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  2. Hi Olly, I would recommend programming a 3 step chase for this, rather than using an effect. The colours of your chase will mix LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) with your other playbacks by default, and so your chase's colours will run over the top of other playbacks, and when the chase is released, the other playing playbacks will take over. Programming a group for each bar will speed up the programming time, as you'll then be able to apply the colours you wish to each bar group. Hope this helps Edward
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  4. I'm in a similar situation myself... But I'm not sure the built in effects are the answer for my scenario unless i'm missing the point? My situation is as follows I have a colour wash (say red) on stage using RGB pars across 3 bars. I then want to run a sequential chase changing the colour of single bar at a time. For example, Step 1 would make bar 1 blue (with bars 2+3 still in red from another PB) Step 2 would make bar 2 blue (with bars 1+3 still in red from another PB) Step 3 would make bar 3 blue (with bars 1+2 still in red from another PB) How would i go about doing this? At the moment, if i tag RGB in each step of the chase, i just get a red chase and the previous playback is overwritten. If i just tag blue, then i can get an additive chase where the blue chase will mix with the other playback, but i cant seem to get the chase to momentarily replace the existing playback on a step by step basis. Any help is appreciated. Olly
  5. Hi Simon, To confirm, are you finding Art-Net isn't working on your physical console? Art-Net is working on physical consoles running ZerOS 7.9.5, however not on Phantom ZerOS with an unlock dongle. Edward
  6. Hello, We have logged this software issue as High Priority, reference number ZOS-9327. If you have any queries please do let me know. Edward
  7. Edward- Z88

    Tracking enabled

    Hi Karina, To disable tracking options, tap SETUP -> Settings -> Record & Update -> Tracking Options -> Cue Only. Hope this helps Edward
  8. Hi Eric, Home and Default values can now be configured on FLX S, which will solve this problem for you. For more information, see below... http://support.zero88.com/1011411491 That's correct, SETUP + tapping an attribute button will open the Attribute Settings. You can also access this by tapping SETUP -> System Settings, and then tap any of the Attribute Settings buttons. Edit Fixtures is now simply the Fixture Schedule (tap SETUP to access this), with the ability to customise fixture data, including inverting and swapping for moving fixtures. More information can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011707101 Configuring Defaults is now done outside of Setup. More information can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011707631 Hope this helps, Edward
  9. Hi Eric, Programmer Time is not changed when performing a "Reset Desk". Reset Desk clears all show-specific information, however leaves operator configuration, such as Programmer Time. A Factory Reset will reset the Programmer Time to disabled, and with a 5 second fade. Hope this helps, Edward
  10. Hello, As Eric says, this is due to the fixture defaults for RGB fixtures having Red, Green and Blue at full, to give white. For information on how to change this to achieve colour mixing, you can use the guide below... http://support.zero88.com/975070091 This guide is for our Solution and ORB consoles, but you'll be able to use the same process. For more information on configuring fixture Defaults, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1011707631 Hope this helps, Edward
  11. Hi Eric, Thanks for your comments. The new manual will be coming soon, for all FLX series consoles. If you have any queries let me know. Edward
  12. Hi David, Thanks very much for letting us know. I have logged this issue as reference number ZOS-9325. If you have any queries please let me know. Edward
  13. Karina

