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  2. Hello, I sent some mails (Keith Rogers, Edward Smith...) to know where was my console FLX, that I sent at the end of July in repair? To know if it was and to have a idea of return time ... But I have no answers .... Thanks for your help Eric
  3. same here. when can we expect the updated manuals? "later this week" ?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi Steve, Just to confirm, what console is this on? What software version were you running previously before updating? I would recommend doing a fresh install of ZerOS 7.9.5, using the instructions available here... http://support.zero88.com/1518910761 Once ZerOS 7.9.5 is freshly installed, you should find new effects are available when you press the "Auto Create Effects" button. If loading in the show file into the freshly installed software is still causing issues, please send us a copy of your show file to support@zero88.com, and one of the team will take a look to see what may be causing the issues. Hope this helps, Edward
  6. Thanks for that Edward, Just what I needed. NEW issue/bug maybe?: All of our previously saved effects pallets (and subs) no longer work and hitting "create effects automatically" button just deletes all old palettes and leaves us with nothing (not that the older ones work anyway) 1) Do we have to rebuild everything from scratch? 2) Why are our old palettes/subs not working? Again TIA
  7. Hi Steve, For information on setting Max Level and fixture Defaults, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1011707631 Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  8. Hello, Can anyone tell me where to find the "Top set" and "default" windows for fixtures on the desk now please? I can find them since we updated to the latest software. TIA Steve
  9. Last week
  10. Hi Marco, We have received your support email regarding this, so will continue over email. If you have any questions just let us know. Edward
  11. Hi Marco, Please email support@zero88.com with this description, and we'll be able to advise on what the cause of the issue is. Edward
  12. I've the same problem...from Italy... Keith may you help me please?
  13. Hi. I've the same problem. When I boot the consolle all the led flash but after no work. External monitor says no connection, and on board monitor say zero88.com/support ecc ecc. Anyone could help me...? Thanks
  14. Hi Paul, No problem - let us know if there's anything else we can help with. Edward
  15. I suspect that's it ... it's Monday morning. I steered away from the USB creator download as I assumed I didn't need that. I guess I wasn't expecting the Phantom link to be among the options. Thanks
  16. Hi Paul, Just to double check, the software installation application to be loaded into the console is "ZerOS OS Creator USB - v7.9.5 17-5-2019 MD.exe". If you are running ZerOS 7.9.4 you will be able to tap SETUP -> Load File, and choose this file and load it in. Also available with the ZerOS 7.9.5 download is Phantom ZerOS 7.9.5. This is not the console software - this is the offline editor. If you try loading this into the console you will receive the error you described. Hope this helps and solves the issue. Edward
  17. Hi, I am currently running 7.9.4 on an Orb desk and wish to upgrade to 7.9.5. Previously I have used the USB tool to prepare an upgrade but this time I should be able to upgrade using the load file in setup. I have extracted the 7.9.5 exe to a USB stick and I can see the file and select it within the load file screen. Initially I get the 2 confirmation screens that I am about to upgrade the OS which will delete all settings, but when I click on OK to both screens I am presented with a screen with the message 'File does not contain an upgrade package'. I didn't see a separate download for an upgrade install - have I missed something or is something else wrong ? Many thanks Paul
  18. Earlier
  19. Hi Edward Thank you :), I hope you are well too I like the idea of having standard files for each place! All best Thibault
  20. Hi Thibault, Hope you're well, really glad to hear you have a FLX S48 on the way. Yes your best option for this is to use different show files for each venue. You could build each show file using a standard file if you wish - and simply change your fixtures for each venue. Edward
  21. Bonjour, i’m waiting for my FLX S48 1U to come :) I plan to use it in 2 different concert halls with very different lighting equipment I believe the only way to handle this is through saving / charging shows on usb keys. If you have another idea, let me know Cheers to Z88 team I used to work for... some ages ago Thibault
  22. Requesting new fixture profiles To requests new fixtures, please email us, ensuring you supply full details of the fixture (Make, Model, Mode) and a download link to the Operating Manual. FixtureSupport@Zero88.com
  23. Hi II work with Solution I need fixtures for Ignition Strip Blinder X . Im using in mode DMX 10 channel https://images.thomann.de/pics/atg/atgdata/document/manual/319794_c_319794_de_online.pdf and Cameo CLPFLATPRO18. I using in mode 3-CHANNEL MODE 2 https://www.cameolight.com/fr/solutions/prestataires/eclairage-statique/projecteurs-a-par/2295/p-flat-pro-18?c=2008#detail-downloads Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance Roger
  24. Hi Walid, If you wish to communicate with Light Converse, you'll need to route your lighting data to the PC's loopback IP address, which is It will be one of the IP options on Phantom for each protocol. I believe Light Converse will be listening on this IP, however you may need to manually change this in Light Converse. Only use one of the protocols to communicate with Light Converse, and disable the rest. It doesn't matter which protocol you use from Phantom's point of view - I'm not sure whether Light Converse recommend a protocol in particular. Hope this helps, if you have any questions just let us know. Edward
  25. Hi, I'm trying to connect phantom with my light converse L8 (Visualize only) but I can't although taking the procedures below: 1- I patched 5 Arri L7 on both using Artnet DMX input. 2- Phantom Set up - Universal - DMX (Enabled) 3- Phantom Set up - Universal - streaming ACN (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop. 4- Phantom Set up - Universal Artnet 4 - Light converse integration (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop 5- Phantom Set up - Universal CITP (Capture) (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop. 6- Desk Universal 1 - output 1 - Rigsync disabled - streaming ACN univ 1 - default priority - Artnet univer 1 - CITP univ 0. note: there's no signal on the universal Net 1 on Light converse. Please advice. Thanks Regards Walid B
  26. Jon Hole


    Yes you can - in the same way you’d type “RECORD x GO” or “DELETE x GO”, with x being the cue number and GO being the button of the Playback, you do the same for COPY. So press COPY, type the source (“from”) cue number, and press the playback button, and then type the destination (“to”) cue number, and press the playback button. You can also copy whole Playbacks in just three button presses (COPY GO GO - with the first GO being the source and the second being the destination). Lots of people (including me) use this as a method of creating a “backup” of the stack before doing something which might not work (for example, during Edinburgh Fringe this year, we used Phantom to turn an ETC EOS showfile with approx 80 cues into a ZerOS showfile with over 200 cues by copying, updating, inserting etc, so at regular intervals I copied the Master Playback to other empty playbacks. Also worth remembering you can use THRU and AND when copying cues. You only need to define a single cue in the destination - any point cues or numerical gaps etc will automatically be included in the new destination cues
  27. kgallen


    If I remember correctly I think that came in 7.9.4. 🤔
  28. SimonH


    That's a shame. I always save my show file but might make a few changes as the show is running. Too much of a faff to save after every change. Can you copy cues between different playbacks?
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