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  2. Hi Edward, we recently discovered the same issue with our S48. The DMX indicator on the dimmer goes off for a second and the lights are having a short black out. Before the S48 we used an old Zero88 Frog and never had a problem like this. The desk is still on and all executer buttons are flashing but there is no reboot and after this the desk is fully functional. Its an unpredictable issue, non-periodical and happens after approximately two hours of usage. Maybe it’s a thermal problem? Best, Hendrik
  3. Hi Step, On FLX, cues can be triggered by the Go button, the previous cue, the real time clock, or MIDI. For more information on MIDI triggers, see below... http://support.zero88.com/990063141 BPM speeds can be configured for any chase, or a global BPM can be used. For more information on Global BPM, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1011580981 Hope this helps, Edward
  4. stepan s

    Sync Efx on music

    Thanks, Now I try to find possibilities to control BPM. Can I use Midi beat clock from Ableton or protools? Or Only way is trigger cues by timecode and set bpm in playback. step
  5. Edward- Z88

    Odd Behaviour

    Morning, Hmm interesting. I presume after power cycling there was no offer to save a debug file? If you tap Z -> System Information -> System Text, and scroll through the text, are there any error messages/ text that isn't white? If you then tap back to Desk Info, there's a line of text starting with "Q7", and after a "PN", there should be "HW:B_". What is the number here? Kind regards, Edward
  6. kgallen

    Odd Behaviour

    I had something similar with 7.9.4. Does my report here look like what you experienced? In my case a desk reboot didn't help - I had to do a Factory Reset. (My post is in the Beta Test Forum, not sure if you can see that post. However my comments relate to 7.9.4 production software.)
  7. Hi Jolyon, Good to hear you have a FLX S48 for your theatre. The console name in System Settings by default simply lists the console's serial number. You can however change this name to something more useful if you wish. This name is what the console appears as over a network. You can find your current software version by tapping Z/Shift -> System Information, and in this window will be a line of text displaying "Software Version". Judging by the serial number of the console, you are probably running ZerOS The latest software is ZerOS 7.9.5. As you are learning the console, I would recommend updating to the new software. ZerOS 7.9.5 is available to download from our website here... Once downloaded, extract the files, and then copy the ZerOS OS Creator application to the root of a USB stick. Plug into the console, tap SETUP -> Load File, and choose the file to load in. The console will then ask you to confirm, and begin the installation. More detailed instructions are available in the release notes, which can also be downloaded from the link. An easy way of seeing what fixtures your faders are controlling, is to view the Faders desktop - particularly useful if you have an external monitor connected. This will show you what your faders are doing - which page and which function. Hope this helps, if you have any questions just let us know. Edward
  8. Hi Martin, Thanks for the information, have added them to the list. Edward
  9. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    Morning folks, I experienced an odd issue with our FLX this week. After powering on the unit, the left side of the desk (fader bank and UDKs) had no working lights on the board. The LEDs for each PB no longer illuminated, the LED on the UDKs no longer illuminated and the page display window did not display the current PB page. The only working part of the console was the touch screen, external monitor, and fader operation. At the same time, no DMX was being output from the desk despite the external monitor showing parameter changes... To resolve the issue, i had to reboot the console. Although this is the first time this has happened to this extent, i have experienced similar symptoms with LEDs on the UDKs on a regular basis (no light on the button) but operation of the UDK remaining functional. Has anyone else had this issue? Currently on 7.9.5
  10. Yesterday
  11. I have taken delivery of a new FLX S48 which I am now training myself on for our local little theatre. The name in System settings is S480020-000019-00 19-21-0019. I assume I should be running the latest software. When I view the output it tells me that the MFFs control 1-24 fixtures, so what happens to the other 24/72? Also the buttons under some of the higher numbered faders go into a flashing mode which I can only stop by turning off the board. I am trying to set up a simple stack of cues by following your excellent YouTube videos in order to use the board mainly for straight play productions. Please advise.
  12. Hi Jon, The Stage Group in Glasgow also have FLX S available for hire, amongst other Zero 88 products.
  13. Hi Benjamin, You can change your user name to be your email address if you wish? Edward
  14. Hi Benjamin, I believe SmartTag will be the cause of the first issue. Let us know how you get on. Edward
  15. Hi Tim, Sorry to hear this. Is there a DMX indicator on the dimmers/ splitter? Does this go off/display no DMX when this happens? Is there any correlation to the times it happens - for example is there something specific you are doing on the console when it happens? How often does this seem to occur? Are you able to send us your show file the issue is present in? If so please send this to support@zero88.com, with a link to this forum thread. Kind regards, Edward
  16. Hello Would it be possible to change this site to enable logging in using email address rather than username? I keep getting locked out because there are two potential entries I can get wrong, username and password! With only three strikes and you're out for 15 mintues I keep having to wait. At least I can remember my email address. Many thanks Benjamin
  17. Thank you both. Now I know what to do in the future. Benjamin
  18. Thanks for the Smart Tag recommendation, I will give a go. I will investigate the moving head and see. Many thanks
  19. Hi Stepan, Effect speed can't currently be controlled by BPM. Chases however can be assigned a BPM tempo. All the best, Edward
  20. Hi Zero88 We recently brought a FLX S24 and have set it up using both DMX outputs. DMX 1 goes directly to our dimmers, DMX 2 goes into a splitter that feeds the tie lines on the rig and links to some LED fixtures. A number of times now (including right before a show) the desk has stopped sending DMX! The desk is still on and has not frozen but it is not outputting anything from either channels mode or playback? power cycling the desk seems to clear the problem but if the desk is left on but not outputting it drops the DMX again! I've updated the software to .5 but the problem is persisting. Thanks for any help or suggestion yo may have. Tim
  21. stepan s

