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  2. Hi David, Lease time configuration is based on how often new devices are joining and leaving a network. For example, if you are regularly having new devices connecting and disconnecting (such as on a public Wi-Fi network), you'd want the lease time to be less. When a device joins a network, it is given an IP for the duration of the lease. If the device then promptly leaves, you wouldn't want that IP reserved unnecessarily, when it could then be given to another device that joins the network. If you have a network which basically always has the same devices on it, such as a typical
  3. Hi DRP, If you would like the Master Playback fader to control the total intensity output of the console, it can be configured as a Grand Master. For more information see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/special-playback-functions As @Davidmk mentions, you could create an Inhibit Master, to allow you to scale the intensities of particular fixtures. This can be done by setting all the fixtures that you wish to scale with the Master Playback fader to full. You can then tap RECORD, and tap the Master Playback's button to record the cue. Then,
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  5. See Special Playback Functions in the manual. Never tried it but the manual does say "there’s nothing special or different about the Master Playback compared to the other playbacks" You should also be able to set it up as an inhibit master if there are channels (like your house lights) that you don't want it to control.
  6. I generally set lease time to the maximum available. If there's a down side to this (in the context of a lighting network), then someone please tell me because I haven't found it for myself yet.
  7. From time to time, the excellent FLX S48 in our multi-user venue is likely to be used as a manual board to set up a few generics on faders, then to raise and lower levels, eg for a talk. Is there a simple way that the Master Playback fader can be set up as a master fader to bring up and down whatever group of faders has been chosen - in channels 1-24 only - without the need for an untrained user to record any cues?
  8. Hi Just, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. To confirm, is this a fresh install of ZerOS 7.9.9 you are using, or have you loaded your show file back into the console following the update? To confirm the patch of the channel faders, tap SETUP to view the Fixture Schedule. You will see the fixture numbers listed in the first column, which correspond to the channel fader numbers. You'll see the DMX address those channels are controlling on the right-hand side. Can you confirm your dimmers are receiving DMX, and you are plugged into the correct DMX output on the rear of the conso
  9. hi all just put in version 7.9.9 on my solution board and now have lost the generic dimmers, they go to any contractor 24 pack but nothing happens also replaced the dmx cable, any ideas
  10. Would you like to tell us the type of the router? Some time ago I had problems with Artnet because of exactly this issue. And I am quite sure that I didn't set such a short lease time. Cheers, Martin
  11. Last week
  12. Hi Ian, Thanks very much for the update. Theoretically, this shouldn't have an effect - if a device is online continuously, as soon as the lease is expired it should be automatically leased the same IP address again. I think this is what I'd be leaning towards - perhaps the router is struggling with continuously starting new leases. Would you be able to let me know the make and model of the router? Really glad to hear you solved the problem and can now use the apps correctly. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  13. Just to provide an update, I tried connecting the apps from my phone and windows tablet right next to the wifi router, the phone still wouldn’t connect to the desk with connection error message but the Windows app would. I than examined the config in the router, the only thing that I didn’t expect was the DHCP lease set to one minute. I then did a factory reset on the router and locked down the SSID, password and admin access. (DHCP had returned to the default figure of 120 minutes). Access was subsequently fine from the apps. So, either a router gremlin, or some of the devices
  14. Yea, but don't go messing with your electrical installation eh. Main equipotential bonding should indeed be connecting metallic water and gas pipes to the MET but you don't want to be arbitrarily connecting your socket earths to any pipes. If your sockets supply equipment that has a high leakage or high functional earth current then there are proper methods defined in the IEE Wiring Regs for using multi-earth sockets (like MK Logic Plus "outboard" sockets). You need the advice of an appropriately knowledgeable electrician before you go here otherwise you could create a shock hazard or have tri
  15. Hi alg, I agree with Ian's comments above - it would be worth monitoring the issue, especially this week now it is cooler, to see if you encounter it again. If you do, drop us an email to support@zero88.com, and we'll be able to advise. If this is a hardware fault, the Jester would likely need to be sent in for service for a decent amount of time, to allow for replicating and then fixing the issue. Many thanks @iank99 for your thoughts on potential heat or earthing issues. Edward
  16. You're right to suspect the ambient temperature - chipsets do have optimum operating ranges which can cause flakiness if those ranges are exceeded, the chips in a desk might feel they're running "hot" but they might be not far off their maximum ambient. From experience there's enough margin in the limits to allow some very hot running but it's measured in hours not days... The case being "sealed" won't help either in extreme ambient conditions because of the lack of air movement. The other consideration might be - what else is "sharing" the power circuits that your desk is connected to? A
  17. We are running a show on Jester and have had two instances of complete blackout on stage for about 2 seconds about 6 days apart during performances. There were no Qs at the time the lights simply went out and came back on for no apparent reason. There was no apparent power failure and the desk & monitor stayed live. The dimmers are 5 x Betapack 3 and would hold their level if the DMX signal was lost, so it must a clear DMX level change from teh desk I would assume. Is this simply an annoying hardware/software bug or something else, any ideas? This has never happened before in the 10 y
