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  1. Yes , I would like to use for just one movinghead for following people And more fixtures just to program a show .. And I do not agree with your statement about the trackerball that sucks according you ..... Maybe you did'nt do it right .. cause it worked perfectly when I used it on a scancommander ... so .....
  2. People People ...... I want you all to know that if as much persons possible suggest a trackerball in the Frog Series Features , Zero 88 will maybe do some research around the possibilty of a trackerball So I suggest to get as much people into this topic as possible. Maybe we can convince them ....
  3. But tell me ... Why does it work perfectly on a MA Scancommander ??? :roll: Please .... Do tell .... Don't ya think that it's possible to do the same with a Frog-Series Desk :?:
  4. I again want to make notice that I do not want to use the trackerball to control the mouse-pointer .... I just want to control the pan/tilt function of my movingheads & scans .... . Alright let's be straight now .... Is it possible ( soft- & hardware-mathic ) to control the pan/tilt function by trackerball ? And what can I do about it to get this as a feature ... what will it cost me ?
  5. First of all , we are happy with the wheels ourselves ... but we'd like to use a trackerball for live tracking of people ( followspot ) We really want the trackerball back ( this because we are used to it , cause we had one with our scancommander ) We ( Prins Facilitair Service ) are part of the main distributor's in The Netherlands . Check my statement at Rolight Theatertechniek The Netherlands. And most of our customers have asked us the same .... ,, Can we also have a trackerball or joystick with our Fat-/Mambofrog ? '' If it is possible ( this you state at your last reply ) to use a feature such as a trackerball why can't it be done then ? ........ If an Illusion 500 has a trackerball feature , why can't a FrogDesk have one then ? We're thinking about a Grand MA , because this desk does have a trackerball ... But we and our customers are happy with your desks. With this reply I want to show you that we are seriously thinking about a trackerball ... And so this topic is for real , it ain't a joke , to bad that some people post reply's that don't belong here .... :evil: I know that a trackerball feature will do business in The Netherlands and around our customers. So do tell :wink: ... What can be done to have the trackerball as a new feature inside the Zero88 Frog-Line ..... ...... :roll:
  6. So i wonder , if there is a socket already present on the motherboard , then it would not be that expensive I think ( making a connection from the motherboard to the backside of the desk <> that won't be so expensive ... around 10 Euro's , I think ) And also the suggestion that it would not work because of no display on the trackerball , I only want to control the pan/tilt function ( nothing further.) Cause for example the MA Scancommander also has the possibility to use a trackerball , and only the pan/tilt can be controlled then ..... So I think it is possible .... Don't you greetzz , P F S
  7. I'm sorry I've made a mistake ... :? We did not find it out ourselves , we have been told by someone ... So we were interested whether this is possible or not. The person who told us this , told us that the motherboard is almost the same as a motherboard from a Illusion Desk. So he made the suggestion that it would also work on a fat- or mambofrog. It's only for controlling pan & tilt funtions Does this answer clears your questions ? :roll: I'm sorry for my poor English ... I'm still learning
  8. My question is : Is it possible to equip a fat- or mambofrog with an external tracker-ball Cause we found out that the motherboard is able to support such a tracker-ball Does anyone know ??? My Regards to everbody , P F S
  9. My question is how do I easly unassign the fixturebuttons on my mambo- & fatfrog desk , because now I have to unassign them one at a time but isn't there a faster way to do this , like deleting memories or submasters this can be done in the clear/reset menu but I can't find unassigning fixturebuttons there. Does anyone have any suggestions ? :roll:
  10. Maybe there is an easy solution. Just at a function like QUIT in every menu. That way you can always get out, in every menu. Just like the QUIT button on the MA scancommander. Just by pressing 1 button I can get out off all the submenu's. That's what we like on tour!
  11. I've got 8 showtec movingheads, 4 movitec movingheads, 4 futurelight scans, 2 martin movingheads, 2 martin wizzards, 2 martin acrobats, 24 colorchangers, so 400 steps is not to much I think 1000 steps should be enough for now, when I make a chase with several fixtures I like to program them 1 by 1, so step 1 is fixture 1 at position 1, step 2: fixture 2 an position 1, step 3: fixture 3 at position 1, and so on, till I have a nice chase. I know this way of programming takes a lot of time, but it gives a nice show to watch. We've got 2 fat frogs now, and sometimes with a large production we use almost all steps. I'm sure when we buy the Mambo that we will run out of steps. It's the only reason why we're not going to buy it right now.
  12. You can only make a total off 400 steps in your chases. It might be a good suggestion to increase that amount off steps. Especially for the mambo frog.
  13. Isn't it possible to make 1 button you can use to get out off the menu? When I add a fixture now, I have to return through 5 or 6 sub menu's.
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