, time has been a great healer & it has now downloaded ok! Looking forward to Glasgow PLASA & meeting Z88 team. John B
  2. John in Linlithgow

    Phantom Zero 7.9.3 has a bug

    Microsfoft Security Essentials says Phantom Zero 7.9.3 has a bug
  3. John in Linlithgow

    Desk randomly rebooting

    I know this is a bit late but I've had this problem. Traced to a dry solder joint in the external power supply. Joint re-soldered, Frog perfect!
  4. John in Linlithgow

    Illusion 500

    I did note that the desk serial number ended in 0002 so that ties in nicely with your answer! Although the disk utilities displayed the file, I wondered if formatting was the problem. I re-formatted the disc in the desk then loaded the OSF from pc. Lo & behold, this time the software loaded & everything looks just like the handbook! Many thanks for your reply. (I used to work in Sutton Coldfield, wife came from Harborne. Small world . . )
  5. John in Linlithgow

    Illusion 500

    I have just bought an Illusion 500 but can't assign fixtures. Also the 6 fixture buttons are not labeled as if the desk was not designed to accept moving lights. I tried to update software to v1.8 but it didn't seem to run after loading. Puzzled, Linlithgow s/n 0034201 03440002
  6. John in Linlithgow

    replacing floppy drive with usb / floppy emulator

    Faced with the problem of downloading info to elderly Zero 88 & ETC (sorry) desks, I bought a brand new FDD with USB lead off ebay. Works a treat! i suppose I'm lucky because I have several floppy discs. I have only had to replace one FDD in a Frog, which I suspect was damaged by someone trying to remove a disc mid-write. John in Linlithgow

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