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  4. Hi Rob, As Kevin says, choosing which playback you see in the Cues window, is a manual process of pressing and holding VIEW, and tapping the button of the playback you wish to view. This is to allow you to run cues on a playback, and temporarily overlay other lighting states from other playbacks without the cues window changing. Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  5. Hi Rob, Welcome! I'm not aware of a setting to allow this. Edward will be along in a moment to correct me or offer a different solution! Kevin
  6. Hi. I'm new to the FLX S48, so still getting used to what this system can do, but loving it. I have an external monitor attached and have a question regarding the Cues Playback window. When running a playback, the top window displays output of the lamps, as expected. The bottom window shows what cue is running, with fade times and cue stack (if programmed). Also as expected. My question is - when changing to another playback (ie. fade down MFF1 and fade up MFF2), the bottom window doesn't automatically update to the current selected playback. The only way I can change the display is to press and hold view and select the corresponding MFF button. Is there a way/setting so that the cue window automatically updates to the playback that has been selected? I hope this makes sense. Thanks Ciao Rob
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  8. Hi Per, Really glad to hear you’ve got this working. Thanks very much for letting us know the cause of the issue. I will bear this in mind for if anyone else has similar sounding issues in future. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  9. Thanks for all good suggestions; I worked a from "make sure the Iphone has got a proper connection to the network" My Iphone is primarly for business use, it has a VPN-client for working on unsecure wifi in airports and hotels. After disabling VPN-functionality on the Iphone, the connection to the FLX S48 is fine. So, it my bad, and again thanks for the help, it pointed me in the right direction. Per
  10. Hi Per, Thanks for the information and screen shots. Thanks for confirming, yes looks like the iPhone is correctly on the network then. The main reasons you may encounter this "Desk connection failed" error are conflicting IP address, poor network bandwidth, or almost out of range from your access point. However from your description, it sounds like these issues aren't present in your set up, and something else may be going on. To confirm the network status on your console, tap Z/Shift -> System Information -> Network Overview. Are you able to connect a PC to the network, and run ZerOS Remote Monitor to see if you can connect to the console? ZerOS Remote Monitor is available from the website below... https://zero88.com/zeros#download Thanks David for your suggestions here too. The thread David is mentioning can be found below... It is worth mentioning, most routers won't default to such a low DHCP lease time, so this shouldn't be an issue. And even if they do, most routers will build up a DHCP table, with a list of which IP address has been allocated to which discovered MAC address, and as a general rule will try and keep to this allocation even after leases expire, and devices drop in and out. This would be known as a MAC address reservation, where the DHCP server sees a MAC address and always assigns it a given IP address. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  11. Until Z88 come back with a better answer, try checking the lease time in the router, make it as long as possible (see last few entries in the old topic "Control Beamshape Parameter with Fader" By martin-144, March 1 in FLX). You may even find a setting that forces the router to give the desk the same I/P address every time it connects (this is still DHCP but more predictable) and that would also be worth a try.
  12. Thanks. The network has DHCP, and is just 3 units; the router, FLX S48 and my Iphone. And as the name of the console "Scene1" with IP-adresse is showing, I'm expecting the phone and console to be in contact. The ip of the phone is (router is The phone connection to the network enables me to open the config-page of the router, so I beleive the phone should be correctly connected.
  13. Hi Per, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. From your screen shot, the WiFi symbol is not displaying top right of your iPhone. Are you sure you are correctly connected to the WiFi network? If you are using a router/access point with DHCP capabilities, I would recommend setting your console and phone to DHCP. Your phone will use DHCP by default. Please ensure there are no other devices with static IPs on the network, that may have a conflicting IP address. Hope this helps, let me know how you get on. Edward
  14. I've got a similar problem, but on an Iphone. Both remote and monitor apps give med the same error, "Desk Connection Failed" I've tried with and without password, I've tried to change the DHCP-range. Any suggestions? Console software 7.9.7, Zeros Remote version Per
  15. Hi Peter, I have deleted your post in the General Discussion, to keep all information in one place: Have you followed Keith's advice above? Cheers, Edward
  16. KWR88

    Jester reset

    Hi Peter, Try checking the contact on the battery holder itself. There is a contact in the base that can become tarnished so does not give a good connection. it can also become bent down so does not make contact. Gently bend this slightly may help. PM me on the address below with the serial number I can work out what version of hardware the desk is running.
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    Jester reset

