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  2. Hi Jon and Edward, (Sorry for the delay. Crazy busy.) This features would be highly highly desired, so please look into including that into the next release. As I said, this is especially for emergency quick connect to remote consoles. We have ~7x FLX S's located on different sub-nets, which physically translates to different buildings and/or venues in a large educational institution. IP addresses: (eg) (Gateway = (Gateway = (Gateway = ... etc. ie:- "10 . Building# . AV_Net . FLX_IP_Address_in_that_venue" Subnet Mask are for all buildings. Since the remote monitoring or controlling computer could be anywhere, including not on the same subnet, there will never be more than one FLX automatically populated on the list, if any. So a "saved list" of IP's and passwords would be incredibly advantageous from a customer support perspective. Thanks again in advance. Matthew
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  4. Congratulations! I hope you achieved what you were aiming for! Kevin
  5. Hi Kevin, I have completed my degree, however Jon and I are both out of the office at the moment so our replies have been a little delayed. Many thanks for the information and investigation into this. I will take a look at this issue further when I have a physical console in front of me. All the best, Edward
  6. I don't believe so. ABTT was the other week. I think they're just hiding this week. Edward is maybe busy at Uni.
  7. Yeah, same I'm I right in thinking they're away at some show at the moment?
  8. It's ok i change "flash" to "go" with "setup + go"
  9. hello, with the update of the XL solution the "go" button does not work on my master playback!
  10. Hmm bit of a smoking gun there it seems - existing data works as expected, but the latest version (at least 7.9.5) is not internally populating the database correctly from what the UI is telling us. Especially keen to here back from Z88 now on what their take on this is.
  11. Thanks Kevin. Reading your post does make me think we share a similar problem i.e. parameters getting recording into cues (or elsewhere) when they shouldn't be (or shouldn't be expected to be). I've got an even weirder discovery from this morning. I loaded quite an old show that I knew had working submasters (that work ontop of other cues). Once the OS had converted the old show (from back when submasters were submasters), the converted Playbacks actually work as expected (for example, I have several that just set the colour of all the movers to a single colour, red, blue, green etc. and these work fine without affecting position, effects etc.) but if I try to program the same Playback from scratch they don't work and instead seem to contain position/effects information too where I don't want it.
  12. OK, interesting. I wonder if your example is an extension to a similar problem I've been having with recording palettes. What you report looks good. Zero88 chaps need to take a look at your situation too then...
  13. OK just checked. When I set the movers position and press record, the default options are "'Tagged Parameters" and then "Intensity" and "Position" (these are marked red, the rest are marked blue). When I then set the movers colour and press record the save options are "Tagged Parameters" and "Colour" (marked red, the rest marked blue). This is what I would expect but the playback behaviour would suggest that all parameters are being recorded regardless of which are marked red.
  14. Last week
  15. Hello, For this, type 1 THRU @ ., Tap RECORD, and then tap a UDK. Hold SETUP and tap the UDK to open its Settings. In the Flash function, change this to Latch, and change the mix mode to LTP. You can then configure fade times, and click OK. You should then find you can use this UDK to fade all fixtures to 0 over a fade time. Hope this helps, let me know how you get on. Edward
  16. Hi Claude, If so, your console is in basic programming mode. To change this, press SETUP -> Settings, and ensure Tracking Options are enabled. Then exit SETUP, and press and hold RECORD. The SmartTag option should be available - ensure that the console also has “Cue Only” selected, unless you would like to program cue stacks with tracking behaviour. Hope this helps, Edward
  17. Hi all, I'm trying to have a button on my FLX which will fade to blackout over (for sake of argument) 3 seconds. Is there a way I can do that using a dedicated UDK?
  18. Hi, I cant find smarttag on my desk. I only have snapshot function. Other ideas?
  19. Thanks. I'm away from the desk at the moment but I'm 99.9% sure that when I'm recording the FX/Colour to a Playback it shows the correct recording parameters. I'm always careful to look at what parameters have been tagged in the Output window before recording and it's always a single parameter type. I will investigate more tomorrow.
