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  1. Nodmoz

    Adding a chase to the cue stack

    Jon, thankyou very much for that comprehensive answer, you've just saved me a tonne of work! It seems that you can copy a sub into the stack using that method and the chase works, so even better. Cheers Andy
  2. Nodmoz

    Adding a chase to the cue stack

    Oh for the love of.. So, the 20 step chase that I want to use 30 times in a stack of 120 I have to record each and every step each time it's used?!
  3. I'm trying to add a fixture chase to the cue stack on the TLXtra. I've got it recorded to a submaster, but when I transfer it to the cue using the "sub up in run - switch to program" method, it doesn't transfer the chase steps. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Nodmoz

    TLXtra Fixture numbering

    I have recently assigned all of my fixtures into my tlxtra - the problem is I have 6 of the same fixture, but they all show up as the same in the menu. Is there a way of editing the names on the assigned fixtures? Cheers
  5. Nodmoz

    Recording Memories from Subs

    5 years later and you still can't use subs in the program mode, come on Zero88, get it together!
  6. Evening all, I'm looking to buy a new desk, it doesn't need to be all singing all dancing, but it DOES need to have a numeric keypad. I see the TLXTRA has this, but as budget is very limited, I wondered if it were possible to use the numeric pad on a USB keyboard for this function on a lesser desk. I suspect the answer is no, but it'd silly not to at least ask. Cheers, Andy
  7. Nodmoz

    nuclear launch prevention

    Centre of a roll of LX, held on with LX
  8. Don't suppose you have any further information on this problem? I'm having the same issues!
  9. As the title suggests, all of the green (preview?) LEDs at the top of the desk don't work. All outputs work fine as does the rest of the desk. It came from a school where the darlings had pushed most of them inside the casing bending the legs. I couldn't find any touching/shorting when I straightened them out again. Anyone got any ideas? Can't find any obvious burnt out components. Thanks!

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