    Yes, I put another fresh battery in. Checked polarity. Reset desk again. But error 003 still keeps showing on restart.
  19. Hi DALX, No, FLX S24 does not have this functionality currently. Fixtures can be viewed in the Output window, or the Faders window, in order of fixture number. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  20. Does the FLX S24 have a Magic Screen feature that allows you to rearrange icons on the screen to match the stage layout ?
  21. Hello So French version continue to evolve. (Errors correction, Texts addition and, Images additions / modifications for helping news users) Even if for the moment it is not yet perfect, in any case, I continue to develop the different sections over the versions. The idea being to be able to best help users who do not know too much about the ZerOS environment and who start on an FLX. The most complicated for me being to keep the pages as on the English version to allow any user to be able to compare the two versions in case of doubt, or translation error on my part. A good day to everyone. this manual is available at Zero88 as well as at Axente France. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonjour, la traduction du manuel continuer a évoluer. (correction d'erreurs, ajouts de textes et conseils, ajouts ou modifications d'images.) Meme si pour l'instant elle n'est pas encore parfaite, en tous les cas, je continue de faire evoluer les différentes sections au fil des versions. L'idée etant de pouvoir aider au mieux des utilisateurs qui ne connaissent pas trop l'environement ZerOS et qui demarent sur une FLX. Le plus compliqué pour moi etant de conserver les pages comme sur la version anglaise pour permettre à tout utilisateur de pouvoir comparer les deux versions en cas de doute, ou d'erreur de traduction de ma part. Une bonne journée a tous. le manuel est accessible chez Zero88 ainsi que chez Axente.
  22. Hi Peter, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Can you confirm the replacement battery was a fresh new one? Did you ensure you observed polarity and inserted the battery the correct way round? After replacing the battery, and then resetting the desk, the error message should clear on the next reboot. Edward
  23. My jester desk has been in storage for some time. On restarting error 003 is displayed on the screen. I have replaced the internal battery ( 2032 disc ) and reset the desk to factory settings in super user mode. However, on restarting again the error code is displayed again. Any ideas?
  24. Hello, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. So rather than mixing the two lighting states together, you’d like to add one and it replace the other? There are a few ways of doing this. I think if it was me, rather than having your separate lighting states on faders, if you never want to mix them together, instead record them as separate cues in a single playback. That way once you have recorded the lighting states you need onto a playback, hold MEMORIES and tap the playback’s button, and you can then tap on the cue you want in the Cues window, and tap the playback’s button to go to it. I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  25. Timeline 1.mp4 Dear Sir/Madam, I keep running into the problem when I go to the next playback there's an overflow between the two playbacks. I don't want this but I want the other cue ready and without overflow. Can someone help me with this? See the video for what I mean between the cues. kind regards, som123
  26. Hi Nick, Thanks for your comments. Our priority is, and always has been, developing the console software and our remote apps. That's how we develop features such as award winning RigSync, patented colour interfaces, Apple Watch focus tool, and many more. We know a relatively low (but growing) percentage of our userbase use Phantom ZerOS. Those people who do use it, presumably do so because they find some use from it. I'd say that the displays, touch emulation, tracking backup etc all work very well, but that it's the front panel controls that are a little more tricky. We've spent some time working on improvements here... in the next software update we're adding a whole host of keyboard shortcuts, replicating every front panel button of FLX & FLX S (plus many more). We're already using these during remote training courses over lockdown and have found operators no longer need to use the front panel window of Phantom ZerOS (apart from fader movements) - dramatically speeding up their workflow. We've found these shortcuts a great improve to the experience - they seem to solve the number one complaint about Phantom ZerOS - so we're looking forward to releasing!
  27. This offline program really is dreadful!! Defiantly not intended for the professional market no? Chamsys/MA/Avo/ETC....even freestyler, all have amazing offline platforms. Guys how can you get this so wrong?
  28. Hello, So I remember with the older firmware, 7.9.4 having also problems to connect my previous T1731SR-B on FLX. after starting a new show having often problems to connect my monitor. But after this fist part (started new show) all the problems were solved. but once set off for a new show, it is often difficult to calibrate the screen. With 7.9.7 having no problems. So now I change for a bigger Monitor with multitouch. (Also forgetting "Update" option for exemple...)
  29. Hello, French manual version is still progressing. I did some texte and picture amelioration, for giving more help for Frenchs users which need help and that are not having a good understanding. take care Eric Bonjour, la version Française avance bien. Je continus à améliorer les différents parties de cette notice avec l'ajout de quelques petites choses cotés texte et image, histoire d'aider les français qui ont du mal a bien comprendre l'anglais. Si vous avez besoin du manuel, n'hésitez pas à demander à Zero88, ou bien me laisser un message ou encore de demander à l'importateur Français Axente. Une bonne journée à tous Eric
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