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  2. Hello, Whilst we wait for any responses from users with their experiences, I’ll just provide a little information on the subject. Virtually all visualisation packages allow for either Art-Net or sACN (DMX over Ethernet protocols) input, and therefore work with consoles with this functionality. FLX S consoles support both Art-Net and sACN, however also support the CITP protocol. Capture visualisation software can be controlled by CITP, which allows for 2 way communication between the console and visualiser - this therefore allows you to create a look using the visualisation software without the console being connected, and then when you link the console, you can record this lighting state into a cue. It also allows for selecting multiple moving fixtures in Capture, right-clicking on stage where you want them to focus, and you can then record that as a position palette on the console. Another benefit of Capture, is it can be used on the same PC as PhantomZerOS, allowing you to program with visualisation without the need for a console or Unlock Dongle. For information on how to link Phantom ZerOS and Capture on the same PC, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/988883201 Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know. Edward
  3. Edward- Z88

    Colour mixing on faders - UV Only

    Hi Nigel, Yes, to Record just the UV parameter onto a playback, it is exactly the same process as RGB, as noted in the article here... http://support.zero88.com/1014413041 All you’ll need to do, is ensure the Intensity and UV parameters are at full, and are the only parameters tagged (indicated by having a lighter blue encoder background, and a red intensity value in the output window). You’ll then be able to record this to a playback, ensuring SmartTag is disabled. Dont forget you can download PhantomZerOS onto a PC, so that you can practice this beforehand by emulating a FLX S. PhantomZerOS is available to download here... https://zero88.com/forum/files/file/17-zeros-794/ If you have any queries just let us know. Edward
  4. Hope this question is OK for this group, but would appreciate some thoughts from the community - I'm returning to theatrical LD work after some time away, so my knowledge of the latest Zero88 range and capabilities is a little out of date... I have been asked by a local dramatics group to re-invigorate their lighting setup - they are looking to purchase an LED based rig and are looking at control options. One option suggested to us is to get a FLX S24. I quite like this option, and the ability to add an iPad as an external touchscreen, and it also has the benefit of fitting the budget, which is not extensive! One of the key constraints the group have with their venue is access time for programming - this is a shared facility and rig and tech time are highly limited. I wondered what cost-effective options might be available to us to link the Zero88 and a visualiser to programe shows off-line, either with or without the console? I saw mention of Capture as a posibility and wondered if this links nicely with the Phantom ZerOS to allow the bulk of presets to be constructed off-line and visualised? Capture Solo looks like it might fit our needs, though I wondered how it authenticates and whether it could be installed on different PCs, dependent upon which of the team were using it, i.e. is it donlge-authorised, or just single install licensed? I'd be grateful if anyone is wiling to share their experiences and advice of a suitable setup for the group, that will not break the bank. We're not going for a huge rig here - a dozen or so LED fresnels and ellipsoidals, a few LED PARs, 2-4 LED cyc lights and 2-4 small moving heads, dependent upon how the budgets are looking - so we don't need anything hugely over-specced. Be grateful for any thoughts and advice you might be able to offer.... Thanks in advance.
  5. Last week
  6. Just a quick question from a newby on the FLX S24. I need to be able to raise the UV channel separately from all the others. There is a very good Knowledge base article about colour mixing RGB but I need to know if the same process works for all 6 channels. I presume it does, but I'm not able to try it until we get into rehearsals and dress so time is very limited if I have to do something else.. Thanks to anyone who can allay my fears! Nigel
  7. ZeuS

    ZerOS 7.9.4 Released

    When will come the new release?
  8. Edward- Z88

    FatFrog generic/preset problem

    Hi Keith, No problem. If you have any queries just let us know. Edward
  9. Webbo

    FatFrog generic/preset problem

    A very useful facility Looks like sliders; A-23 (0-FD), A-Master (stuck at EF) & B-Master (C3-FA) need replacing. Thanks for the advice, a little job for next week I think, hopefully this will sort the issue. Cheers guys, much appreciated. Keith
  10. Edward- Z88

    How to use the R G B step on/off effect?

    Happy to help! Let us know if there’s anything else we can do. Edward
  11. Thank you for quick reply. Love the support from Zero88 🙂
  12. Hi Carpo, I recently had some queries on what various effects did and how I might achieve some particular effects using the engine. In this thread here from around about the post linked, Edward gives some insight and examples to my queries that might be of interest. Kevin
  13. Edward- Z88

    How to use the R G B step on/off effect?