  18. Thank you for confirming. Let me know how you get on. Edward
  19. I’ll do more testing next week. Just the router cabled to the desk, nothing else on that network.
  20. Earlier
  21. Hello, Thanks very much for confirming. Let me know how you get on. Edward
  22. Hi Edward, Thanks for your reply. I'll do another reset this afternoon, including the DMX universes. Think I've done that already, but who knows It's a 1 universe desk, I'll try the 5p DMX too with a converter to our 3p cabling. Cabling should be fine, was working before the update and not after the update, but I'll double check. I did patch the dimmers on universe 1, so that should work just fine. I'll try the mentioned steps and report back. I'll mail the showfile too.
  23. Hi Rene van Hove, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the DMX output. We haven't heard of this issue before. To reset the DMX outputs, please tap SETUP -> Universes, and under the DMX option please choose reset to defaults. This will then reset the DMX, mapping Desk Universe 1 to Output 1. If this is a 1 universe FLX S24, resetting the DMX will assign both DMX Outputs to output Desk Universe 1 - do either of these ports output data? Can you confirm there are definitely fixtures patched and addressed on the Desk Universe mapped to the DMX
  24. Hi Jouper, Solution consoles do feature a DMX input. DMX input channels can either be assigned to remotely control the intensities of patched fixtures, or to control the levels of programmed playbacks. The DMX input cannot be used as a merge between the console outputs and the incoming data. Configuring the DMX input to control fixture intensities, is done using the DMX Input column of the Fixture Schedule. Configuring the DMX input to control playbacks is done by tapping SETUP -> Triggers, and adding playbacks under the DMX In option. I hope this helps, if you have any qu
  25. Hi Ian, If you brought the Android device and iPad close to the wireless router, could you connect more successfully? If you receive a "Desk Connection Failed" when you click on a console that has appeared, in most cases this means you don't have a strong enough connection for the UI to be streamed, however just enough for the desk pings to come through. Is there anything else connected to your lighting network, or is it simply the router connected to the console, and then a handful of wireless devices? For the majority of domestic routers, you shouldn't need to tweak any
  26. I have a FLX S24 console running on a location that was closed for more than a year due to Covid. Today, we installed some new fixtures and upgraded the console to software 7.9.9 and fixture library 2.1 I reloaded my show, fixed some patching issues (generic dimmers in 7.9.9 seem to be different from generic dimmers in my file) and... no lights. I reinstalled the 7.9.9 software to be sure, didn't do the library 2.1 update, patched some generic dimmers and still nothing. There's also no DMX receive light on my dimmers. I tested with just one fixture attached directly to the console (no
  27. Is it possible to get dmx inputs from another controller like a dmx software and send them to the dmx controll? So as an example i have a dmx controll software and i am controlling my moving head with a joystick and sending this dmx outputs is it possible to pass it trough to my moving head but when i want to controll the moving head from the zero its also possible?
  28. I have had infrequent issues with “Desk connection failed” on both my Apple tablet and Android phone recently, both running latest software. Inevitably, on final tech focus, I couldn’t connect at all unless I renewed DHCP on the desk which would allow me in once for a short while. The desk IP always appeared in the app startup screen. Curiously, the Windows Zeros Monitor worked flawlessly on my tablet but it wasn’t practical to use that at the top of the access equipment! I suspect my wireless router settings as connectivity worked fine via my home hub but it is out of the box other than
  29. Hi Jouper, I'd recommend formatting the USB stick you are using in Windows, and then run the ZerOS OS Creator software again to create the bootable drive. If you are still having difficulty, please see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/software-updates/zeros-usb-creator/mbr-2 If you have any questions let me know. Edward
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