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  2. Cue 4 to 5 happen 10 pages apart. The problem shows itself from 13 to 13.5. Tonight is the last performance so won't be able to check it out for some time now. Thanks for looking at it and I'll get back to you at some point.
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  4. Ah - I might have found the issue - am I right in thinking that the desk uses percentages (0-100%) but the fixture editor goes by absolute values? So if it's a 16bit pan and tile 60 and 50 are very close to the start points anyway - should I be using 43690 for the pan and 32768 for the fixture profile?
  5. Hello, I am still quite new to programming the Solution so forgive me if this is a basic error, but I can't find the answer in the manual. I have a number of very small moving head wash lights (Orbit-70 from Gear4music) - they're not spectacular but they are cheap enough that I can buy 12! I have created a fixture for them using fixture tools - because they have 180degree tilt and 270degree pan I have set the default home positions in the fixture profile to 50 and 66 - so that they point vertically downwards when you press 'home.' However, this didn't seem to transfer when I loaded the fixture profile into the desk with the USB stick. They were going to 0,0 whenever I pressed 'home.' I did then edit the home position on the desk (I couldn't find the 'edit fixtures' setting mentioned in the manual, but I am running 9.4 software) but I did find a way to change it, and now the fixtures go to the correct place (50,66) when I press home. However, I've created a number of cues using these lights and saved to a submaster/cue stack, and when I pull the fader back to zero, the movers go back to 0,0. They go back to the correct place when I raise the fader again, but of course the light comes on too and sweeps across the stage which looks terrible! Am I doing something wrong, or is the a bug? it's the first time I've created a fixture profile with the tools and I think I've done it correctly, but would be grateful for any advice? I'll try and attach the fixture profile file in another message.
  6. Hi Jimbo, I have loaded your show file into Phantom ZerOS and have taken a look. I can't seem to recreate the issue you are seeing. I have gone into cue 5 from cue 4, and also cue 13.5 from cue 13, and the 5 min cross fade runs correctly. Adding in Auto After or Auto With triggers on cues 4 or 13.5 also results in a smooth crossfade running from the previous cue, without the whole stage going dark. Could you confirm it is these cues? Edward
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  8. Hi Samuel, All FLX S24 consoles have a limit of 48 fixtures (FLX S48 consoles have a limit of 96 fixtures). A fixture is a “physical device” - an LED unit, a moving light, a smoke machine, etc. 1U consoles also have a limit of 512 DMX channels. That means, if you wanted to patch 48 moving lights, each one could only take up approx 10 DMX channels each before you run out - which is not very many by today’s standards. However, it’s usually not a problem as most people only want to patch a handful of moving lights, and the rest are LEDs, dimmers etc (which usually only take up a few DMX channels each, freeing up the rest for “larger” moving lights). A 2U console doubles the number of DMX channels available (to 1024), meaning each moving light can now take up 21 DMX channels each (there is still the same limit of 48 physical devices). You can choose to purchase either a 1U or a 2U console. If you choose the 1U console, you can upgrade it online at any time - zero88.com/upgrade - the current cost is £250+VAT Hope this helps? Feel free to ask more questions!
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  10. It coast £300. Hear you can find an Introduction about it https://zero88.com/manuals/universe-upgrade-instructions.pdf And yes, you can purchase also directly one with 2 universes. That is cheaper. At the end of the product site are the different order codes https://zero88.com/products/consoles/flxs/index.shtml By patching your fixtures you can choose not only the DMX channel, you can also change the Universe. So you are couplet flexible.
  11. Hi I am interested in purchasing a FLX S24 but I have some questions, I have learned that you can upgrade to enable 2 universes how much does this cost or can I purchase one with 2 universes already? if I have 2 universes available how would I access the channels on universe 2?
  12. show file attached. It's the second fade cue that's the problem. (There is a long wait before the 1st fade goes) Moonlight.isf
