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    Is there a single sheet that lists all available shortcuts and syntax commands? Browsing the manual and seem to find new things every now and then, but no listing?
  3. What is what I am not doing well? 4x dimmer and then fixture, I want to save this in a submaster. If I then raise the slider then only the 4x dimmer works
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  5. Hi Myles, Thanks for the comments. Could you expand a little on this one? FLX S already has the Home button which can be used for homing fixtures, and configuring Max Level and Defaults... What would you like to be able to do with UDKs on FLX S? Do you find you would need these as well as playbacks? Edward
  6. High: Assign one fixture multiple dimmers (multiple brightness attributes), Soft buttons on FLX S for home, max and default and for UDKs. Medium: Visualisation of light (color, possibly gobo if image provided and rough direction aim of light), FX constuction for FLX S. Low: Ability to create fixture profiles on desk (give start address and work from there, you can control the light and figure out what the values are for boundaries etc).
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  8. Thank you 🙂 glad you like them! We're deliberately aiming for "neutral" - explaining jargon rather than teaching a particular console. That said... we're working towards an online manual & updated knowledgebase, which these will hopefully be included in.
  9. These are great - but some (e.g. cue only, home) need a line to say how to achieve this on the console, or a reference to the appropriate section of the manual. I'm playing "spot the voice" - it's like a Zero88 version of Trevor Nelson's Radio 2 Five-seconds-to-name quiz! 😆
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  11. Hi James, We have recently launched a new Zero 88 Website, which we have migrated the fixture library download over to. The Fixture Library download for ZerOS consoles is available here... https://zero88.com/library#zeros If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  12. Hi, when trying to download https://zero88.com/forum/files/file/8-fixture-library-full/ ,I get Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  13. Hi Zulu, This morning we have actually just released a very quick video regarding tracking. Tracking is really useful for making an edit to a lighting state, and allowing those edits to be applied to multiple cues. Copying cues would be used if you want an exact duplicate of a preexisting lighting state in a new cue. Hope this helps, Edward
  14. Thanks for the responses, guys. V. helpful. Regarding the HTP LTP Inhibit query, I think I get that. Thanks. Regarding the copying of cues, I'm interested in kgallen's offering: I still struggle a bit with Tracking, but generally everything works as I want, with the default settings. Typically when starting to plot a new play, I create a "blank" cue list with all descriptions, numbers, and script references. Then, when I'm plotting, and realise I can re-use a lighting state from Act 1, in Act 3, I'll want to copy. Can tracking help me with this, or should I rethink my basic MO ? Ta, Zulu
  15. Introducing our video series demystifying common lighting jargon. One a day throughout advent.
  16. Hi Ed, thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay. Yes I would be happy to try out the beta version to see if it makes any difference. It seems I do not have permission to see the link so I will send you an email for the access as requested. Rgds Mac
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  18. Check the DMX Output Window, witch values are send to the spots. Try to switch the dmx adresses of spot one and spot two and see if the error switch with your adress change. if the same spot is strobing, its a lamp / mode problem. If the error is than one spot one, it could be a patch or flx problem. So you can see if it's the lamp , the desk, or the patching in the flx.
  19. Hi I confirm i put 8 channel. I disabled rigsync before i patch. There do again. Thanks for begin answer
  20. Hello, Can you confirm they are set to the 8 channel HSIC mode? If you are patching your fixtures manually, I would recommend disabling RigSync. To do this tap SETUP -> Universes -> RDM -> RigSync -> Disabled. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  21. Hello, Inhibit is available for FLX S. For more information on Playback Mixing options, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1077997011 If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  22. If these cues you're copying are in a playback stack, you should look into Tracking rather than copying and editing consecutive cues. Edward didn't mention Inhibit, so maybe this doesn't work as you describe. The FLX manual on p42 covers Inhibit (in a very terse way - but it doesn't say this feature is not available on FLX S) so might be worth a try.
  23. Mode Channel All in inverse 1 Spot 1 adress 1 et fader 1 Spot 2 adress 9 et fader 2 Spot 3 adress 17 et fader 3 Thanks
  24. Hi Zulu, Preview is only available on FLX, and is unfortunately not available on FLX S consoles (as a handy hack, you could be running your cue stack on Phantom ZerOS on PC running as FLX alongside your FLX S, which will allow you to preview the cues). When you copy a cue, you paste a new version of the cue, and therefore don't simply update the existing cue. The existing cue is therefore overwritten, and the name of the copied cue is used. If a fixture controls the same lights as another playback, however at a lower level, by default the highest playback will output, as intensity mixes Highest Takes Precedence. You can however configure playbacks to mix Latest Takes Precedence, so when you raise a playback fixtures fade down to the recorded level. To do this hold SETUP and tap your playback's button to open its settings. From the Intensity Mixing Options, choose LTP, rather than HTP. Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  25. To advance my learning . . . 3 questions: Using the Master Playback with a theatre style cue stack 1. When a cue is live on stage, the Output window shows exactly what all the channels/fixtures are doing. Very useful. Is it possible to preview the view for a cue that isn't currently live? 2. Copying cues. Using the Z button, I frequently copy existing cues into other existing cues (over-writing), meaning I only need minor edits to the new cue. Is it possible to copy the content of a cue into another existing cue, without over-writing the description ? 3. I've mastered programming a Playback to add lighting to an existing scene. Can I programme a playback to subtract light from an existing scene? eg I hit the playback button (or raise the slider), and certain fixtures go dark for the duration ? many thanks, Zulu
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