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  3. I would like to see some topics like: Support of RDM over Network with Artnet Nodes !? Recomanced Network Switches Example configs for typical network setups with nodes an visualizer On LED setups you need syncronisation of outputs. used with software like madrix.
  4. "Is it true that RDM causes lights to flicker?" You need to include your handy tip which is to address problematic fixtures above a certain address (is that above address 32?).
  5. We're creating a range of training resources covering data distribution and networking - the way your lighting console talks to your rig. If you have questions, or suggestions of topics, please let us know! For example: Why is an audio XLR and a DMX cable different? Is it true that RDM causes lights to flicker? What's the difference between Art-Net and sACN? How do subnet masks work?
  6. Cheers Jon, much appreciated for the fast reply! Kevin ps I'll edit the title of this post to reflect Mk1/Mk2 for future reference.
  7. This is technically from the MKII datasheet, but the external dimensions were identical for both of them
  8. Any chance someone from the team could let me know the dimensions of an Alcora Mk1 (12 channel). The dimensions aren't in the manual (GB/DE or FR). Yes I have one I could in theory measure but it's not accessible to me at the moment and Google has failed me! Thanks, Kevin ps Not in the Mk2 manual either.
  9. Thanks Ed, I will do a bit of research.......
  10. Hi Mac, We currently don’t have a fixture file for Resolume, but this is something we can create if you send a request to FixtureSupport@zero88.com. We will need the DMX channel map to do this, which should be available from the Resolume website, which will detail what each DMX control channel does - this will also give you an indication of how complex and how many parameters this includes. This will be as simple as recording a playback on FLX with a Start and Stop cue - both of which will be accessed via one of the Resolume fixture’s control parameters. I may be wrong, but I believe browser forum notifications are triggered when you are quoted in a post, not just when there is a reply. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  11. Thanks very much Ed. The fixture profile for Resolume... is it a complicated beast and is there one available. I have had a look at ZerOS 7.9.6 fixture files but nothing there at this time....?? Also once set up is it quite a basic activity to start and stop video. We have a chap who is providing it for us.....?? Rgds Mac PS.....Notifications for replies to forum threads are not coming through to me despite me selecting it.....??
  12. Hello, That’s correct; > on an external keyboard can be used as the Thru command in the Copy From field. Yes - as you have described, programming 3 cues is a common way of doing this. Cue 1 is base state, cue 2 is sweep up, cue 3 is fade off. Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve, you could only use 2 cues, and have the fixtures fade off as they sweep up. To do this you would need to record cue 2 with the fixtures in their swept up position, however with no intensity. To do this you would need to record the cue with SmartTag disabled. To disable SmartTag, press and hold RECORD, and tap SmartTag, so that it has a blue rather than red button stripe. If SmartTag is enabled, the console will not store fixtures with 0% intensity - very useful for Move On Dark. In cue 2 you could even then set the intensity down delay to be the same duration as the position fade, so that the move happens, then the fixture fades/snaps off, all in the same cue. If you wanted to use this effect throughout the show, I would probably record the 2 cues onto their own playback, not as a chase, but with cue 2 as an auto follow, which you can then trigger and release from any cue in any playback. Hope this helps and makes sense, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  13. Hi Mac, If you want to control Resolume from FLX, you would need to use Resolume Arena. Resolume Avenue cannot be controlled by DMX. https://resolume.com/software/specs In terms of controlling Resolume Arena, it would be a case of patching Resolume as a fixture on FLX (or multiple fixtures, depending on how Resolume handles layers), and then assigning that patched universe to the chosen ArtNet universe Resolume is set to receive on. Resolume itself will then be able to output video data to fixtures via ArtNet, or out of the PC’s video output. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  14. Hi, I am working towards being able to trigger video via my FLX. The current plan is to use a media server running Resolume Avenue. Any help on the configuration and execution aspects of this would be appreciated. Thanks Mac
  15. Hi Zero88. Starting to programme a new show on the FLX S24 and 2 questions have arisen... 1 - is it possible to copy a batch of cues on the "S" consoles? I have a bulk set of cues that need copying to form an encore for the last night. I understand the FLX allows, e.g. "200 thru 280 to 500" Is it one cue at a time on the FLX? *** EDIT - Ignore this, I've just seen I can use an external keyboard to do "From 200>280" "TO 500" *** 2 - Is there an elegant way to get my moving heads to come on from a set position, sweep up, then go dark at cue end? At the moment I'm using: - Cue A - snap heads to a set colour/position - Cue B - positional fade to the swept-up position - Cue C - Snap to dark All cues are set to Go after Previous with zero delay. Just feels there must be a more elegant way of doing this relatively common move? I can copy the relevant cues to a playback fader and run them as a single shot chase if needs bs, but again, I feel there is likely to be a better way?