  13. Hi Piero, Hold SETUP and tap COLOUR, and choose RGB. Hope this helps, Edward
  14. Hi, I’ve got the same problem on a Zero 88 solution, by default is using CMY and I want RGB, how to change it?
  15. Hello, Yes a copy of your show file may be handy to take a look at what is going on. From the picture it shows all except fixture 3 displayed in yellow. This means their intensity is being controlled by a UDK, they are Highlighted, or their intensity default values have been changed. More on Output Window colours can be found here... http://support.zero88.com/1011707591 UDK data and playback data will be mixed HTP, and therefore as they are at 100% this will be output. All the best, Edward
  16. Hi Edward, nothing is set to inhibit. By playing around some more my playback 2 seems to be working okay now by having the various playbacks set to LTP catch. In other settings, it doesn’t play the intensity changes. regarding playback 1, even by updating the playback or saving it as a snapshot, it still only seems to operate the single fixture. I’ve attached an image of the output window. would a show file benefit? I can hunt down a USB stick if so. thanks
  17. Hello, Is there another playback set to Inhibit these fixtures? If so this will be causing you problems unless it is raised to full. Were the other fixture's intensities sourced from another Playback, if so ensure SmartTag is enabled and try updating the playback. Feel free to send us a copy of your show file to support@zero88.com, and one of the team will be able to take a look. Edward
  18. Hi both, sorry for the delay in response, I didn’t get the opportunity to try these things out on Friday. so, having read the articles and tried different settings with smart tagging and intensity mixing, I am facing the following; i have 2 playbacks; one which is aimed to be all lights 100% intensity and a single colour temp. However, this playback only seems to be actioned on a single light fixture, none of the others change, even if I select them all when I record the cue. the second playback is designed as a test with multiple cues, aiming to get the sky panels to change colour and the space lights to dim to 0% intensity. I have tried different tagging and intensity mixing options - this playback only cues the intensity changes when set to inhibit, not in any other mode, even if playback 1 is not active. i am confused here primarily about; - why is the playback 1 only playing back on fixture 3 but none of the others? - why is playback 2 not playing the intensity changes unless in inhibit, which leads to its other issues with intensity mixing in channel mode etc. thanks
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  20. Hi Eric, Great, thanks for letting us know. One of the team will take a look shortly. Edward
  21. Hello, Kevin has linked to some really helpful articles, which should hopefully point you in the right direction. As Kevin has mentioned, this sounds like some configuration in Playback Settings is causing you these issues. In the majority of cases, you should be able to leave the playback settings in their defaults and the console will work as expected. To manually Release a playback and stop it running, you can hold CLEAR and tap its button. The console should automatically release the playback when you lower the fader. If not, in the playback settings under Raise & Lower, Release on Lower has been disabled. This sounds like the Intensity Mixing of your playback has been changed to Inhibit. Again, another instance of Inhibit. You may find the article below useful, which discusses Inhibit... http://support.zero88.com/1077997011 Potentially you have disabled Trigger on Raise, meaning the playback won't run when the fader is raised? Hope this helps, you are welcome to email a copy of your show file to support@zero88.com, and one of the team will be able to take a look and talk you through what may be causing the issues. If you have any queries let me know. Edward
  22. Hello I send you my show on support Email. Have a good day Eric
  23. Almost certainly comes down to what has been recorded when you programmed the playback. Have a look into SmartTag - will record channels which changed since the last state, other channels will track I.e. keep doing what they were doing before). For the chase, have a look into triggering and releasing playbacks with macros from another cue stack, is that maybe what you're after? I'll try to dig out some links to other Forum posts that cover this better and Edit this post in a minute. When Edward comes on line later he'll give you a full and complete explanation much better than me! Hope some of these help: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/1014413041/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-faders-FLX-Series.htm http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1014189311/What-is-Tagging.htm http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1011587771/How-do-I-manually-Release-a-Playback.htm
  24. Hi, have been doing some learning on the FLX desk using the support videos and so on, with the aim of just programming in a random test show. I’ve stumbled across a few things that I can’t work out. - when I play a playback, especially as a chase, how can I stop that playback mid cycle? The only way I seem to be able to do so is by bringing the fader to 0, but that acts more to reduce intensity. The cues continue to play. - after programming playbacks, if I go back to channel control, the light intensity will not change if a playback intensity has been left on 0. - reducing other playback sliders to 0 will also reduce all lights to 0 regardless of other playbacks running. - for intensity mixing, I seem to have to set it to inhibit in playback settings for the playback to run at all - if I don’t do this, cues don’t play and the lights all stay at 100% intensity and no colour changes. Using HTP/LTP/LTP Catch doesn’t seem to change this. i followed through the YouTube videos, but perhaps I am setting up a playback wrong to start with. Once recording a cues it seems to take a whole bunch of fiddling to get them to actually play back. rig is using skypanels and space force leds. thanks
  25. Hello, Great ok thanks for letting me know. (You seemed to have created a duplicate post which I have deleted.) Edward
  26. Thanks. I'm next at the theatre on Monday & will grab the show file then.
  27. Hello, Interesting, can’t think of any reason this may be happening. Please could you attach your show file the problem is present in, and list the cues that are causing the issue? All the best, Edward
  28. Hello, Great, thank you for confirming your software version. Yes, the file attached to your post is a debug file, file extension .zdb. Please send this to support@zero88.com with as much information on when the crash happened, and if you think anything may have caused it. Many thanks, Edward
  29. I have a cue with general stage lighting plus a set of led bars simulating early morning. The next cue is a cross fade to bright morning on the led bars over 5 minutes. Done manually on the go button the stage stays up and the led bars crossfade colours. Done automatically the whole stage goes dark and comes back over the 5 minutes with the colour fade. Any ideas?
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