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  2. Hi Carsten, ZerOS 7.9.6 includes enhancements and bug fixes. You will notice there will be a firmware update as well as software update included in ZerOS 7.9.6, which improves performance. All the best, Edward
  3. Hi Steve, We recommend installing console software using the method below, if they are running ZerOS 7.9 or later... http://support.zero88.com/1518910761 You can still use the bootable drive method, however this is mainly aimed for updating consoles currently running ZerOS 7.8.3 or earlier. Edward
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  5. Right Ok, so we updated to 7.9.5 (from 7.9.4) by Power cycling the desk with the USB in from boot up. Just to clarify the above quote... all software updates are to be done once cycled on then via setup now (Instead of on bootup)? Thanks, Steve
  6. Can you please tell me what is new from ZerOS 7.9.5 to 7.9.6? I am very happy with the upgrade from 7.9.4 to 7.9.5, so hopping for more great news to the lovely FLX S24.
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  8. Hi Steve, Great, glad to hear it. For reference, the reason the effects didn’t load, is due to installing the software via the old installation method. Loading the software into the console via SETUP -> Load, loads the new effects. All the best, Edward
  9. Hi Jarno, It might be worth trying out the show file and Capture file available here... http://support.zero88.com/1004254221 This will prove whether FLX S and the laptop are talking, and whether there is an issue with the Capture settings. Are you using the full Capture software, or a presentation file? Hope this helps, let me know how you get on. Edward
  10. Hi Tristan. If you are still looking, I sent my number by PM.
  11. Hello all update on my situation I found the attached library patch on another thread which has solved my effects issue. Working fine now. Some nice new effect in there too.
  12. Hi Edward, The console is a OrbXF fully up to date. The problem occurred after we updated (with fresh install from USB). Now when selecting our fixtures no effect (from pallet) can be used and as stated above the "auto create effects" detelets all pallets and doesnt replace them with any new ones. Going to do abit more digging if no success we'll send through file.
  13. Hello Edward, Thanks for the fast response, It kind of worked, it now says it is transmitting but it is not turning on/moving any lights in capture, i have set my pc to and the s24 on 10.1.12 and both on subnet but it still doesn't seem to work Kind Regards Jarno
  14. Hi Jarno, If you had the FLX S and the PC connected directly with a single Ethernet cable, DHCP won’t work. This is because there has to be a DHCP server on the network, such as a router. You will therefore have needed to configure the console’s CITP IP address to be in the same range as your PC’s IP address. An example could be the PC set to, and the console set to, both with a subnet of Once the IP addresses are in range, start Capture on the PC. On the FLX S tap Z/Shift -> System Information -> Network overview. You should see the console displays that it is connected to your PC, and Capture and your console are communicating. Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  15. Hello, I recently got to use the flx s24 and i got to take it home, they told my i could hook it up to capture wich i have some showfiles ready with some moving heads. I connected my pc and the S24 together using a cat5 cable, i turned on CITP on the s24 and set it to DHCP, nothing happend. I also messed around a bit with setting up Ip-Adresses, nothing worked for me. I patched all of the fixture but there where some missing in the table so i replaced them in capture. Kind Regards Jarno
  16. No problem! All the best, Edward
  17. Hi Roger, Please send a copy of your show file to support@zero88.com, and one of the team will be able to take a look to see why the effects are not working for your strip blinders. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  18. Hi Roger, You will only be given the option to automatically create macros, if you have fixtures patched with macros included in the personality. Examples of fixture macros could be Lamp On, Lamp Off or reset commands. An example of a fixture that does have fixture macros is a Martin MAC250 Entour. If you were to patch this fixture, you would see you are given the option to automatically create macros. If you would like fixture macros adding for your fixtures, please send us an email to FixtureSupport@zero88.com, and one of the team will be able to add these macros in for you. Hope this helps, Edward
  19. Hi Edward, sorry, was really shortly my quote Macros are empty. I can to redord them but I don't have any option ""automatic MACROS" thanks
  20. Hi Edwards, many questions. 1) I tried that and it did not work. 2) I tried that also and it did not work. 3) At last....not MACROS in console after update
  21. Hi Roger, Please could you elaborate? Do you find you're having difficulty recording macros? Are your fixture macros not working? Edward
  22. Not macros after update
  23. Hi Tapani, Hold SETUP and press the flash button below the Playback fader. Click "Raise and Lower" along the top. You can either reduce the "Trigger/Release Level" to 0%, or you can disable "Release on Lower". I suggest changing the "Trigger/Release Level".
  24. I have problem with the fade-down on my ETC ColorSource PAR an Spot. The dimming-down on the channels works fine, it dimms slowly. If i dimmimg-down with a programmed-submaster, the last few percents (6-10%) will stop the lights immediately. Does any of you have any idea where the mistake could be?
  25. http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1011707591/What-does-the-Output-Window-show.htm Red – Programmer DataYellow– Highlight/RemDim, UDK Channel Data, Intensity defaulted to above 0%.Blue – Playback dataGreen – Value faded down in a cuePurple – Tracked ValueWhite - Blocked ValueRed Background – ParkedGrey Background – Moved On DarkLine above value – A Topset/Max Level is active
  26. Doh! Found it almost the second after I pressed "Submit" - it's the default saved value for that fixture, in case anybody else was wondering. Neil
  27. I'm sure I've read this somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it: what does it mean when one or more fixture parameters (intensity) is coloured yellow in the programmer/output window? Neil
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