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  2. I get the feeling the idea was politely declined. Manual selection of colours it is for me!
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  4. Hi Kevin, ZOS-8569 is to do with the quick offset buttons along the top of the effect window appearing to work in reverse. ZOS-8967 is specific to the fixture order in the P/T grid. The colour picker fans colours in order of fixture selection. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  5. I have bought a FLX S48 to control my small Astera led setup with 2 x AX3, 4 x AX5 and 6 x Astera FP1 Pixel Tubes (up to 16 LED Pixel each). And after trying several things i now ordered the new chamsys MQ70. It has 24 universes and can work with subfixtures and do easy led pixelmapping. I thought about upgrading to a normal FLX, but since you have to handel 16 faders for one tube... that's not useful of working with such lights. No one will do a manual fade for each pixel. There must be better way of using this lights on ZerOS if you want to work fast. You need to do this with grouping. And the next thing is patching a lot of each idividual pixel is a problem when you have to change the dmx adresses. Some things are realy easy to do on a FLX. And there are not so many options to customize like in chamsys wich make it easy to start. But i can't recomanced it when you workign with fixtures like sunstripes or led pixel bars.
  6. Could this not be done through subfixtures (Each sub fixture gets a fader) as we would like to be able to control the intensities individually without have to patch several fixtures and remember where certain things are hidden eg. strobe, pan/tilt, etc?
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  8. So, I removed the USB stick, and rebooted, and ran the show with no issue. After the show, I checked back on the system and saw no Comms errors. For completeness and curiosity, I tried adding back the USB desk lamps, one at a time, and both together, and again no issues (though I will heed advice and will not usually do this - I just wanted to see if I could replicate the issues...) Plugged the USB stick into the top of the desk and immediately the desk locked up and was unresponsive for 5-10 seconds, then came back after a short flash of a few of the playback LEDs on Ch13-24. A clean reboot of the desk and re-trying this exactly replicated the issue. Strange thing was, if I clean reboot the desk and plug in the same USB stick into the rear USB port, saving and loading files to and from it, the desk runs perfectly stable and gives no comms issues or desk hesitancy. It seems writing back to the USB stick on the front port only is instigating some form of comms issue that persists until the desk is power cycled and then is absent until the USB stick is used again. Is there any hardware difference in the two ports, do we have a dodgy USB port, or is there some firmware glitch here, as this has only occurred since the flash to 7.9.6....? Really interested in your thoughts on this.... I'll keep an eye on things over the final three show nights and continue to report anything unanticipated or unusual.
  9. OK, so the saga continues.... No LED desk lamps plugged in tonight, but still some DMX issues on the lamps. I updated a couple of cues as part of a slight tweak and as I was saving to USB I saw an odd message flash up. Delving back into the system dialogue and I spotted the errors coming up on the screen, as shown in the files below... These were streaming through in batches of a few at a time. I have a video, but too big to upload... (I can drop you a Dropbox link if it helps, but doesn't really show any more than the image, just the frequency and timing of error messages...) This was after a clean reboot and just saving to USB stick.
  10. Hi Edward: I'm referring to ZOS-8569 (interested when this will be fixed or if it already is and I've missed it in the Release Notes!). Regards, Kevin We discussed 8569 a couple of times, regards GROUP and P/T grid (the second is in Beta - some readers might not be able to see it):
  11. This is not a bug I’m aware of? Just tested this and it seems to be working correctly. How recently did you come across this? Was the order an exact reverse of your selection order? Edward
  12. Don't take this at face value, the order selection is a*** backwards sometimes... a bug not yet fixed...
  13. Geez, I've told them so many times - us blokes don't have girls fingers for all of these tiny dialogue boxes, effects selections and teeny weeny narrow scroll bars - and we have fingers as rough as a badger's sitty-down areas after a couple of days up a ladder rigging!!! There're two of us now telling them this, hopefully they'll listen! 😁
  14. I'm unfortunately a 6'2 guy with hands to match so perhaps not the most delicate person for the job. I find that even with my fingers fully together I'm still getting say an orange through to a green in the hue direction, or a colour then a fairly desaturated white tone in the saturation direction. Where I noticed it significantly was when I wanted to do a gradient of orange to yellow tones down the hall for a halloween event and there was just no pinching my fingers that close. Subtle, but enough that it can be seen there was a change in tones. If there was a thought for a zoom option, then it would be great. Good tip on the order of selection too. Will find a use for that feature sometime I suspect!