    Hi Carsten, A Red Step On Effect means that by default, Red is at 50%, and Green and Blue flash on from 0%-100%. These levels can of course be adjusted by changing the colour parameter levels in the Colour attribute. Red Step off on the other hand, means that by default, Red is at 50%, and Green and Blue flash off from 100%-0%, again intensities of each colour can be adjusted. You can best see this happening by tapping Z/Shift -> System Information -> DMX Outputs for the fixture's RGB levels. Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know. Edward
  14. Can some body help me understand how the Red/Green/Blue Step on/off effect are working, and how I can use it? Have tried to play with the effect - but I can´t really figure it out....... Please help me with the total basic for this effect - how to use it and how to setting it up.
  15. Edward- Z88

    FatFrog generic/preset problem

    OK. When in Test Mode, Channel flash buttons 1 through to 14 select sets of faders and pots to test. Flash 1-8 = Channel Faders Flash 9-10 = Submasters Flash 11 = other pots Flash 13 = Wheels Flash 14 = Buttons. You can check the level reported by the fader on the internal LCD. Any queries just let me know. Edward
  16. Webbo

    FatFrog generic/preset problem

    Thanks, Not tried that but will give it a go tonight.
  17. Edward- Z88

    FatFrog generic/preset problem

    Hi Webbo, Have you put the console into Test Mode, to test each of the channel faders? You can do this by booting the console with F1 held down. If you have any queries just drop us an email to support@zero88.com. Cheers Kevin, topic moved. All the best, Edward
  18. Webbo

    FatFrog generic/preset problem

    Apologies, just rushed it in whilst having a coffee☺
  19. kgallen

    FatFrog generic/preset problem

    This is usually an issue with the channel faders reference voltage, or maybe the DIP switches on the channel boards if you've been rummaging around inside. I'm sure there are some posts on here or on the BlueRoom. I'll have a dig around... Give Keith a ring at Zero88, he'll have you sorted in a jiffy... (Mods: This post could do with being moved to the Frog Range MkI forum). Kevin
  20. Recently picked up a 2004 FatFrog to play with, it has various problems. I've sorted most of them and upgraded the firmware to 10.12.1 but have an issue with the channel faders, they only reach 94% output. The encoders & masters all reach 100%. Subs also at 100% when using a file loaded from another Frog desk. Memory battery has been replaced, DIP switches are set correctly. The pre-set control switch might be connected with this as when in B-faders / A-stored mode, the output levels only run to 26% Anyone got any ideas on where to look?
  21. kgallen

    FLX S24 expansion

    This confirms my total bemusement at the WING pricing. I can buy from CTS, now, walkup, an S24 for £880+VAT. If I want a WING for my full FLX then suppliers are quoting between £850+VAT to over £1000+VAT. So I can buy a full humdinger of a lighting desk with an integrated touchscreen and a quad ARM CPU - who's left hand half is the hardware of a WING, for less than... a WING - which is essentially a bunch of faders and buttons with a USB lead. I'm just glad I don't need a WING... 😣 (And I'm not knocking the Z88 brand - I own more Z88 kit than is frankly healthy, so I'm probably firmly in the "fan-boy" camp...)
  22. Edward- Z88

    Non-Volatile RAM retention test failed

    Great, glad to hear it. All the best, Edward
  23. Hello, Thanks so much, all fixed.
  24. Edward- Z88

    FLX S24 expansion

    Hi Kevin, I don't agree with that comment - lighting consoles are investments. In terms of list price, a 1 universe FLX S24 plus FLX S48 is around £700 more than FLX S24 plus WING. Therefore if budget allows for this, this solution would give you more flexibility. Granted this is still a large sum of money, which is why I said if you were in the position to do this, it would help future proof the system. Edward
  25. kgallen

    FLX S24 expansion

    <grumpy> 'cos in Z88 land you can have whatever console you like - you just pop into stores and pull the beast you want! S24 for small shows, S48 for medium ones and FLX for large ones! However here in the real world we can only afford one console in 10 years and sometimes have to purchase add-ons incrementally as we can afford them! Bubba - technically I'm sure you're right, in fact both S24 and S48 probably have the CPU power to be a full FLX. But like most customer-facing companies, Z88 have a marketing department, and they have to have product differentiation. They want you to buy an S48 or a full FLX, not an S24 and get the equivalent functionality of the bigger desks with add-ons. Yes I know it's not exactly like that, there are differences to the surfaces, monitor support etc, but they won't want to have a mechanism to "short circuit" their product line. Having said that - a 96 fixture "upgrade" to S24 does of course appear a sensible and viable idea, but maybe not one that would fly "marketing wise" with the current desk line-up. Actually it doesn't even need the wing, but the lack of monitor support could be more of a challenge. </grumpy>
  26. Edward- Z88

    DTS & Cameo fixture missing

    Hi Olaf, Please send us an email to FixtureSupport@zero88.com with a link to the manual for each fixture, and one of the team will be able to make these files for you. Edward
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