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  2. I had to look it up as my spell check didn't recognise it hahaha
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  4. Your word - "holiday"... Ummm, I'm not familiar with that concept 😞 - and judging by the amount of activity on the forum recently, that seems to be a common theme for many! πŸ˜†
  5. I think they’re all on holiday, at least they were last week.
  6. Just checking back in to see if there's been any updates to the thread.
  7. kgallen

    My stupid questions

    Agree. Best I can think of is to use Preview in the Output Window. Then I think the colouring should show which fixtures have data in the cue or which track. This is at the fixture level though, so to see it at parameter level you'd need to select the fixture (not sure if you can in Preview) in order to get the "detail line". The colours are documented here: http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1011707591/What-does-the-Output-Window-show.htm
  8. Afx

    My stupid questions

    Cheers, I`ll give this a go when I get back to warehouse. Although, I`d prefer a view-option that would show everything thats recorded inside a cue and simply removing an x from a box would take things off.
  9. kgallen

    My stupid questions

    I'm really bad at this (as is evident from the number of times I ask "how do I get this fixture out of the cue" on this forum!)... But it will be along the lines of: Select the Group (to select the fixtures in the group) Update (and hold to get the Options window) SmartTag off Remove OK
  10. kgallen

    My stupid questions

    If you do Setup+Position or Setup+Effect then you should get an options box that says what the Encoder does and what Shift+Encoder does. The reference fixture (or "zero point") will depend on the fan type - fan middle etc. But you're right, you don't get the values anywhere - although the value above the Encoder is going to be for the "master" or selected fixture.
  11. Afx

    My stupid questions

    Where can I untag a group which is ie recorded accidentally?
  12. Afx

    My stupid questions

    The offset seems to crank the zero point of the offset as a whole, shift+offset wheel lets you fan parameters between fixtures. Although, it doesnt show the option or values anywhere... ltp catch and untagging color from fader seems to help somewhat the summing effect between stacks, although its not a perfect solution.
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  14. thank a lot Kevin. I will buy a Mouse and see what I feel with. Take care Eric
  15. Hi O Thompson, You could ask your network admin if they would do "DHCP address leasing by MAC address", that way the fixed MAC address of the console will always have the same IP. Then it would be effectively static, and you could know the address to connect with the Remote Monitor app. But since it's on a different subnet, Remote Monitor would still benefit from the proposed feature of "IP Address Saving", because it won't be populated automatically. Jon, Edward - thoughts? Cheers, MD.
  16. Afx

    My stupid questions

    Cheers for the above, I know of the blind mode, moreso was Looking for a way to recall just the waveforms-view or so to check tagged parameters or to update values . Ed/Jon? Got more incoming too 😁
  17. SimonH


    Hi, is anyone successfully using Artnet on 7.9.5?
  18. UK (South West England/South Wales). Bought October 2015, so a relatively early adopter. FLX bare sometimes. More usually FLX+Touch Monitor+Mouse+Keyboard. Eric - to answer your question on "why a mouse", well because from my experience unless you are a 10 year old child, or you have points for fingers, things like the scroll bars or Effects Waveform tab are virtually impossible to use with adult/man-sized fingers. Hence needing to use the mouse! No wings. Theatre. Cue-stack based rather than busked. Musicals, pantomimes, some plays, some concerts. Conventionals (Source 4, Prelude, Minuette, PAR64), LED PAR/flood, LED mover, smoke machines/hazers. Sometimes DMX-controlled props. In flight case, mobile. 3-4 productions per year. Each production 7 or so performances. Amateur hobby, not paid unfortunately! I don't know any but there should be plenty around here... Zero88 head office is less than an hour drive from home! Well documented on this forum when I have! Kevin
  19. Thanks a lot for your answers. It is interesting to see where our community of users is. ----------------------------- For my part I move from one place to another. Using PAR Led, Moving Light and Traditional. 1 or 2 DMX universe for instances. In theaters and Performance place. 400 to 5000 people. Use rather with the Master Playback for effects that follow each other. Use with Capture 2018. (will update to 2019) Am with the FLX, + 2 wings and touchscreen. (would like to use iPhone or iPad for having control on stage... But I ve always problem with IP configuration....) I hate to go to 7.9.5 to see the improvements side effects. But for safety I prefer to stay on 7.9.4 until my last shows in July. Because here I start having good automatisms on the FLX and on a fast encoding ... Even if I could evoke some problems on this console, I like it a lot. But I look forward to working with her this summer during my vacation with Capture to take things further on the possibilities it offers. Thank you again for your contributions. Eric VDA
  20. Hello Kevin Off topic Can you tell me more about what you use with your FLX ... Mouse and keyboard ? External Touchscreen ? What more practical use do you have with the mouse ? Do you use several wings with your FLX? Do you use a USB HUB if you have several things connected to the USB ports of your FLX? thank you for your help Eric
  21. Hi folks, This is more a feature request than anything else... On the IOS remote app for the FLX, is it possible to get a rem dim button on the syntax screen? When using the apple watch remote, there is a remdim option as you scroll through each fixture. It would be great if we could do this on the IOS phone app too...
  22. I second the above... We only have the 1 console, but the networking set up at our venue operates so that different parts of the campus are using different sub nets. Also, due to restrictions placed on users by the network manager, all devices are DHCP with no assigned static IPs, so unless you are by the console to double check the assigned IP, then its often not possible to connect. I understand this may be a unique problem to larger venues or education establishments...
  23. O Thompson

