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  2. Hi Peter, Even if RDM was enabled, this wouldn't unpatch a fixture. As a side note, the newer Chilli dimmers are RDM enabled. I don't see any reason why this fixture would unpatch itself. If it happens again, please save and send the show file again with the fixture still unpatched. Edward
  3. Last week
  4. Hi Edward No, I certainly came out of setup after patching - remember this has happened twice now, once when I had been doing patching, then a few days (and rehearsals) later. We haven't added any fixtures since 35 (36 was going to be smoke but we abandoned that) and all other fixtures were already patched and set. We have RDM turned off as our Robe 600's don't like it. Fixture 35 is a dimmer channel on a Chilli 2410 pack (we've two making 48 channels) so no RDM either. Peter
  5. Hi Mil, The playback fader will scale the Speed and Size of the effect, from 0, at the bottom of the playback fader’s travel, to the programmed value at the top of the playback’s travel. For more information, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1011405471 Hope this helps, Edward
  6. Thank you very much. I'll try this later. You say the fader will then control speed and size but how does that work? Is it merged together or is it speed at the lower half and size at the upper half of the fader? Mil
  7. Hi Mil, There are a few options to do this. The simplest, is recording an effect to a playback, and in the playback settings enabling Fader Controls Effect. With fader controls effect, the fader will scale the fixture’s intensity, and the speed and size of the effect. If you wished, you could have the intensity of the fixtures controlled with a separate fader, so this fader is just the speed and size. If you wish to adjust the speed of the effect separately, you can do this with speed override. Speed override can be found on the second encoder wheel when you press Z/Shift, and can be used to speed up/slow down effects running on the currently viewed playback. To view a playback, press and hold VIEW and tap the playback button. Hope this helps, Edward
  8. Hi all, I was playing around with my desk some more and I couldn't quite figure this out. Is it possible and how would I do it to have one fader work as dimmer, one for the speed of a or all effects and one for the size of a or all effects. When I say a or all I mean change the speed and size for a specific effect or set it up so it changes the speed and size for all effects IF available. Thanks in advance Mil
  9. Kay

    Channel unpatching itself

    "Automatic" and "patching (unpatching)" sounds like RDM to me. Maybe it is turned on and does some silly things? Just an idea.
  10. Hi Eric, Really sorry to hear this. I have replied to your email to Zero 88 Support. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  11. Hello since I received the FLX of repair (Party of your loaux) and which seemed repaired, I had not had spectacle nor had the occasion to be able to try it in situation. I had just turned it on with the use of the internal screen and only with 1 wing. And everything seemed fine. I thought everything was working without worries. Being in a show this weekend, I wanted to connect the external touch screen, (the one you recommend) I could not calibrate it so impossible to be able to use it in touch ... In fact sometimes I manage to make a cross to touch, sometimes two crosses to touch, sometimes, Three but impossible to be able to draw the screen. What poses another concern is the access to the playlist "MAster playback" to modify the fades in and fade out ... Wing 1 OK Wing 2 Problems But the second concern is on the side of wings 2, where the display of pages is bumpy, and where the button for choosing "channels / playback" does not work and the leds of certain chanels remain lit whatever do. Given the short time I have left I only had time to try other USB sockets .... But nothing else ... The rehearsals arriving this evening I try to manage by wishing that other Bugs do not arrive. I tried to go from version 7.9.7 to 7.9.6 which is the version that you had installed when the FLX was at your home in repair, and I said to myself that maybe some things could have caused problems in the last update. In view of the number of shows arriving in the coming weeks, I am really very upset, because playing with two wings, without a functional touch screen !!! the ideal being bought another functional FLX ... But the price is there ... Thanks for your help PS sorry I can't access my emails from here ...
  12. Hi Peter, The only thing I could think happened, is that you patched fixture 35 in the Fixture Schedule, focused whilst still in the Fixture Schedule, and then switched the console off. Setup settings and patch will not be saved continuously whilst you're in Setup, hence why you see the save text when you exit Setup as all your changes are saved. Could this be what you did? Could you have edited another fixture's address to conflict with fixture 35? If so you will have received a warning, where if you had pressed "Patch Anyway", the console will have removed fixture 35's DMX address. I noticed fixture 36 is also unpatched, so perhaps the same happened to this fixture? Edward
  13. Howartp

