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  2. Hi Martin, We've got each Sunstrip setup in 10 channel DMX mode. I find if you create a chase and record it to a playback then use an effect like 'Warning' over the running chase, it gives you a better eye catching effect. Fingers cross this will become easier when Zero88 release ZerOS with pixel mapping.
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  4. Hi Simon, Art-Net does seem to be working correctly in ZerOS 7.9.5. After loading in your show file with Art-Net transmitting, have you disabled and then enabled Art-Net again? If this problem is persisting please email your ZerOS 7.9.5 show file that isn’t working, along with a brief description of your network to support@zero88.com, and we’ll be able to investigate your issue further. Any queries just let us know. Edward
  5. Hi Thierry, That’s correct, when the channel fader’s mix mode is set to HTP, it will mix with the cue values, whereas LTP allows you to take priority over cue values. Alternatively to edit a cue, you can use the syntax LOAD x ENTER, which will load cue x of the current playback into the programmer. Hope this helps, Edward
  6. OK, my channel MixMode is HTP, i think i must set it to LTP, and only keep HTP for my submasters. Now, i can make a device disapear by decreasing it's intensity, then updating the cue...
  7. Hello everybody, how to edit a particular intensity of a particular projector in a cue ? i can increase without any problems and update the cue when it's about automatics and with traditionals pebbles or profiles, but i can't decrease an intensity with traditionals (something to do with htp/ltp ?) how to delete "live" a standard fixture in a cue ? i can manage my cues when it's about automatics fixtures, but with a profile or a pebble convex ?
  8. Hi Edward, yes this is on my FLX. Simon
  9. Hi all, I have also just installed ZerOS 7.9.5 with the same issue. I spoke to Keith who has directed me to this post. The file below is no longer "available", please can you re-upload it? I also got an error during boot which may or may not be part of this common issue. Pictures attached for reference. Edward/Nathaniel, please can you forward these onto Keith for his info. Cheers, Alex
  10. BigDick

    7.9.5 Patching

    So making a 5 min job into a one hour job? Is there a fix number assigned to this bug? Thanks
  11. Hi KWR88 thank you very much for your answer Hi KWR88 thank you very much for your answer
  12. Hi Kevin, Have also replied to you mail to the address as well. Please see the link below for the work around.
  13. On a slight tangent from the above... and to add more info for clarification. I have my 3 LED par bars (and 1 LED fresnel bar) set up for colour mixing. Eg, faders 1-3 are RGB from my fresnels, 4-6 are RGB for bar 1, 7-9 RGB for bar 2 and 10-12 are RGB for bar 3. I have set the parameters for each playback to allow fader control of colour as well as intensity, and I have a UDK that sets all RGB values to 0 (rather than 100 when released) This gives me the ability to mix colours across my pars and LED frenels. Using the info above, i have created 3 PB's each with a chase as described in my earlier post. Only this time, each PB / Chase is either R G or B. The idea being, that i can mix the colour of a chase using the 3 PB's and apply this over any current state. My issue now, is that if i were to raise the PB22 (red chase) over PB3,6+9 (red wash) i would expect nothing to happen, you wouldn't see a red chase over a red wash... However the red chase over rides the wash, and the bars not in use (during a step of the chase) go dark. I would have assumed that using HTP, colour as well as intensity are upheld by the highest value, but this only seems to apply to intensity? Is there such as thing as HTP for colour mixing? This only become an issue when running the chase over a colour wash that may be mixed with R at less than 100%, Further to this, if PB22 - 24 are not at full, then the "dark" fixtures in each step are no longer 0 colour, but are scaled as if backwards... I have created a couple of videos using Phantom Zeros to try and show this. The first video show how the chase works over a state using the same colour parameter... video 1 The second video shows my issue with colour "Scaling" when the PB is not at 100% video 2 And finally, to make this post even more lengthy... Is there a way to link chases on multiple playbacks, so that the steps match each other? for example, if i set my 3 chases to global tempo, and start playing back my red chase, can i raise my blue chase to make magenta and have the steps align with each other? We used to have a Jester 24/48, and chases seemed to sync as standard, i'm hoping to replicate this? Show file attached if it helps... RGB Chase Example.isf
  14. Hello, I recently installed version 7.9.5. on my Solution console. I could see a bug on the FX. I have no way to access the Fx of my show on version 7.9.4 even starting from a blank show or completely after making a total rest of the console. I compare on the Phantom 7.9.5 that seems to work perfectly. this is really annoying for me and for others I Think. Would it be possible to send me the Beta version for downgrade so I continued to use my show while waiting for a new update of the 7.9.5. Thank you in advance
  15. Edward, thanks again for your reply. What you have suggested would work fine for the chase over a red wash (my stated colour choices were for example sake), however i hoped to be able to apply the same chase (same PB) over another colour wash for the same effect, rather than having to have multiple effect playbacks to cater for different colour washes. I am assuming that this is not possible now having looked deeper into it? The console is used in an education environment, and i am putting together a standard patch / show that can be used by students to busk music events etc... It was my intention to have a few pre programmed chases that could be triggered over any stage wash colour, allowing my "blue"(or any other colour) chase to trigger regardless of the current wash / state on stage. I understand that this inst really normal practise, but in a busking scenario it would be useful.
  16. Hi Olly, For the first step of your chase, select bar 1, set blue to full, set red to 0, and ensure that only the red and blue colour parameters are tagged. Make sure no other fixtures are included in each step of the chase. More can be found on tagging here... http://support.zero88.com/1014189311 Repeat this for the other bars, and you’ll find that you’ll have a blue chase over the top of your red playback, without magenta being mixed. Hope this helps and makes sense, if you have any queries let me know. Edward
  17. Hi Zeus, Thank you for your comments, glad you like the new software. Let us know if you have any questions. All the best, Edward
  18. Hi Edward, thanks for the reply. Ive actually done exactly as you have suggested, however this doesn’t really solve me issue. Having looked closer I’m not sure it’s actually possible... i have programmed my 3 step chase, and using LTP the chase does indeed run over the top of my other playbacks. But what I require is almost in between HTP And LTP. I’m not sure if I’m able to explain this effectively, but I’ll try. My pb1 is a red wash. My pb2 is a blue chase. The chase is programmed with all RGB tagged. When I raise pb2 over the top of pb1 for my chase I get the following... - bar 1 goes blue, bar 2&3 go dark - bar 2 goes blue, bar 1&3 go dark - bar 3 goes blue, bar 1&2 go dark what I want, is the following -bar 1 goes blue, bar 2&3 stay on red from pb1 -bar 2 goes blue, bar1&3 stay red from pb1 -bar 3 goes blue, bar1&2 stay red from pb1 i know I could achieve this by programming the red wash into the chase pb, but ideally I’d like the chase to run over the top of any wash. If I program the chase without G and B tagged, the chase gets mixed with my red wash (making magenta)... does this make sense? Thanks, Olly
  19. ZeuS