    Save Show?

    Thank you both for the replies.
  24. O Thompson

    My stupid questions

    Hi, I may be able to help with a couple... 7- Blind mode. view the PB with the cue stack you want to edit. Hold the flash button of the PB, and type the Q number you wish to view / edit. once you have finished editing, press update 8- Once a chase is created, you can hold "settings" and click on the flash button under the PB containing the chase. This will bring up the setting window for the PB. Click on the Chase tab, and you can chose the amount of "shots" that will take place when the fader is raised or the flash button held. Hope this helps a little
  25. Last week
  26. I carefully changed battery on my fat frog (2007 version) and when powered up chan flash buttons for 1-12 permanently on. faders not working and GM only displays to 78%. Also the override pot on 'Go' is flashing ! Looking like fader board has gone down as if I disconnect it rest of desk seems to work. Any advice please and..... I guess obvious question - any one know (if or) where spares are available. UPDATE: I'm pleased to say problem solved checked the DIP switch and one had been changed (found what they should be on the Forum - thanks)
  27. Hi all, i'm working honorary for an association, which runs two live shows per month with small bands (mixed genres). Because we've got new bands every time, we cannot program their show in and therefore have to mix it on the fly and manually. We are using the Leap Frog 48 with the current ZerOS operating system together with a small setup of conventional lighting, LEDs and moving heads. But we are still struggeling to set up the console to fit our needs. Maybe someone could help us to fix our two main issues: 1. We would like to use the top section of the faders (red) to control our conventional lighting as usual. Currently, our LEDs and moving heads are configured by the MFKs and contrtol wheels or by an external touch screen. For our shows it would be much easier and quicker if we could take the lower section of the faders (green) to control the brightness of the fixtures and ideally for fixture groups. But we'd like to keep the other settings as it is. Is it possible to let the color, beamshape, gobo, ... of the fixtures be controlled via the MFKs and simultaneously set the brightness by faders in the green section? The only solution i can see, is to write own fixture libraries without the brightness channel and set it manually to the desired fader. Ideally we could use - as an example - the first 12 faders to set the brightness of individual fixtures and the following 12 for fixture groups. 2. We have some scenes programmed to the submaster section and controlling the most part of the show manually. Therefore we have to use the clear button multiple times to use the submasters again. Is there a way to set the lights manually and call a submaster which overwrites the current settings? After fading the submaster out, the console should return to its previous settings. Maybe we are using this part completely wrong? As a solution i can think of programming each property to a submaster. But then i do not use the MFKs anymore and have filled all submaster pages. Best regards, Philipp Moret
  28. martin-144

    My stupid questions

    Hi, very interesting questions indeed. Unfortunately I am not able to answer most of them, lets wait for the Zero88 guys. Regarding your question 7: There is "Blind Mode". You can access it by pressing Shift+Z Key. Then press and hold the go key of your desired playback and type the cue number while holding it. This takes you to the cue and you can edit without changes on stage. Use Update to save the changes. Press Z Key again to exit. Martin
  29. Thanks for that. All sorted. Peter
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