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  2. Thanks Ed, I will be having a play this week to set everything up with the FLX for a tracking back up. Fingers crossed . !!
  3. Erics

    ZerOS 7.9.6 gets slow

    Hi Jon, I have made some test on friday and saturday. But i was unable to reproduce the slow down. So i have not upgraded to the beta. This week i have some more time for testing. I hope i get a workaround ro repeat the error and can see if upgrading will fix it.
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  6. Afx

    zeros 8 Wishlist, add yours

    Its been a month, anything you can give out?
  7. Hi Mac, Really glad to hear you purchased the dongle - you can now output 16 universes of DMX over ArtNet or sACN, which is very powerful from a PC based system. There are no files on the dongle, so you won’t be able to copy an unlock file from it. The dongle can however be used with any Windows PC. PhantomZerOS will only be unlocked whilst the dongle is connected. When you are running PhantomZerOS as a FLX with the dongle connected, you can check Phantom has been unlocked, by pressing SHIFT + F9 to open System Information. You can then press System Info, and the dongle hardware should be shown at the bottom of the list. Hope this helps and makes sense, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  8. Hi Ed, I have just received the dongle today. Unfortunately there were no instructions with it and I cant find any on the site. Basically I was wanting to know: What needs to be done to unlock Phantom OS is it just a case of plugging the dongle into the laptop running it and it will be picked up Is the use of it restricted to one device only or can I operate it on any number of devices Can I copy the contents just in case I lose the dongle and will it work if copied onto another USB stick Thanks in advance for your help
  9. Sven76

    ZerOS 7.9.6 gets slow

    Hi Jon unfortunately (or luckily?) I was not able to reproduce this issue again 😏 (Even as I did some very intense Programming sessions) So I would not be able to tell if the fix would solve something. sorry!!! Best regards Sven
  10. Hi Erics & Sven, Just wondering if either of you had had a chance to try out the beta? Appreciate it, Jon
  11. Hi Mac, No worries - let me know how you get on. Edward
  12. Thanks Ed, the option of duplicating the DMX addresses on the venue fixtures would be mostly a no go unless RDM was at play. The option quoted above may be the best to get out of a fix. I have tried previously to have a fixtures output to additional DMX addresses but did not have any joy. I will look at this again this evening. Tks for your help again
  13. Hi Phil, ZerOS 7.9.5 is the software version that introduced full Art-Net 4 implementation. You will therefore need to roll back to ZerOS 7.9.4, if you wish to continue using the N4 gateway. If you no longer have a copy of ZerOS 7.9.4 and would like to have a fresh copy, please send me an email, and I'll be able to give you access to this. Edward
  14. 7.9.3 seems to be the legacy. Maybe Edward can put 7.9.4 and 7.9.5 on there too. https://zero88.com/forum/files/category/4-legacy/
  15. Hi Mac, Kevin is correct, this would only work if they were the same model/mode as the existing programmed movers. To add these into the show file, you could either address them to the same DMX address as the existing fixtures, so they will be a clone of one another, or you could tap SETUP, and in the Fixture Schedule add additional DMX addresses to your existing fixtures. Again, the same information will then be sent to the additional addresses. To do this, your best option would be to have plenty of movers in your show file, all pre-programmed in palettes and playbacks. When you get to a venue, you could ten use some of these dummy fixtures, and change their profiles to the fixtures in the venue. All programming will then work on these fixtures. Groups can be used to reference intensities, not reference selection. For more information see below... http://support.zero88.com/1011579831 Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  16. I had a feeling that was the case... Sorry - yes that is the node. I was having a look today and don't think we can give any kind of upgrade. I may be rolling back for now - is that best done with a bootable USB? Last software we ran was 7.9.4 - we never upgraded to .5 - is it still available??
  17. Hello, Yes, you could do this if you wish. Edward
  18. Hi Phil, What ArtNet gateway are you using? Are you using one of these...? https://prolight.co.uk/product/n4-artnetdmx-node We have found that early versions of these units are running firmware, that has an issue with the ArtNet communication. This results in the device working with earlier versions of the ArtNet protocol, but is not ArtNet 4 compliant, which is the protocol streamed from FLX. There doesn't seem to be a way of updating the firmware on these units, so unfortunately you will either need to replace the ArtNet gateway, or roll back to an earlier version of ZerOS. Hope this helps and makes sense, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  19. Hi, Since the update on FLX our artnet stream has stopped working - i.e. not control over any fixtures/channels. IP address has remained the same and is static. Data lights suggest desk and N4 artnet node is communicating. Everything will still work via DMX...
  20. I agree to that. When programming at the end of the cue stack, the display tends to cut your last cue. And you unintentionaly jump to the first cue causing strange eyes on your director's face.
  21. Hi... first off all for freestyler you have the add-on GOmonkey and its a Theater cuestack but back to your quastion i assume you know how Midi works.. But you use a NOTE OFF command i would use a CC# or Controlchange.Data1 is the NOTE (or identical button/slider) from 0 to 127 Data2 is the Velocity (or Value that the Note can have) if you use a Slider this can be incromental from 0 to 127 and if you use a Button OFF=0 and ON= 127.
  22. Numbering on screen of the playbacks would be a great help please.
  23. I think only if they are of the same type of mover. Probably also you need to have programmed the MFFs using groups (which you'd update to add in the new movers) and palettes. I know palettes are referenced, but I'm not sure about groups, so that bit of my sentence above could be a non-starter too... Let's see what Edward says...
  24. Hi, I have a basic programme which I update on getting to a venue. The programme consists of 4 moving heads therefore I have set the attributes (Intensity, colours, positions, Gobo etc) in cues on MFF's. The question is what if I get to a venue and they have 8 movers. Is there any way of quickly adding them and those fixtures pick up the already recorded cues please....?? Thanks in advance as always.
  25. So, that means I have to have two separate playback faders - one with "fader controls colour enabled" (but without colors fading when alternating in chase) and the other "colour disabled" (colors fading can be controlled when alternating chase)?
  26. Fair point, not sure why that’s not labelled, will look into that. Hopefully that button is obvious enough to not need a label 😉 Edward
  27. Hi Phil, Great, glad to hear it. Edward
  28. Bonjour, J'utilise des par led cameo par can 7 et des lyres chauvet rogue R1X spot. Je souhaiterais mettre le dimmer des cameo sur un playback et je n'y arrive pas. En ce qui concerne les lyres impossible d'utiliser la fonction prisme. Merci du coup de main.
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