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  2. Hi Edward Thank you :), I hope you are well too I like the idea of having standard files for each place! All best Thibault
  3. Hi Thibault, Hope you're well, really glad to hear you have a FLX S48 on the way. Yes your best option for this is to use different show files for each venue. You could build each show file using a standard file if you wish - and simply change your fixtures for each venue. Edward
  4. Bonjour, i’m waiting for my FLX S48 1U to come :) I plan to use it in 2 different concert halls with very different lighting equipment I believe the only way to handle this is through saving / charging shows on usb keys. If you have another idea, let me know Cheers to Z88 team I used to work for... some ages ago Thibault
  5. Requesting new fixture profiles To requests new fixtures, please email us, ensuring you supply full details of the fixture (Make, Model, Mode) and a download link to the Operating Manual. FixtureSupport@Zero88.com
  6. Hi II work with Solution I need fixtures for Ignition Strip Blinder X . Im using in mode DMX 10 channel https://images.thomann.de/pics/atg/atgdata/document/manual/319794_c_319794_de_online.pdf and Cameo CLPFLATPRO18. I using in mode 3-CHANNEL MODE 2 https://www.cameolight.com/fr/solutions/prestataires/eclairage-statique/projecteurs-a-par/2295/p-flat-pro-18?c=2008#detail-downloads Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance Roger
  7. Hi Walid, If you wish to communicate with Light Converse, you'll need to route your lighting data to the PC's loopback IP address, which is It will be one of the IP options on Phantom for each protocol. I believe Light Converse will be listening on this IP, however you may need to manually change this in Light Converse. Only use one of the protocols to communicate with Light Converse, and disable the rest. It doesn't matter which protocol you use from Phantom's point of view - I'm not sure whether Light Converse recommend a protocol in particular. Hope this helps, if you have any questions just let us know. Edward
  8. Hi, I'm trying to connect phantom with my light converse L8 (Visualize only) but I can't although taking the procedures below: 1- I patched 5 Arri L7 on both using Artnet DMX input. 2- Phantom Set up - Universal - DMX (Enabled) 3- Phantom Set up - Universal - streaming ACN (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop. 4- Phantom Set up - Universal Artnet 4 - Light converse integration (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop 5- Phantom Set up - Universal CITP (Capture) (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop. 6- Desk Universal 1 - output 1 - Rigsync disabled - streaming ACN univ 1 - default priority - Artnet univer 1 - CITP univ 0. note: there's no signal on the universal Net 1 on Light converse. Please advice. Thanks Regards Walid B
  9. Jon Hole


    Yes you can - in the same way you’d type “RECORD x GO” or “DELETE x GO”, with x being the cue number and GO being the button of the Playback, you do the same for COPY. So press COPY, type the source (“from”) cue number, and press the playback button, and then type the destination (“to”) cue number, and press the playback button. You can also copy whole Playbacks in just three button presses (COPY GO GO - with the first GO being the source and the second being the destination). Lots of people (including me) use this as a method of creating a “backup” of the stack before doing something which might not work (for example, during Edinburgh Fringe this year, we used Phantom to turn an ETC EOS showfile with approx 80 cues into a ZerOS showfile with over 200 cues by copying, updating, inserting etc, so at regular intervals I copied the Master Playback to other empty playbacks. Also worth remembering you can use THRU and AND when copying cues. You only need to define a single cue in the destination - any point cues or numerical gaps etc will automatically be included in the new destination cues
  10. kgallen