    Tracking for idiots

    What are these terms of which you speak...? Let's get diaries together.
  14. Evening! I patched in our back line of halogens a fortnight ago, desk channel 35, DMX channel 26. They were working all night whilst I focussed. The next night, @robhurt came to program and the halogens weren't working - channel 35 was still patched as a dimmer fixture but with no DMX assignment. We patched back in and continued. Rob has saved to his USB stick every night after programming or rehearsals. Tonight we've come to run a rehearsal and the DMX assignment is missing again... Attached is last night's saved file. Thoughts? Peter Red Riding Hood 2020.isf
  15. Just to bring this to a conclusion, the console was not at fault. The problem lay within a powered USB hub that I was using with the desk. Although it had good reviews when I purchased it, subsequently people had a lot of issues with it. Using a passive hub brought no recurrence of the problem.
  16. Hello, The Cue List can be viewed on the bottom half of the "Cues" external desktop. There is no way of configuring the cue list window to be full screen on the external monitor. Edward
  17. How do I display the cue stack full screen on an external monitor? My playback stack is on the master "Go" button. At the moment its displayed on the bottom half of the screen with the channel output levels on the top half.
  18. Just got an email for your above post on this thread, but a different cause: "Prefer to stop receiving these emails? Adjust your notification preferences." So that one must have come about from one of the email prefs I changed. Oh and the bl**dy bell now! I bet Peter is getting lots of spam now with the same settings!
  19. It's started... just got "Patching without a monitor?" update email... However the quoted reason is "You are receiving this email because you are following Edward- Z88" rather than it being triggered by following or contributing. And just got a "bell" notification. It never rains...! (Just checked, I've not contributed to that thread, although I've been reading it.)
  20. Hi Claire, Have you saved a new stick on the USB stick from the console? Have you been able to try a different USB stick? Sometimes Jesters didn't like larger USB sticks - see if you can try a 1GB - 8GB stick. Edward
  21. OK as many boxes as I can area ticked. There are 8 selections that are greyed out "Administrator has inhibited this feature". I'm the same as Peter now with the addition of a tick in "Show popup window when I receive a new personal message". Spam folder at the ready...!!!
  22. Neither (yet). But that could be my Notification setup looking earlier, I don't think I'm enabled for quotes. I'll go and change that now. I already have the two "Automatically follow" settings like Peter has above which you would think would generate some email traffic. Last email I got was from Oli's post on his fader problem. This is an FLX Forum post, and I follow that Forum. But there are plenty more posts there than I get emails for. Before then, "ZerOS7.9.7 Release" (December). Before then a post on "Understanding Smart Tag" (also Dec), before then a post on "New firmware and global bpm" (November), before then "Programming Additional Movers" (October) and before that "ZerOS 7.9.6 Released" (September). So pretty random and about one a month then (2 in December, none in January!), and we both know there is a lot more traffic than that on the Forum that I'm likely to be interested in. If the latest Forum software is supposed to be reliable then it could be my settings (probably close to default). Certainly in the past it's been "good for nuthin'" ! ...and they aren't going into spam, I do get them when they come! ...oh but I do get "everything" in the Forum notification - the bell icon at the top gets a red dot when you quote me.
  23. Hi, I have saved it on a new usb and still seeing the same number of cues here's a picture showing the memories end at 37 in phantom jester but the desk is programmed upto 122?
  24. Hi both, No it isn't, we will have to look at this. @kgallen - Do you get notifications when I tag you like this? Or if I quote you like this?! Or is it seemingly just random? Edward
  25. At least it's not me only. I like to be able to ask for email notification, especially in forums I do not closely follow. I don't have the time to browse through forums trying to find out if there is new content of interest. Getting an email is very useful to remember me "hey, there might be someting interesting to read". But for this it must be reliable. Regards Peter
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