    Tracking enabled

    We've updated the latest version. Now is something changed in our settings and we can't get it right: In the right down corner you see: Tracking enabled We want to change this in: Tracking disabled (Because we work with the FLX on filmsets) We can't find it in the settings.... Thanks in advance!
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  15. Hello, Two questions... 1/ French importer have making a translation about FLX S 24 and 48 in French. Do you thing that there will do for the FLX ? 2/ Last update Manuel I was looking about fresh information. What is the last Manuel version ? Still 7.9.1 ? Or having you newer version ? thank
  16. Hello, in fact I thought a lot about this alignment problem. In the facts : 6 projector on a bridge. And two of them are not aligned with others. 1 OK 2 OK. 3Wrong. 4 OK. 5 OK 6 Wrong As mentioned above on some console, this can be corrected to have 6 projectors when the values at 50%, the points of light are all in the right place. (Like Grandma ...) 1 OK 2 OK. 3 -2% tilt. 4 OK. 5 OK 6 + 1% Tilt everything becomes OK But in practice this implies that making a correction at the level of the tilt, when we go on the 6 projectors at + 50% or - 50%, the number 3 and 6 will have a more limited displacement in one direction and more important in the other direction. (Which is logical since the projectors are badly hooked) So this implies either to limit the other projectors so that everyone is aligned or accept the fact that the end of races will not be identical for all. But the advantage of such a correction at the level of ZERO OS and to be able to have in "home position" all the projectors aligned with each other and thus to have something clean. Question 1 : I see somewhere that we can use SETUP + Position (or Colour Or Beam, etc...) for coming different setting... Is it stil working on 7.9.4 ? Question 2 : "Edit Fixture" was also on 7.9.1, .... In 7.9.4, how can we find this different options ? thank for your help Eric
  17. Thank for your help. Just a other question when I using in (Setup, Clear Option ) "Reset Desk", is it clearing Time Programmer in Off ? thank
  18. That makes a lot of sense. I hadn't considered the fixture profile default settings. You suggest that these values can be changed? how would you do this? With the 7.9.5 OS, i have discovered that i can remove the "release" option when a fader is at 0. This prevents the default 100 values returning when the fader is down, however i still need to use a UDK to bring down the RGB values on startup or after programming a PB. Thanks for your reply Erics
  19. Hi Olly, I think that depends on the default fixtures values. In the normal fixture profiles it is programmend that all RGB Values are @ 100%. So when you select a fixture with a fader it will light up white when you moves the fader up. So the normal oparator do not have to select a color when he wants only light on stage. I don't like this behaver, so it is good that i can change the default values on the FLX S desks with ZerOs 7.9.5 now.
  20. First post, so please excuse the naivety... We have recently purchased an FLX for use in a educational performance space. My questions relates to the way the FLX has to be set up for LED RGB Colour mixing. Using the guides above i am able to make this work easily, but my questions is more about why this is necessary... Specifically, the need to use a latch button to ensure intensity is at 100 and the RGB channels are at 0 unless triggered by a programmed PB? For example, I have PB 1-3 recorded as Red, Green, or Blue for a set of LED pars. I have recorded just a single colour parameter (R, G,or B ) and intensity of the fixture to the PB and set the fader to allow for colour control. If i then select all of the fixtures, and bring manually bring down the RGB levels to 0 using the touch screen, I can mix RGB using the PB's. However as soon as a fader hits 0 (<5%) the colour assigned to that playback with defaults to 100. I understand that recording the colour values at 0, and the intensity at 100 to a UDK allows me to work around this, but why is this step necesary? Why do the colour parameters default to 100%? Sorry if this is a daft question. From exhaustive googling, i realise this seems to be t he only way to achieve this, but my mind keeps asking why... Kind Regards Olly
  21. Hi there, Thanks for your post. I am glad you are enjoying the Zero 88 consoles! Hopefully the below suggestions might help; Perhaps you could create your own Groups palettes with new names (like LED left hand side) for the non-technicians to use instead? This way they get to see the whole Group Name and you can double tap them to put them at 100%. To name a group, hold SETUP and tap the Group Palette. Traditionally, if I had to name individual dimmers, I would use short hand like CS for Centre Spot or DSL for DownStage Left. Otherwise I wouldn't name individual dimmers, just the bars they are on, for example, dimmers 1 through 6 named as Front Wash Bar Left to Right. That way you will see the whole Fixture Name for those lights. Do you mean the master level for the playback? In which case, to stop the cues from jumping back to the first cue (what we call releasing the cuestack), hold SETUP and press the playback GO button. Press Raise and Lower. Press Disable underneath Release on Lower. This will stop the fader from releasing the cuestack when you lower the fader. You can plug in an external USB keyboard into one of the FLX S24 USB ports and use the cursor arrows (left, right, up, down) and ENTER button to navigate the cue stack if you find it particularly tricky. This view is for quickly seeing lots of information or for using as touch-control faders on an iPad or android tablet. To see the details of the currents and upcoming cues, hold the VIEW button and press the playback GO button you wish to see. That will view the cue stack recorded on that particular playback fader. It becomes second-nature to hold VIEW and press a playback GO button to see all the important details. You could also combine this process with connecting an external monitor or our ZerOS monitor app for apple and android phones (using the ethernet port) and you will be able to see lots of different information at the same time. This is possible by using the Cue Stack icon (looks like a PLAY/PAUSE icon, next to the lightbulb icon) to see all this information, or use the hold VIEW+GO process mentioned above. You can also create Chases on any of the playbacks and then trigger those Chases from the Master Playback using the cue settings. Press Settings, press Macros, press Add next to Trigger Cue Stacks, select the Chase fader, press OK twice. ------ Apologies if I haven't exactly answered any of your questions, I struggled to understand all of your questions. Hope this finds you well! Thanks, Nate
  22. Hello, I m download 7.9.5 and see what news on ... Really interesting I prefer to wait and finish performance... But it s look good !
  23. Hello, Glad to see that new version is here. Questions : What news on for FLX ? I will finish my seasons and going on this new version on middle July. For a actual manual, have you news ? The last manual I find was for 7.9.1.... And some things are different between 7.9.1 and 7.9.4 Thank a lot Eric
  24. Last week
  25. Little thing I noticed on the DMX display on my FLX I'm probably the only person on the planet who has fixtures patched on U2 but not on U1. After upgrading to 7.9.5 and loading my saved show file I went off to play with remote switches and Midi notes. As I was working from home, with no physical rig to see if things were working, I switched to the DMX output screen. Imagine my dissapointment to find that not only was it displaying U1, there was no button to switch to U2. (I did read the release notes, I was expecting to see U2 and only U2.) You'll be pleased to hear that, by patching a single dimmer channel on U1, the U2 button appeared and I could see my outputs so anyone else affected should be able to use thatvwork-round.
  26. Hi Derek & Simon, Thanks for letting us know, we will take a look into this. Edward
  27. Hi Richard, No problem. If there’s anything we can do to help just let us know. All the best, Edward
  28. Hi Eric, Thanks for your feedback, that’s great to hear. All the best, Edward
  29. Hi both, Great glad that has solved the problem. It sounds as though the library file got removed somehow. We are continuing to investigate what may have caused this. Just from the last boot. If you have any queries let us know. Edward
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