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  2. @Edward- Z88that is all really helpful - thanks, and thanks for the offer of a chat - I may well take you up on that at some point.
  3. Hello, I am with Kevin on this one. If you have 48 channels of Chilli Pro, that is a FLX S24 maxed out, as it can control a maximum of 48 individual fixtures. If you add some LED or moving lights, then you will have to decide which dimmer channels you don’t need to free up some fixture numbers on the console. This potentially isn’t an issue, especially if you are plugging LED or moving fixtures into a bypass channel, and thus that dimmer channel doesn’t need to be controlled anyway. As a general rule if people are deciding between FLX S24 or FLX S48, we say if your normal rig
  4. Hi Lena, If you want to just record certain parameters, rather than the whole lighting state to a playback fader, you will need to disable SmartTag. You can find the SmartTag option by pressing and holding the RECORD button. This will open the Record Options window on the internal touchscreen. In here, you can tap SmartTag, so it has a blue stripe on its button rather than red, meaning it is now disabled. You can then tap RECORD to save and close. Now, only tagged parameters will be stored. After you have disabled SmartTag, you will be able to do this by firstly simply turning
  5. @kgallenthanks - we have DMX to each IWB (and at floor level both sides on stage), and we have a DMX buffer in the dimmer room. The Chilli Pro dimmers have bypass, so we can hard power anything on the IWB / grid if needed.
  6. Your venue sounds wonderful! Sounds to me like any of the FLX S or FLX series would do. But from the spec you give above your infrastructure seems well beyond that of a "basic" setting. Whilst I think FLX S24 (or S48) would work I think you could easily outgrow them because once your new venue is ready you will grow in ideas quickly and start bringing in more LED, movers and "intelligent" fixtures. Particularly you will start to need more than one universe of DMX. In which case I would suggest looking at the full FLX for the more "pro" interface and "grow" potential. In add
  7. The information on this page will help you: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/1014413041/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-Faders.htm Similar works for Position and Beamshape as it does for colour. There are other similar support topics here: http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX-S/ HTH Kevin
  8. Our non-profit 77 seat venue is currently being refurbed (literally the whole building, inside and out) - which in lighting terms means out with the old patchbay & 18 channels of Status, in with IWB for FOH1 and LX1-4, with 48ch of Chilli Pro. Due to budget constrains, we are sticking with a Fat Frog console in the short term, but potentially funding may become available in the coming months for something new. We have a complete mix of shows & events - cinema, comedy, music, panto, plays with casts anything from 1 to about 30 - mostly we are a receiving house, but the residen
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  10. Dear Edward, thank you so much for your help and all the information regarding the training material. I've already started watching some of the videos and I'm pretty sure they'll help me a lot. As I'm at home right now, I've also started to spend some time with the Phantom ZerOS application which is a really great way to work with the console without having it a my hands. One thing I tried so far is to program some faders to certain positions/scenes and some only to colors. However, I can't really make this work right now, as the position parameter always gets stored in the color faders.
  11. Hi Sven, No problem, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  12. Hi Edward, thanks for your answer! This indeed was very helpful! I can imagine how dumb I would have looked if I would not have found my console Best regards Sven
  13. Hi Sven, Hope you are well. I can confirm the ZerOS Remote and ZerOS Monitor apps have been tested with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 include some significant changes to how they handle Local Area Networks. As a result, upon opening the apps, you will not see your console detected and listed. You will therefore need to click "Manual Connect", type in the IP address of your console (or another IP which is within range of your device), and then click Connect. You will then receive an iOS pop-up, saying: ""Z Remote" (or "Z Monitor") would like to find and connect
  14. Hi all, did someone already test if the zero apps are compatible with IOS/iPadOS 14? (I wanted to post to the APPs or Software forum but for whatever reason they are closed) Thanks and best regards Sven
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  16. Roamin

    highlight sur UDK

    super, merci beaucoup!
  17. Hi Lena, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. The short answer, is you can pretty much configure the console however you want to, to find the most flexible way of working for you. For example, you could have a single scene on each fader, or you could have several scenes on each fader. In that case, hopefully by now you are all patched up, meaning when your faders are in "Channels" function, each fader controls an individual fixture. One of the simplest ways of controlling your fixtures, is simply by using Groups and Palettes. You will see at the top of the touchscreen y
  18. Hi guys, I work as a guitar teacher at a local music school and during events and shows I'm responsible for the lights. Our venue used to have small Elation DMX Operator Pro which has now been replaced by a Zero 88 FLX S24 2U. For the lights, we have like six par cans as front light and eight moving heads in the back (Cameo spots/washers/Showtec led pars). My job's now to setup everything from scratch and make it work according to my needs. As I'm not a "trained" light technician, I'm used to figure out everything on my own, which worked quite well with the Elation desk. My programming lo
  19. Bonjour, Comme le mentionne Kevin, maintenez la touche SETUP enfoncée et appuyez sur un UDK vide. Vous pouvez ensuite utiliser le menu déroulant pour choisir «Surligner». Vous pouvez également maintenir SHIFT enfoncé et appuyer sur HOME pour accéder à la sélection. Si vous avez des questions, laissez-nous savoir. Hello, As Kevin mentions, press and hold SETUP and tap an empty UDK. You can then use the drop-down menu to choose "Highlight". Alternatively you can hold SHIFT and press HOME to access Highlight. If you have any questions let us know. Ed
  20. kgallen

    highlight sur UDK

    Setup+UDK already offers Highlight in the selectable options for the UDK. The UDK needs to be truly unprogrammed, so use Delete UDK first.
  21. Roamin

    highlight sur UDK

    Bonjour, Est ce que vous pensez que sur un bouton UDK, on peut créer une fonction "highlight" comme une célèbre autre marque de console, l'idée est que avec cette fonction, le projecteur sélectionné passe en blanc afin de le retrouver facilement?
  22. Hello, A universe currently costs £250 exVAT. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  23. OK merci! et le prix d'un univers?
  24. Bonjour, Le nombre maximum d'univers qu'un FLX peut contrôler est de 16 univers (8192 canaux). Ces univers peuvent être patchés sur 64 univers. Pour débloquer des univers supplémentaires, voir ci-dessous ... https://zero88.com/upgrade/ Hello, The maximum number of universes a FLX can control is 16 universes (8192 channels). These universes can be patched across 64 universes. To unlock additional universes, see below... https://zero88.com/upgrade/ Edward
  25. Salut Edward! oui tres bonne astuce merci! J'en profite, si on a pas assé avec les 2 048 canaux (4 univers), est il possible d'acheter des canaux, ou des univers supplémentaires? La console va jusqu’à 64 univers, mais jusqu’à combien de canaux peut on aller?
  26. Bonjour, Si vous disposez d'un FLX à 4 univers (2048 canaux), vous pouvez ajouter des univers DMX supplémentaires, jusqu'à un maximum de 16 univers (8192 canaux). Ces univers peuvent être patchés sur 64 univers. https://zero88.com/upgrade/ J'espère que cela t'aides, Hello, If you have a 4 universe (2048 channels) FLX, you can add additional DMX universes, up to a maximum of 16 universes (8192 channels). These universes can be patched across 64 universes. https://zero88.com/upgrade/ Hope this helps, Edward
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