  15. Hi Neil, Thanks for your comments, that’s great to hear. You should find if you pinch your thumb and finger you can get a small variation. If you are spreading across the colour picker (X axis), you are changing the hue, which will give you quite a range of colours without moving your fingers very much. However if you go down the colour picker (Y axis), you are spreading the saturation, which gives you a little bit finer control. Remember the order of the spread is the order of selection, so for a random spread select the fixtures in a random order - groups will record the order, so these can be useful to then spread colours across. Hope this helps, Edward
  16. Hi Shakes, The external desktops on the external monitor cannot be customised. The benefit of having 2 colour windows on the Groups/ Colour desktop, is that one window can be viewing one colour mixing method, for example the colour picker, and the other can be viewing filters or palettes. The other benefit is you can access all colour palettes simultaneously, by having each window scrolled to different positions. The only other window on FLX S consoles that can’t be accessed on the external monitor is the macros window, however this can only be used when relevant fixtures are selected, and so appears internally when needed. Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  17. I find myself using the colour picker exceptionally regularly because it is so convenient. In theory, I love the fact that I can use two fingers and select a range of colours across fixtures, but in practice, I often find that it is of limited use because I perhaps want different shades of the same colour and I can't get my fingers close enough on the screen to make that happen. As such, I end up manually going through the fixture range and selecting a slightly different colour for each. As such, my feature request would be a "double tap to zoom" colour picker, which gives a larger view of a limited range of colours, meaning that it is possible to use the two finger to select a range system more accurately for closely associated colours. Or perhaps a better way I haven't thought of. I noted another post showing custom colour pickers and I may look to do a few of those myself, but it would be brilliant if every colour had its own custom zoomed picker.
  18. When using the ZEROs remote app with an FLXs24 and choosing the "Groups Colour" view option. The 2 lower windows are duplicated and show colour pallets. This seems a waste of space and potentially reduce functionality. Is there any way to customise the layout of the display so that one window could show for example "effects" or have I missed an update? Thanks
  19. Hi Chris, If you hold VIEW and press a playback button, this will open the playback in the cue list window. You can then edit fade times by tapping on the fade time value, and use the encoder wheels to set the time. Hope this helps, Edward
  20. Hi Edward you were spot on. There was position data recorded as well. I deleted the cue and rerecorded with effect data only. Had I wanted to edit the position data ,in your previous reply you said "hold VIEW and press the playback button. You can then edit the position fade time." is that a shift option in the position window? Chris
  21. H Myles, A fixture can only have a single intensity control. Therefore if you have multiple intensity channels, you can either configure them all to be scaled by a virtual "master" intensity parameter, or you could go down the route of patching each fixture part as a separate fixture on the console. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  22. Glad you found them useful! I'd probably recommend booking onto a full day's FLX series training. You'll be able to ask any questions you might have, and the afternoon will cover the more complex parts of the console. We will soon be released our training dates and locations for 2020 on the website. The alternative would be to go down the route of paid on-site training. If this is something that may be interest to you, please email training@zero88.com. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  23. Thanks Jon, I think that covers it!! Fingers crossed for a smooth show tonight and I'll report back. Whilst here, an unrelated question - the training sessions on our desk, both at TLG and at PLASA have been great and of huge value (it was a shame I had to duck out of the end of the last PLASA session and miss both the G&T and extra hints and tips!), but we are amassing lots of "it'd be great if we could just do..." or "Hmm.... Why did that happen like that...?" type questions. I wondered if there are options for a more tailored and focussed intermediate-level desk training session and what might be available?
  24. We have some LED bars from stairville that allow individual control of each of the 4 lights and are also looking at some combi spots (wash and spot) that therefore have several intensity parameters. Therefore is it possible to assign on fixture to use several faders to allow access to all global parameters like strobe and inbuilt programs rather than having to split the fixture into several seperate fixtures?
  25. On page 15 of the manual, it also states: As Edward says, we've updated the manual to put this in a nice big red box, on both Page 15 and Page 82. We haven't released this version of the manual yet, but it'll be included within the next public revision. Before / after:
  26. Hi Myles, Ah I see. Yes there's no effective way of applying this fixture to the channel faders. The easiest way of controlling the Shutter is going to Beam, and finding the shutter parameter. On FLX series you can then press the middle encoder button for Shutter to access each parameter function. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  27. Hello, Page 15 of the manual states: "FLX S consoles do not include this feature (referring to self healing USB ports), and therefore it is not recommended to use the USB ports for devices such as lights or fans on FLX S consoles." https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/7f906b85-80f1-4646-bd18-d2327d94fc60/FLX-Range-&-ZerOS-Accessories-User-Manual-v7.9.6.pdf Page 82 of the manual states that USB ports are for keyboard & mouse, external touchscreen (S48), and external storage devices. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  28. I am using the spot 160XT from Robe, the problem is unlike most where you have open, closed and the strobe it has closed, then a slow open of the shutter called dimmer, then open before the strobe, the gaps are really small which means it is hard to reliably hit the open sector without having issues with running into strobe or having the beam look like an apple logo.
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