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  3. Probably. I start from the Tab at the top of the forum which takes you here: http://support.zero88.com/ Many useful articles are within "ORB XF" but that is almost impossible to find because it's only within one branch of the tree and that is either an orphan or can only be found by luck from one point. Not all of the ORB XF KBs are ported under FLX (for example). Search only works if you know what you're searching for. My usual situation is "Oh, there is KB on that somewhere, I don't know what it's called but it describes the 'X'. I'll go in the KB and have a dig around to see if I can stumble across the thing I'm looking for." -> result is always frustration and usually failure to find the information.
  4. Are you only using the tree navigation structure? I never use this - search seems to work fine. We are in the process of moving the product knowledge base articles over to the new website. General "Knowledge Base" articles will be transferred in time. For example see the Frog page below... https://zero88.com/control/frog These can be accessed here... https://zero88.com/control#legacyproducts Edward
  5. You did a better job. I failed to find that KB on the radical changes which I wanted to link... (KB a bigger impenetrable mess than ever now, how is the "reorg" going?)
  6. Sorry Kevin! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Edward
  7. Edward just beat me to it...! You should be able to go direct, however prior to 7.8.3 you had to use a "bootable USB" stick. This thread has some instructions: Also note the whole concept of submasters vs playbacks has changed. Do this update when you've got time to understand the new features/operation.
  8. Hi Franco, As each software update is independent from one another, you can install ZerOS 7.9.7 directly from ZerOS ZerOS 7.9.7 can be downloaded from our website below... https://zero88.com/zeros#download For instructions on how to perform the software update, see below... http://support.zero88.com/1518909581 Once you have ZerOS 7.9.7 installed, the Solution will operate very differently to how it does on ZerOS For information on the changes, see below... http://support.zero88.com/988876191 Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  9. Hi everybody, my new solution has ZerOs I wanted to ask if it is better to update first for example 7.9.2 and after 7.9.7 or directly to 7.9.7. Thank you so much for any replies. And sorry for my english
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  11. Hello, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. You can find the Jester ML software, along with manuals and other information on the new Jester webpage below... https://zero88.com/control/jester Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  12. I’ve just moved to a new school where we have a Zero88 Jester ML24 desk. I would like to update it so I can ensure I’m using the latest version. I notice there is a v4.1 but the links don’t seem to work. Can anyone point me in the right direction to a working download link?
  13. Last week
  14. If this is a "multi-cell" device, then the current recommended approach is to have two fixture definitions: 1st definition has all of the "master" controls that affect all cell (e.g. master dimmer, strobe), 2nd definition has the "cell" parameters (e.g. R,G,B,W). One instance of the "master" is patched as a fixture, then one "cell" is patched for each segment of the device. In this way you are able to use the Palettes and Effects section across the whole multi-part fixture. Looking at the spec for the Elation sixbar 1000, you would have a fixture defined for RGBAW+UV and instance it 12 times. Plus one instance of the "master" section will mean that one of these units will look like 13 fixtures. You will then have full control of each segment of the fixture and can apply palettes and effects across it. Improving this user interface I understand requires ZerOS to be changed to support a different library format (Carallon library). I understand this work is well advanced but users have been waiting some time (.....) for this update.