  16. Hi NJ, Due to the way Alphapack dimmers work, they will always buzz when they are dimming the load - and therefore make a sound between around 20% and 90%. They are usually at their loudest, depending on the load, at around 70%. It is obviously hard to tell what you mean by quite loud buzz. If all channels are dimming at full load (for example 1KW on each channel), the noise would roughly be about as loud as a fan in a projector for example. If it seems to be excessively louder than this, there potentially could be a fault. If you are still concerned I’d recommend dropping us an email to support@zero88.com, along with the Alphapack’s serial number. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  17. Just bought a used Alpha Pack off eBay and, on trying it out, it's got quite a loud buzz between the 1-9 slider settings, but is completely silent or 0 or full. Is this normal? Can anything be done to reduce the buzz or do we just accept that it's lights on full, permanently, during performances? Thank you NJ
  18. Hi Kevin, If you enter into a cue number in the cue number column, type a cue number and press ENTER, this moves the next cue to the chosen cue. This then allows the next GO button press to go into the chosen cue. Go to cue enhancements are logged on our software tracking system as ZOS-7627. Edward
  19. "It would be nice" to have the equivalent of the Strand GSX "LOAD x" function, so cue x is stacked ready to press GO. Currently with ZerOS, you have to "GO x" which means you have to be sitting there holding the GO button (having typed the new cue number) until the cue. I realise (on FLX at least) you can step back the Next bar on screen, but this is not always convenient if the new cue is distant. Also I know you can type the cue number and ENTER, but I believe this also does the "GO". Kevin
  20. Hi Thierry, That's great, really glad to hear it. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  21. I did the update, Everything seems to run correctly... You're right, i 've used the "boot method" to install the previous Zeros 7.9.5... I've just plugged the USB drive this way and load the os live as you recommended , and so far so good... Thank's a lot, as always, you rule
  22. Hi Thierry, This will only be an issue if ZerOS 7.9.5 was installed using the old installation method, by creating a bootable USB drive, rather than simply loading the application into the console. I would recommend updating to ZerOS 7.9.6. Hope this helps, let me know how you get on. Edward
  23. Only the : n°1 mfk button "1E [No Effect]" is generated... I'm still in 7.9.5... It could be the issue ?
  24. Hi Thierry, If you tap SETUP -> Clear Options -> Clear Effect palettes, and then try auto creating effects, are they generated? If the "Automatically Create Effect Palettes" button still doesn't seem to work, please try reinstalling ZerOS 7.9.6. ZerOS 7.9.6 can be downloaded from the website below... https://zero88.com/zeros#download Installation instructions are included in the release notes. Please ensure you install by loading the software application into the console, not by installing using a bootable USB drive. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  25. Hi everybody, Strange behaviour of the desk today, the auto effect generator is not working anymore... I can generate auto colour, auto beamshape, but there's nothing to do with the " automatically create effect palettes " button... I just have a n°1 mfk button "1E [No Effect]" and a mfk n°36 "Effect 36"... ?????
  26. Hi Carsten, If you record an effect into a cue, each time the cue is triggered the fixtures will start from the same point in the effect. If you wish the effect to continue running, and the cue simply fade up intensity, you can enable Effect to be moved on dark for a playback. To do this hold SETUP and tap the playback's button, and from the Settings choose Move on Dark. Then ensure Effect is not selected under the Don't Move options. Hope this helps, Edward
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