    If I remember correctly I think that came in 7.9.4. 🤔
  11. SimonH


    That's a shame. I always save my show file but might make a few changes as the show is running. Too much of a faff to save after every change. Can you copy cues between different playbacks?
  12. Thanks for the clarification and tips Edward (as always!). Apologies to the OP for the slight thread steal but hopefully the information is relevant and useful!
  13. Hi Kevin, EFFECT + HOME is the same as the No Effect palette - it simply stops any effects running (the syntax EFFECT 0 ENTER also does the same). In the same way COLOUR + HOME will just home the colour of the selected fixture. It would only give hard values for that cue, therefore only fixtures that needed to Move On Dark for the next cue wouldn't be prepped. When you go into the cue after the block, fixtures could then move on dark for when they're next used. Edward
  14. Thanks Edward - is this the same a No Effect or would it HOME the fixtures C/B/P too (which is probably undesirable). Also creating the block cue would disrupt move-on-dark for other fixtures. If this understanding is right and hence there are implications, how else could this be achieved? Thanks, Kevin
  15. OK thanks for the information. Will keep an eye on this to see if I can recreate. Edward
  16. Hi Kevin, A quicker way around this would be to go into the cue where you want the movers to stop the effect, select the fixtures, EFFECT + HOME -> SHIFT + RECORD -> type the cue number -> Playback Button -> Merge. Doing this will also turn it into a block cue. Edward
  17. I'm sure it's extremely bad practice and unnecessary if (a) I could use the desk properly (b) the desk was an incy-wincy bit better at handling this, but yes I do this too just to make sure the fixture is recorded. A common case is to ensure an Effect is removed from a fixture, by ensuring the "No Effect" is recorded into the cue - otherwise your heads keep moving about running the effect even though they are now dark. Given that some LEDs will light at 1% (which will be a DMX value of 2 or 3 typically) this doesn't always give you a "dark" fixture, so it depends on the fixture if you can get away with this fudge. I guess the proper way is to manually tag the fixtures for No Effect in the cue where the fixture is DBO (because SmartTag won't do it for you), but that is such a faff as you've already recorded the bulk of your cue with SmartTag then you have to go in again to deal with the fixtures with Effect to tag them and Update the cue. If there is more usable way then Edward or Jon will tell us in the next post... 😁
  18. Hello, SmartTag will register a fixture as "off" when at 0%. Therefore if a fixture is at 1% SmartTag will include it. If this is causing you problems, you can simply hold RECORD, tap SmartTag so that it has a blue stripe meaning disabled, and then press RECORD to close the window. Now all tagged fixtures will be recorded, including those at 0%. For more information on tagging including SmartTag, see below... http://support.zero88.com/1014189311 Fixtures can't be created with a minimum parameter level. Hope this helps, Edward
  19. Just wondering - how "zero" does intensity have to be before SmartTag ignores it? I wonde rif it was at, say 1-2%, the lamp is unlikely to be visible, but SmartTag would then record an intensity, and so capture the fixture? And, if so, can the profile be edited such that the minimum value on the Intensity channel could be changed from 0 to a DMX value of 001 or 002?
  20. Edward- Z88


    Hi Simon, There isn't a way of undoing updates. Currently there is no way of importing certain parts of a show file. Best practice before doing updates, is to ultimately save your show file, but also copy your Master Playback to a different playback, as a backup. You can then copy from this backup, back over the top of the Master playback. Edward
  21. SimonH


    how do we undo a cue update that was done in error? can a single cue/group of cues be recalled from a saved show if a overwrite was done in error? Thanks
  22. Hello, Interesting, please could you send a copy of your show file to support@zero88.com with a link to this forum thread, and we'll take a look to see what may be causing this. If you save your show file, and then load it back in again, does the issue persist? Edward
  23. This is my current settings. I just tried setting the GM to 100% and now when I highlight cue 2 and press Go it would just jump back to cue 1. Update: The Go button works but only if I set the GM to 0, press Go and set the GM back to 100.
  24. Hello, Have you changed the Master Playback's Fader Function? To find out hold SETUP and press the Master Playback's button. The default is HTP Master. If it is set to either of the Manual Fade options, the Go button is disabled. The fader's travel will then allow you to advance between cues instead of the button. If you want to use the Go button, change this back to HTP Master. Hope this helps, Edward
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