    ZerOS 7.9.5 Released

    big thank you for the fire effect and my screen finally not looks broken sometimes
  20. Hi Olly, I would recommend programming a 3 step chase for this, rather than using an effect. The colours of your chase will mix LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) with your other playbacks by default, and so your chase's colours will run over the top of other playbacks, and when the chase is released, the other playing playbacks will take over. Programming a group for each bar will speed up the programming time, as you'll then be able to apply the colours you wish to each bar group. Hope this helps Edward
  21. I'm in a similar situation myself... But I'm not sure the built in effects are the answer for my scenario unless i'm missing the point? My situation is as follows I have a colour wash (say red) on stage using RGB pars across 3 bars. I then want to run a sequential chase changing the colour of single bar at a time. For example, Step 1 would make bar 1 blue (with bars 2+3 still in red from another PB) Step 2 would make bar 2 blue (with bars 1+3 still in red from another PB) Step 3 would make bar 3 blue (with bars 1+2 still in red from another PB) How would i go about doing this? At the moment, if i tag RGB in each step of the chase, i just get a red chase and the previous playback is overwritten. If i just tag blue, then i can get an additive chase where the blue chase will mix with the other playback, but i cant seem to get the chase to momentarily replace the existing playback on a step by step basis. Any help is appreciated. Olly
  22. Hi Simon, To confirm, are you finding Art-Net isn't working on your physical console? Art-Net is working on physical consoles running ZerOS 7.9.5, however not on Phantom ZerOS with an unlock dongle. Edward
  23. Hello, We have logged this software issue as High Priority, reference number ZOS-9327. If you have any queries please do let me know. Edward
  24. Edward- Z88

    Tracking enabled

    Hi Karina, To disable tracking options, tap SETUP -> Settings -> Record & Update -> Tracking Options -> Cue Only. Hope this helps Edward
  25. Hi Eric, Home and Default values can now be configured on FLX S, which will solve this problem for you. For more information, see below... http://support.zero88.com/1011411491 That's correct, SETUP + tapping an attribute button will open the Attribute Settings. You can also access this by tapping SETUP -> System Settings, and then tap any of the Attribute Settings buttons. Edit Fixtures is now simply the Fixture Schedule (tap SETUP to access this), with the ability to customise fixture data, including inverting and swapping for moving fixtures. More information can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011707101 Configuring Defaults is now done outside of Setup. More information can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011707631 Hope this helps, Edward
  26. Hi Eric, Programmer Time is not changed when performing a "Reset Desk". Reset Desk clears all show-specific information, however leaves operator configuration, such as Programmer Time. A Factory Reset will reset the Programmer Time to disabled, and with a 5 second fade. Hope this helps, Edward
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