  15. Fixture definition looks correct. This is (unfortunately) how FLX handles "pixel"-devices right now. You have to go through all 18 color-pages for accessing every LED. Additionally FLX-effects (like rainbow, chaser, ...) can not be applied. If you need access to every single LED you have to assign every LED to one fader, which will take 12 (or more, if you want dimmer, strobe, ...) DMX channels. Patching is tricky, and for 4 devices you would need 48 faders. Maybe you should use same DMX-address for all 4 devices. Will need less faders (12, 14), but of course all devices will do the same. Maybe try using a more "powerful" mode of your devices, with less DMX-channels, and using more of built-in-macros of your device. Can also result in nice effects. If needed, I could answer in German, too. Hth, Kay. Btw, this is only experience of a new user, so if this is not correct, please forgive me
  16. We are putting Guys and Dolls on here in Ascot and I need lighting design and programming using all our own rig and Zero88 OrbXF desk cover for this Our Theatre Technician is now on maternity leave and the cover I had arranged has fallen through. The show runs four times towards the end of March. If anyone is interested in some freelance work then please get in touch. Thanks
  17. It sounds like the fixture definition could be bad. Can you post a link to the manual here and also send to Zero88 https://zero88.com/library#support
  18. Hallo ich hoffe ich kann auch in Deutsch schreiben. ich habe irgendwie folgendes Problem. Ich betreibe insgesamt 4 elation Sixbar 1000 an einer FLX. Ich kann sie auch hinzufügen zwar als 1000IP aber meines Wissens müssten diese ja die gleichen Funktionen haben unterscheiden sich nur in der Wasserdichtigkeit. Mein Problem ist folgendes, wenn ich den fader einer Bar hoch ziehe bleibt diese dunkel und ich muss in Color jeder Lampe einzeln eine Farbe zuweisen das das nach 12 mal einstellen alle Lichter leuchten. Kennt von euch jemand dieses Problem oder eine Lösung wie ich es Löse. Gruß Michi
  19. iPad pro 13” with a tp-link 5g router + a 23” touchscreen. Works fine.
  20. Hi Martin, From a Factory Reset ZerOS, when ArtNet is enabled, it is routed 1:1, meaning desk universe 1 is routed to ArtNet universe 1 and so on. If you press SETUP -> Universes -> ArtNet 4 -> Reset to Defaults, you can choose to route desk universe 1 to ArtNet universe 1 and so on, or route desk universe 1 to ArtNet universe 0 and so on. We will never rename ArtNet universe 0 to be 1, which sounds like what Realizzer may have done. Edward
  21. martin-144

    Art-Net on FLX

    Hi, sorry for always hijacking Artnet threads like this, but my other hijacked thread was closed due to the forum restructuring Anyway it is only a short question: Does FLX (or ZerOS) start Artnet numbering at universe 0 or universe 1? Thats all, Martin
  22. Hello, Ah excellent. glad to hear you solved the problem. No worries, any questions just let me know. Edward
  23. Ah yes i think that must've been it, in realizzer you can change the universe, i had it set to universe 1, but it was coming through on universe 2 (i assume becuase realizzer universe 1 is artnet universe 0, etc..) Thank you so much for all your help, greatly appreciated.
  24. Hello, All looks good in the show file - thanks for posting. I'm not familiar with Realizzer - is the connection to an ArtNet input automatic, or do you have to configure it? Is it looking to receive ArtNet starting at universe 0, or universe 1? Is this something you can configure within Realizzer? Is it also seeing FLX, however just not responding? FLX will not transmit ArtDMX, until a node subscribes to a universe. I know it sounds like a cliche, however have you rebooted the PC since configuring IP settings? I have known Windows 10 to disable a NIC without asking it to in the past! Edward
  25. At the moment for testing I only have 72 dimmers patched (as we have 72 dimmer channels). My showfile is attached below. Thanks. ArtNet Test.isf
  26. Hello, Thanks very much for the screen shot. Hmm that's odd, can't remember seeing that before. What fixtures have you got patched on FLX? How many universes have you patched on? Would you be able to save your show file, and post it here so I can take a look? Edward
  27. Yes they are. In the picture attached is what i see in DMX Workshop, my computer is on and the FLX is on Yes on the FLX it says that it's DHCP IP address is and that it is transmitting artnet on IP address Thanks
  28. Hello, I'm guessing the console and computer are configured to DHCP IP addresses? In the DMX Workshop node list, does the FLX have a green tick? If you are seeing a question mark, it means DMX Workshop can see FLX, however there is a network error. On FLX, if you press Z -> System Information -> Network Overview, at the top of the screen the DHCP address will be displayed. Can you confirm FLX is using this for ArtNet? If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  29. I'm trying to control Realizzer 3D at the moment and i also want to control resolume in the future. Yes these are routed 1:1. They are connected over a network with an ethernet switch and a dhcp server. Thanks.
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