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  2. Oh must be a play by Brecht then 😲😂
  3. This might be a bit too esoteric to be helpful for anyone else , but I'm finding this useful for a certain song from a musical about a multicoloured coat we're working towards just now... 😁
  4. I had exactly the same issue today with the same fixture. ULTRA HEX BAR 12. The 36 channel mode comes with the latest library and should work if included from the ZERO people ? If any other way is needed to use 36 chans the 36 chan mode is useless to include in the lib...or is it me thinking wrong here ??
  5. Looks like the Park video is missing from this thread then. ETA WAS! Edward just added it! Ta!
  6. Just checked on Twitter and YouTube and it’s working for me. Edward
  7. Oh.. I'll try that tomorrow. Our school has got 4 brand new Cameo Auro Spot Z300 Thank you very much :-)
  8. You’re doing one better than me Chris, I don’t even see the Park video! The last I see is Home.
  9. The Park video has no sound, tried on a couple of devices
  10. And also effectively how we worked in the "old days" with a manual preset desk - executing the cue was by moving a number of master (or group) faders from max to min, so the "down" time for lights in cue (n-1) was enacted by the speed we moved the outgoing scene fader from max to min when enacting cue n. Similarly the "up" time was for the incoming cue n.
  11. Hello, For more information on MIDI implementation, see below... http://support.zero88.com/990063141 If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  12. Hi Hans, The way FLX handles cue fade times is the same way that Jesters work, with the down time effecting any fixtures fading out when go is pressed, not the speed of the previous lighting state to “fade out”. As far as I’m aware this is how all lighting console cue fades work. Edward
  13. Hi Neil, Oh dear sorry to hear this. ASCII Show files are show file formats that some lighting consoles from different manufacturers can export, which ZerOS can then load in. For example you could export a show from an ETC Ion and load it in to ZerOS. Edward
  14. Hi, there are possibility on midi and midi timecode implementation. Thank you
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hi Hans, I think you misunderstood. We are doing 2 shows per year, with 4-5 performances per week. If you want further information, please contact me per PM. And yes, we use *Shure* Mics. Thanks, Martin
  17. @ Martin: Good to know, that tere is somebody around! You do up to 5 five shows a *year*?? shure? What about the rest of the year? Is it your own FLX or rental? Greets from Muenchen 🙂 Hans
  18. Uh, that's crazy! I will try to keep that in my mind... It's weired for me, because in my eyes every cue (=scene) should have it's fade-up and down time stored within. That's the way, theatre people think... in Jester it worked like this. cheers! Hans
  19. That's a real shame. Basically I programmed a load of cues in a show and then realised I'd loaded the wrong show Coincidentally I spotted this in the release notes for 7.9.6 - "ASCII showfile importing". What does that do?
  20. Hi Hans, That is correct. Don’t think of it as cues fading in/ fading out, think about what the fixtures do when you press GO. For example when you go into cue 2, any lights that have to fade down, use the down time of the cue 2. It therefore doesn’t matter if you run the cue list out of order. The fade down time of cue 1 would only be used if you went from a cue back to cue 1, and fixtures had to lower in intensity. Hope this helps, Edward
  21. Edward, this is the way I expected the fades to work. in my example (screenshot!) cue #1 has no fade in or fade out. when I go to cue #2, it fades in in 10 seconds (as expected) BUT: cue #1 fades out in 3 sec. Did I get anything wrong? Have a nice weekend! Hans
  22. Bonjour, Snapshot inclut une valeur pour chaque lumière. Cela empêchera donc Move on Dark de fonctionner et entraînera des problèmes lors de la tentative de mixage avec d'autres lectures. Si vous avez des questions, laissez-nous savoir. Hello, Snapshot includes a value for every single light. This will therefore stop Move on Dark from working, and will cause problems when trying to mix with other playbacks. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  23. Hello, Had you clicked OK on the fixture you were editing before saving? If not the changes won’t be saved since you last time you clicked ok on the fixture properties. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  24. Hi Dirk, Sorry to hear this. Thank you for your detailed description. Please could you email support@zero88.com with a copy of your show file that shows this issue. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
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