    Sync Efx on music

    Is there any possibilities to set effect speed using BPM? For example: ramp up in offset- light starts on quarter note in 96 bpm. thanks
  22. Hi Jamie, What software are you currently running on your LeapFrog? ZerOS 7.9.5 is the latest software, and can be downloaded here... Release notes are also available to download from the same link, with installation instructions. Hope this helps, Edward
  23. Hi Matthew, If the console recalls the previous fader function on boot, there is no need for the option in Setup. The option planned for Setup was only going to be a "Boot option", and therefore when booted the user could still change the fader function if they wished. I appreciate, the ideal situation for your implementation would be to have a locked down "operator mode", where only faders can be operated from the iPad. When the console is locked, playbacks can be operated using the faders, however not via the remote. If you have any queries let me know. Edward
  24. Last week
  25. Hi Edward, Thanks for your response. Hmm, this isn't as ideal as what was in the Beta version. Since we have staff and students of different "technical" competence including very low, and having the desk start-up in a known state was the ideal. You know, "just turn it off and on again" and it should work, kind of thing. With this feature absent, we'll just have to train everyone and leave a quick-start guide next to the unit. But since people don't read in general, I can imagine it will be quite a few call-outs for tech assistance. Let me know if you have any ideas of how to make this easier. I suggest a "Base Scene" mode, with a password to lock out changes, such that it's always in a known configuration upon startup would be the best going into the future. Thanks again, Matthew
  26. Hi, im trying to update my leap frog 48 lighting desk to the latest software and fixture library but I can't find the file, ive tried all the downloads etc and nothing appears on the desk. Am I missing something. Any help would be appreciated. thank you jamie
  27. Hi Peter, As mentioned in the thread you linked to, the new effects aren’t loaded, if software is installed from a bootable USB drive, rather than running the install application on the console. I haven’t seen this before. So when FLX displayed switch off the console, how long did you leave after turning the console off and on again? How long did you wait whilst the page segment display was loading? Did you see anything on the internal or external screens? All the best, Edward
  28. Right, i've subsequently found the two threads below (neither called "...effects..." so I didn't see them): Downloading the library file within the second thread has fixed the issue, so please add us to the list of customers affected by this problem. (Original FLX for reference) Peter
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