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  2. Hi Derek & Simon, Thanks for letting us know, we will take a look into this. Edward
  3. Hi Richard, No problem. If there’s anything we can do to help just let us know. All the best, Edward
  4. Hi Eric, Thanks for your feedback, that’s great to hear. All the best, Edward
  5. Hi both, Great glad that has solved the problem. It sounds as though the library file got removed somehow. We are continuing to investigate what may have caused this. Just from the last boot. If you have any queries let us know. Edward
  6. Me too. Can't upgrade to get the new fx as Artnet isn't working.
  7. Hi is their any way on the flx s 48 to set up one of the sliders to be a master dimmer
  8. Hi Peachy, How have you got your unstraps set up ? As a 10 channel set of dimmers or in 10 channel DMX mode ? thanks Martin
  9. Hi all, I've now tried this and although the first attempt to load the file in didn't work, the second attempt did ! Not sure why ! Anyway, new effects pallets are now there, and successfully loaded my show file and they're still there !! Thanks guys for your support as always. Hopefully you'll be able to figure out why some of us had this issue and others didn't. Be useful to get nailed for future updates ! Did I read somewhere that there's an updated support manual inbound any day now ? thanks Martin
  10. Hello I'm an verry happy User of Zero88 Jester ML And i have now the FLXS 24 here for testing, to buy und future use... But so many Things of this Console is unusable or in wrong think. But i see: new World have ne Futures and some new reason for thinking on Work... Nice to use Display for Name the Fixtures I dont like to use some duct Tape in the future. but 😞 What about the limites small Fixture-Name i can see in Programming Mode. My Regisseur dont understand Dim1 one or Dim1, hi says Give me the LED left Hand in the Front 30% of Red please... An then: Give me also the other Lamp back of them the same Color and Intens. So i named: "LED Left Hand Front" "LED Left Hand Mittle" "LED Left Hand Back" "MH Front Top of Head" and so on... In de Programming-Mode i always see "LED Lef..." for example It wil be helpfull i can select Fixture by Tap in the View Display, there i can see the Full Name. But this Display does nothing only for Lucky??? Many time i setup the whole Situation and the Users will programming the Scenes and they are not technican. Som Whorse Thing also is Grandmaster. How this Effecr start everytime on Cue 1 ??? Even if i seting up as Grandmaster or if i let him to Factory State. I wil fix it with a Duct Tape or Glue ??? It doesn't work as Grandmaster, becouse his using starts the whole Chuelist by Cue 1 ?!ç%&?! So i Setup a "Submaster-Fader" for been as Grandmaster. That works fine, but the Problem is the "Grand-Master" is present in Front and the Users thinking about this and sometime while the Show it will go from Cue 12 to beginning = 1 if he thake this Fader for wrong... The Cuelist-Selection on Display is only for small Lady Handy and no long Fingernails 😞 I have much Problem with the users to tapping the right Cue if we are in Szene-Setting or Probing.. What about Caser on Master-Playback-List ??? It is absolutly not practicable this multi-miniature View on Playback-Fader-Display We need some magnifying glass to reading "Current, Next and so on..." But this is even no option, i have 50-70 Scenes i need in Plaback (on Jester calls Memory Master) Anyway: I will loking for new Console. I was happy to using it like Jester ML especialy Memory Master with man Scenes and some Scenes as Caser. Easy and quick select any of this Scene in programming-Mode and also in Live-Mode if is needet. Is there any Way to using this with FLXS Thanks
  11. Yesterday
  12. Please ignore (or delete post please) file located . My apologies downloaded the wrong os file. Hi , I've recently purchased a JesterML24 and have had to reset it as the User fixture files would not load. I've completed the reset and my files now load , but the desk keeps asking for the following help file JML_30.JOH ive looked and searched the zero 88 web site , but cannot fine this file. Does anyone have a copy please or point me in the right direction? my desk has version 4.1 of the OS and rel37 of the fixture file. Thanks Leney
  13. hello The programmer time is exactly what I Was needing. In fact, I find this option really good. Because like you've said, it's working for all the action ! Thank for your help. Eric VDA (France )
  14. I loaded the new library file and the problem is fixed. It asked me if I wanted to replace the existing library file and I said yes, so all good. Still a mystery as to the cause though. You have our show file so could it be something funny in firmware and/or hardware versions. Can you access historic system text, or just from the last boot? Jason.
  15. Hello, The new manuals will be available later this week. The ZerOS 7.9.5 and ZerOS 7.9.4 release notes go through the changes to the ZerOS 7.9.3 manual. If you have any queries let me know. Edward
  16. The ZerOS 7.9.5 Release Notes indicate that an "updated FLX range manual" is available. The links on the product page for the FLX S however still point to the old v1 manual for ZerOS 7.9.3. Where is the new manual available?
  17. Edward- Z88

    7.9.5 Patching

    Hello, Yes thank you for the explanation. This is something we are aware of, and has not been included in ZerOS 7.9.5. Instead you can tap the DMX address cell for each individual fixture, and type your additional address for that fixture. Any queries let me know. Edward
  18. Hi Ted, The best way of looking at it is whenever you use RECORD (for anything), you are creating something completely new, whereas UPDATE is used to edit something existing. RECORD -> Merge, will give the same outcome as updating, however it is newly stored, thus a new auto name is given, whereas update is simply editing what is existing. Hope this helps, Edward
  19. BigDick

    7.9.5 Patching

    I mean when I press setup>Fixture Schedule>select faders 1-6>Address button (used for addressing a ranger of dimmers)>100>OK>(fader patches correctly)>Address button>106>Add as additional address>(all is still OK)Address button>112>Add as additional address I end up on fader 1 with DMX 100, 106, 112 and 113 patched in!? fader 2 I get DMX 101, 107, 114 and 115!? Hope that is a bit clearer. Big shame about Frogger! 😂😂😂
  20. Thanks Edward - so what is the difference between updating a group and recording over it using the Merge option? In future software releases it might help if they were the same?
  21. Steaming ACN and Artnet no longer works. I have only tried on phantom with my unlock dongle and will try on the console later this week, when i downgrade to Zeros 7.9.4 it works fine again. this is rendering the phantom and unlock dongle useless as i cant control my fixtues i hope it is not the same story for the console. i did highlight the problem in the beta group, I asume the fix never made it to the release. cheers
  22. Hello, Yes, Update the Group rather than Record over the top of it. To do this make your changes to selection/intensity, tap UPDATE, and then tap the group (or use the syntax UPDATE GROUP x ENTER). The name will remain the same. Hope this helps, Edward
  23. Is there a way to stop previously entered group names reverting to gobbledegook when you merge in changes/add extra fixtures?
  24. Edward- Z88

    7.9.5 Patching

    No worries 😉 Edward
  25. JWylie91

    7.9.5 Patching

    Legend! That'll make tomorrows rehearsals a little more interesting
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