  20. Hello, As Kevin says, only parameters that you change will be recorded, if SmartTag is disabled. To access the Record Options, you can press and hold RECORD. In here ensure SmartTag has a blue stripe, meaning deselected. From now on, if you simply push up channel faders for your fixtures and tap RECORD, only intensity will be stored. Hope this helps, Edward
  21. You’re recording too much. You need to not record the things you don’t want to change. So in your colour playback, don’t record position or beamshape. Likewise in your position playback don’t record colour or beamshape. Don’t use Snapshot, that records everything. In Record Options (hold Record button til the form comes up) turn off Snaphot and SmartTag and make sure only the attribute you want recording had the red stripe.
  22. The theory is you just record the tagged parameters. For intensity this should be easy as if you just alter the brightness of a fixture that’s the only thing recorded and all other parameters will track. Make sure in Record Options both Snapshot and SmartTag are off i.e. blue
  23. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if it possible to record only one parameter of a device to a cue. f.expl. only Dimmer of each device to one fader I tryed several possible solutions without success. Thx for your ideas. Br
  24. Hi Edward, We might be getting somewhere after your last reply. The Master playback wasn't set to HTP Master (i think it was setup LTP). Changing it has definitely had an effect though it doesn't seem to be entirely working. I homed all of our movers and then saved that as a Master Playback cue. I selected a row of the movers and set them to a figure-of-8 moving pattern. I then assigned this to a Playback and now raising the Playback fader does indeed start and stop the effect/movement of those programmed. All good so far! I then wondered if I could combine that with another Playback but this time use it to change the colour of the selected movers. By itself, the Playback that controls the colour works but if I trigger the previous Playback (the one that makes the movers move), raising the Playback that sets the colours makes the movers go back to their home positions and stop moving (colour changes though). I then tried another test by changing the position of some of the other movers and saving that as a Master cue. Now when I raise the Playback with the movement effect, the Playback works in terms of making those programmed movers move but it also sets the position of all the other movers meaning the positions etc. of all the fixtures must be stored in that one Playback? I hope that makes sense: in short, we don't seem to be able to combine two (or more) Playbacks, even though the only thing stored in each of them according to the tagged parameters is FX on one and Colour on the other (all with the same row of moving fixtures). Neil Edit: I tried saving to the Playbacks using "Snapshot" and "All Parameters" but the behaviour isn't any different. It's as though it always saves everything regardless of what mode you save in and what parameters are tagged. Edit 2: I forgot to add that we are not on the very latest ZerOS. We're on Edit 3: I just updated to 7.9.5 but the behaviour is the same.
  25. Hi Petr, Great, glad to hear you have performed the software update. ZerOS 7.9.5 is now the latest release of ZerOS, released on May 17th 2019. As updating software from ZerOS 7.9.4 to 7.9.5 is easy, I would recommend doing this to keep your ORB XF up to date. ZerOS 7.9.5 is available to download from our website here... Once you have downloaded the software, simply unzip/extract the folder, and then copy the “ZerOS 7.9.5 USB OS Creator.exe” to the root of a USB stick. You can then plug the USB into your ORB XF, tap SETUP, choose Load File from the screen, and then click the software update to load in. The console will warn you your show file will be lost, and you can then proceed. For editing Home values, please see the guide below... http://support.zero88.com/1011411491 Hope this helps, let me know if you have any queries. Edward
  26. Hi Edward, sorry, the season's been over-busy, got to the upgrade just now. Remote and Monitor working perfectly. 7.9.4 looks great, getting used to it. Just missing the possibility to change Home fixture values in setup. I'm searching the forum first, if nothing there, looks like I will bother you later. thanks again Petr
  27. Edward- Z88

    Save Show?

    Hello, As Kevin says, no internal storage on ZerOS consoles, other than the current show file and library. We do occasionally get requests for this. However the benefit of saving externally, means your show is safe even if the console is damaged. Users that have a few default show files for their console, sometimes use a small stubby “fit” USB stick in one of the side/spare USB ports, so there’s no risk of the USB getting snapped if the console is moved. This allows for multiple show files to be stored - and allows for easy show file editing on Phantom. All the best, Edward
  28. Hi Kevin, OK. We haven’t logged this yet, however will post back with a reference number when we have. Edward
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