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  2. Hello, Really good to hear where FLX consoles are being used. Please let us know if you need help with anything, and please let us know of any extra features or improvements you would like to see on the consoles. We’re always interested to hear the comments from users. All the best, Edward
  3. Finland Couple of weeks now. Flx with touchscreen/IPad. 2x s24 with ipad. Corporate, events. All kinds of. From corporate av to trance events to outdoor stuff up to a couple of thousands of attendees. Led, moving heads, conventionals. Flightcase. Looking at 1-4 gigs per week. Absolutely none apart from our own folks who are in training. This is chamsys/ma country. No big glitches so far, need to ask a few things on how to do stuff and some things are missing that id like to have. Not much though.
  4. Have you got the fixture in the same mode as the fixture definition you’re using on the desk? What is the make/model of the light?
  5. Zero88, Any update on a release date for the new FLX manuals? Cheers, Alex
  6. Hey Edward, Yes it does. I have already raised and opened the shutter still nothing happening. Cheers, Oliver
  7. Yesterday
  8. Afx

    ZerOS 7.9.5 Released

    Can I get release time on Flash from somewhere? Its something im used to using on previous desks.
  9. Hi Oliver, Does this Fixture have a shutter and intensity parameter? You can check this by consulting your fixture’s manual. The shutter should be defaulted to open, meaning all you’ll need to do is raise the fixture’s intensity. This can be done by pressing FIXTURES, selecting your fixtures, and using the wheel, or pressing HOME. To check the shutter is open, tap BEAMSHAPE, until you find the shutter parameter. Hope this helps, Edward
  10. Hi Neil, As Ian mentions, I would recommend giving Keith a call, or emailing us at support@zero88.com, for instructions and advice on this. Edward
  11. Hi Neil, Out of interest, why are you recording a cue with the fixtures at 0% on the Master Playback? If you home your fixtures, tap RECORD, and then tap a playback button, the lighting state will be stored. Double pressing CLEAR, and then raising the playback fader will raise the intensity of the fixtures. If this is not the behaviour you are getting, it sounds as if a setting has been altered. To check the settings for your playback, hold SETUP and tap the playback’s button, then choose Raise & Lower. This should be set to Trigger on Raise, meaning your lighting state will output when the fader is raised. If it is disabled, you’ll find you’ll need to press the playback’s button, before you can raise the fader. If this option is disabled without you changing the playback, the console defaults have been altered. To check these tap SETUP -> Defaults -> Playback Defaults -> Raise & Lower -> Trigger on Raise, and make sure it’s enabled. If it isn’t, when you enable this all future playback you record should behave correctly. This means the fixtures have moved on dark, ready for when they’re next used in the playback. For more information, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1011707591 Hope this helps solve your issue. If you have any queries just let me know. Edward
  12. Hi how are you. Ive got two discharge moving lights and i cant get the shutter open to get the light working. Lamp is on just cant controller shutter. Any soultions
  13. They are the same PCB - configuration between the two types is done by a combination of firmware & data on the CF card I believe. I would save a show file if you're able to - just in case (I believe in Miurphy's law!). I'm not sure about swapping the CF Card over but as you're fitting a CF from an LF48 on to a board that was a 96 - you won't lose anything in terms of "identity". A quick phone call to Keith should confirm this (I've never done it so can't be certain) - swap the battery on the "new" mainboard too for good measure.
  14. Since updating our LF96 to ZerOS (the number isn't in front of me but we've gone from old submasters to new Playbacks) we are still not able to program even the most simple functions such as intensity fade onto the playback faders. It works with our generics but won't work with either our Mac 250s/550s or our LED parcans (RGBA). I don't know if we are fundamentally not 'getting' how the new playback faders work or something is just wrong. For example. If we home all of our Mac movers so that they are all in their home positions with full intensity, then pull down the intensity of them all to 0 and save that as a cue in playback 0, if we then (after Clearing) select the movers again, bring their intensity to max and then save this state onto a playback, we're expecting to be able to control the intensity of all of our movers with the playback fader. This does not happen. Even though you can see in the Output window that the intensity parameters have been tagged for saving (at 100), when you move the playback fader all that happens is that the 0 intensity stays at 0 but has a light grey box around it. I presume that's telling us something but we have no clue what. And more importantly, we don't know how to resolve that so that it does what we expect (fade the movers intensity between 0 and 100). We've had this problem ever since updating (probably a year ago) and have literally stopped using Playbacks except for Chases, which do work fine. Any hints, tips or pointers in the right direction would be a huge, huge help right now. We'd setup some parcan uplighters for a show this weekend hoping to put the RGB controls on playbacks for some quick way to make some colour variations on the fly but after a frustrating rehearsal last night when we just couldn't get it working (as described above) we gave up with playbacks. Again. Thanks, Neil
  15. Last week
  16. Mark off effect has gone, will it be back? I know mark on has been renamed but mark off has gone completely.
  17. Thank you both very much, really appreciate it
  18. O Thompson

    UDK lights?

