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  1. If you are wanting to bring up a very small number of states(6 or less) then you could just wire six push buttons (with one side of the switch commoned) to the inputs on the 8 pin connector. You then program the switches to jump to 6 different memories. This is something that any CDT technician could do for you. If you want something more complex, then you'll have to wait in line with the rest of us for a general purpose remote control. Paul.
  2. lanyard That bit of wet string/ advertising material that you use to hang your backstage pass/ mini maglite/ leatherman etc on round you neck. Tim... when you're getting yours made, make sure that they've got the dinky little plastic clip that comes undone just before you choke yourself when it gets snagged on a lighting bar as your climbing down the ladder!
  3. Having spent a few weeks thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that the remote ought to be as simple as possible to give enough options to:- :arrow: Set any dimmer or feature parameter to a particular value (one at a time) :arrow: turn all intensity channels off all at once :arrow: Call up a pre recorded memory :arrow: record the current stage view in a static memory :arrow: press the "Go" button. Still be really good value for money. I dont believe that any other facilities are really necessary, and that I can certainly do without any clever stuff for moving lights. If the remote was keypad driven, then at the same time as developing the driver for the remote, you could also make many of the facilities work from the standard keyboard too :wink: Paul.
  4. OK, I'll start off the wish list. 1. A riggers/designers remote. Probably wired to keep costs down, probably connected via the "remote switches" connector. Powered via small rechargable battery in the remote would be OK. Paul Drage
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