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  2. Whoooww, infinite fun! Grey-scale... hmmm does this have an application...!
  3. Here's David's 4-way colour picker as above but without the selected cell aberration in case anyone wants to use these directly. Great work guys!!!
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  5. Hi Myles, Yes definitely. Before we can, we need to implement a new fixture library into ZerOS consoles. Our software team have been working on this, and the new library will be released in ZerOS 7.9.7. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  6. Hi David, That's great, thanks for sharing. I have moved your post into this thread, so we can keep all the colour picker images together. You won't damage the console by loading in an image file. If the file is corrupt, the console simply won't load it in. I have tested one of these images on a FLX and it loads in correctly. Edward
  7. Are there any plans to support them. The way i would expect it to work would be. Main fixture (Fader 1) 'Global' parameters (pan/tilt, strobe, etc.) Subfixture 1 (Fader 2) 'Local' parameters (R/G/B, Intensity, etc.) Subfixture 2 (Fader 3) 'Local' parameters (R/G/B, Intensity, etc.) Etc. 'Global' parameters would show up in the relevant section for all faders in the fixture. 'Local' parameters would only show under their relevant faders. Virtual intensity would be 'local' with a 'global' virtual intensity for all subfixtures.
  8. This topic got me thinking. Since you can upload any image to use as the colour picker I wondered if I could get Excel to generate images that are suitable. Attached you will find examples of a first attempt at this. Now, be warned, I haven't tried these in my desk yet and the proportions haven't been adjusted to match the LCD screen so it may not work as I expected (I don't think there is any way for an image file to damage anything though). There are two picker images. The two way picker has a "rainbow" down the left side and the same, but offset on the right. The intermediate colours fade from the colour on the left to the one on the right. The four way picker has different colours in the four corners, the intermediate colours in left and right columns fade from the top colour to the bottom one then the rows fade from left to right. I have also included the Excel spreadsheet so you can try some for yourself. Note that this does include macros and, while I am confident that my laptop is malware free and the code doesn't access anything outside of Excel, I accept no responsibility for any damage it may cause or be perceived to cause on your systems. Feedback on the usefulness of this would be very welcome as would suggestions to improve it. To use, set all the cells to no fill first then, for a 2 way picker, set A1 to A16 and P1 to P16 to various fill colours then click the 2 way button or, for a 4 way picker, set the four corners to different fill colours (e.g. RGBW) and click the 4 way button. You can use the Windows 10 snipping tool to save the resulting screen as an image that you can load on your desk. Picker.xlsm
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  10. Currently, ZerOS doesn’t support multi-cell fixtures, and so an individual fixture is required for each set of intensities/RGB/P&T. A single fixture can be patched, but doing this means all of the cells are grouped into Colour, Beam and Position, and cells are not applied to the colour picker. Edward
  11. Haha it hasn't been declined, it has been noted! It won't be in the next software update, but is something we will prioritise dependent on the number of requests. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  12. Hello, Sorry to see this. We will take a look into this. Would I be able to give you a call to get more details on this? If so please drop me an email with your number, and a convenient time to give you a call. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  13. Setup + Playback button should be the "global" setting. Above I was referring to the Settings specifically in the cue where I believe you can override the MOD time for that cue. However I'm more used to FLX (rather than FLX S) so sorry if the config is not in exactly the same place or the buttons are different. The 7.9.6 manual is here, see p44: https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/7f906b85-80f1-4646-bd18-d2327d94fc60/FLX-Range-&-ZerOS-Accessories-User-Manual-v7.9.6.pdf
  14. Yep that would be general delay times I’m specifically looking for the move in dark delay time
  15. Cue Window -> Options on the Cue
  16. I can’t find the move in dark delay time in the new up date I need to speed it up ? Urgent enough anyone know where it is moved to ?
  17. Thanks for your reply Edward.
  18. Great thanks Edward, good to know. Cheers, Kevin
  19. I get the feeling the idea was politely declined. Manual selection of colours it is for me!
  20. Hi Kevin, ZOS-8569 is to do with the quick offset buttons along the top of the effect window appearing to work in reverse. ZOS-8967 is specific to the fixture order in the P/T grid. The colour picker fans colours in order of fixture selection. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  21. I have bought a FLX S48 to control my small Astera led setup with 2 x AX3, 4 x AX5 and 6 x Astera FP1 Pixel Tubes (up to 16 LED Pixel each). And after trying several things i now ordered the new chamsys MQ70. It has 24 universes and can work with subfixtures and do easy led pixelmapping. I thought about upgrading to a normal FLX, but since you have to handel 16 faders for one tube... that's not useful of working with such lights. No one will do a manual fade for each pixel. There must be better way of using this lights on ZerOS if you want to work fast. You need to do this with grouping. And the next thing is patching a lot of each idividual pixel is a problem when you have to change the dmx adresses. Some things are realy easy to do on a FLX. And there are not so many options to customize like in chamsys wich make it easy to start. But i can't recomanced it when you workign with fixtures like sunstripes or led pixel bars.
  22. Could this not be done through subfixtures (Each sub fixture gets a fader) as we would like to be able to control the intensities individually without have to patch several fixtures and remember where certain things are hidden eg. strobe, pan/tilt, etc?
  23. Last week
  24. So, I removed the USB stick, and rebooted, and ran the show with no issue. After the show, I checked back on the system and saw no Comms errors. For completeness and curiosity, I tried adding back the USB desk lamps, one at a time, and both together, and again no issues (though I will heed advice and will not usually do this - I just wanted to see if I could replicate the issues...) Plugged the USB stick into the top of the desk and immediately the desk locked up and was unresponsive for 5-10 seconds, then came back after a short flash of a few of the playback LEDs on Ch13-24. A clean reboot of the desk and re-trying this exactly replicated the issue. Strange thing was, if I clean reboot the desk and plug in the same USB stick into the rear USB port, saving and loading files to and from it, the desk runs perfectly stable and gives no comms issues or desk hesitancy. It seems writing back to the USB stick on the front port only is instigating some form of comms issue that persists until the desk is power cycled and then is absent until the USB stick is used again. Is there any hardware difference in the two ports, do we have a dodgy USB port, or is there some firmware glitch here, as this has only occurred since the flash to 7.9.6....? Really interested in your thoughts on this.... I'll keep an eye on things over the final three show nights and continue to report anything unanticipated or unusual.
  25. OK, so the saga continues.... No LED desk lamps plugged in tonight, but still some DMX issues on the lamps. I updated a couple of cues as part of a slight tweak and as I was saving to USB I saw an odd message flash up. Delving back into the system dialogue and I spotted the errors coming up on the screen, as shown in the files below... These were streaming through in batches of a few at a time. I have a video, but too big to upload... (I can drop you a Dropbox link if it helps, but doesn't really show any more than the image, just the frequency and timing of error messages...) This was after a clean reboot and just saving to USB stick.
  26. Hi Edward: I'm referring to ZOS-8569 (interested when this will be fixed or if it already is and I've missed it in the Release Notes!). Regards, Kevin We discussed 8569 a couple of times, regards GROUP and P/T grid (the second is in Beta - some readers might not be able to see it):
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