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  1. yeah i was tryin 8gb usb sticks,1 gb works. thank you for help.
  2. hello im trying to upgrade my jester tlxtra v.3.3 to v.4 i do this instructions ; 1) Download the latest operating software from zero88.com as a .zip file. The correct operating system file for the desk must be used. Jester Range files will not load on the JesterML/JesterTL and vice-versa. Using the wrong file may leave the desk without any software loaded. 2) The desks are unable to unzip .zip files or navigate sub-directories, so first extract the contents of the .zip file to the root directory of a USB memory stick. This will be a file with the extension .jos, plus a .joh file for JesterML & JesterTL Range desks. It is recommended that only one .jos file should be on the USB memory stick at any one time. If you experience problems using the built-in zip functions of Microsoft Windows, then try Winzip (www.winzip.com). 3) Plug the USB memory stick into the desk. 4) Switch on the desk with the Left and Right cursor buttons held down. The Upgrade Menu will appear on the LCD and monitor screen. 5) Wait for the USB memory stick to be recognised by the desk. This is usually indicated by the LED on the memory stick flickering for a short time, and then returning to a steady flash. 6) Select <OK> using the cursor buttons, and press the Enter button. but desk couldn't find the files,i tried another USB memory sticks but i got same problem every time, desk always searching update files .but cant find them. thanks for helping. Ercan
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