    Actually, i think ive solved it... Originally i programmed the console on PhantomOS and loaded the show onto the console. If i delete the UDKs and reprogram on the console they work as expected, highlighted when pressed or on latch. Not sure if this is a glitch with programming on phantom?
  19. kgallen

    UDK lights?

    They don't. You can "test" them by putting a change in the programmer (say 0@@) then when you hit RECORD then any empty playback or UDK buttons should flash (they won't if they are programmed).
  20. O Thompson

    UDK lights?

    Hoping this is an easy issue... On our FLX 7.9.5, the lights on the UDK buttons don't illuminate when pressed. Any idea why? Im using 4 as Rem Dim, and 1 to invert RGB from the default 100 to 0 on latch.
  21. Useful to know... I must try some macros... (other thank triggering playback chases).
  22. Hi Philp, It is not currently possible to configure a playback’s button to be a group select. This functionality is only possible on the full size FLX by programming a macro. As Kevin says, the reason your playback wasn’t getting recorded correctly was due to SmartTag being enabled, which ignores fixtures with 0% intensity. Hope this helps, Edward
  23. Originality from London but living in Munich. Had the FLX with external monitor for couple of years now. Mainly touring with The Legendary rock band in Europe and some local bands. Even done a show in the French alps, in the snow, I couldn't feel the fingers from the cold, untill experienced Polish sound guy gave me a thermostat with honey tea mixed with vodka. I used standard flight case for local shows and peli case for tours...im actually sitting on it now on the train to meet the band and doing ladies motorbike festival sonewhere in Germany. Had some basic issues where a group of lights was not activating, so used a blinder to bilnd everyone then between songs reset the group's and was fine. Ita a cool desk, but would be good to have a window Macro window next to Color pallets on external monitor, i don't like using the internal monitor so much. Mixture of fixtures, every venue from 500 to 2000 capacity has standard stuff, pars, dimmers, movers, smoke.
  24. We received a donor LF96 (partly damaged, no longer used) that I've harvested spare parts from including the main PCB (the one with the CF slot). We have a LF48 that has a damaged VGA socket so was hoping to swap out it's main PCB for the donor LF96 one. 1) I'm assuming that they're the same PCB? 2) Is there anything I should do prior to swapping regarding backing up the LF48? Obviously all of our show data is saved but what about the fixtures? If I just put the CF card from the 48 into the 96 PCB when I swap them, will all of our fixture data be on there and load OK? Thanks, Neil
  25. Hi Philp, For the second part of your question this will be because SmartTag is not recording your fixture requirements because intensity is at zero. When you want to record that cue using the fixture macro programmes, hold RECORD, tap SmartTag (so it is blue) then OK. Remember that for the next cue when you record, you probably want to hold RECORD again and tap SmartTag back to red as probably you want to use SmartTag for building the rest of your cue stack. Kevin
  26. Hello, running FLX S48 on 7.9.5, is there any possible way, of using the playback flash buttons to become a group button? Currently have a set of playbacks programmed to control 10 movers but would be great to be able to push a channel flash button to select these movers instead of using the touch screen groups page. Current fades for example 1. 10 movers intensity 2. 10 movers colours 3.10 movers gobos 4. 10 movers position (based on a position pallet saved) So would love it if either on a separate fader or ideally the flash button to sub 1 would select the 10 movers. On a totally separate question, sorry if this should be in a new thread, we have the desks profile for showtec stardrape parched, RGB colours work fine, but the cloth also has built in programs (which intensity must be at 0 to work) which at programming stage work buy selecting fixtures, using the encoders to set the right effect, record, but at playback, nothing happens. I’m presuming I’m missing something simple, and have even tried making a playback with all the correct DMX levels for the built in programs then adding intensity at full, and also saving a playback with inhibit hoping that with them both up, I would get output, but to no avail. any help would be much appreciated, thank you
  27. I’ve had this too just now. Couldn’t find a button that got me to cue stack control. Fortunately have a mouse attached on this occasion. I'm not sure how you get out of this issue if you don't have a mouse to click in the window. I couldn't find any buttons that helped out.
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