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  2. Hello, Essentially, Mood Boards are just shortcuts to colour values. Therefore if you apply a mood board, and then record this to a cue, you are just recording raw colour values, with no reference to the mood board you used. If you wish to keep track of the colours you are using in your cues, I would recommend using colour palettes. You can therefore record the mood boards you wish to use as your own colour palettes, and then these can be used to record your cues. This means you can easily update your colour palettes, and any cues that used them will be updated too. It also saves you
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  4. Indeed, one of the main reasons I got an FLX was exactly this AND it does not stop when purchased like many others.
  5. Is the colour selected for a fixture in a cue recorded as data so I can go back to a scene and see what colour I used so I can use it for another cue ? I find Mood Boards easy to select colours, but at present I write down what colours I used for a fixture in a scene as I tend to use the same range of colours through a musical.
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  7. Hi James, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. If you are using a single Ethernet cable between Capture and your Mac, you won’t need to worry about setting the Router IP on the FLX S48 CITP settings. However, your IP address of the CITP protocol on FLX S48, must be in range of the IP address of your Mac. Your FLX S48 CITP must have the same subnet as your Mac. Therefore if you wish to use the IP of for your FLX S48 CITP settings, set the subnet to, and then change your Mac’s IP address to 192.168.1.x (x could be any number between 1-254, which doesn’t co
  8. Hi, I have been trying to connect my FLX S 48 to capture (Mac OS) for a while but i'm struggling. I have the desk connected to the Mac via a CAT 5E cable. I have patched a few dimmers, movers LEDs... into capture and the desk. Under the universes tab in setup, Streaming ACN and Art-Net 4 are disabled, CITP is enabled, and Static IP address is selected. Settings are as follows: IP address: Subnet mask: 255.255.0 Router: Not sure if these are set correctly. Also, what do I have to do change on the Mac and how do I do this?? Thanks!!
  9. Hi Josh, That's great, glad to hear it. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  10. Hi Edward, I have managed to upgrade the software now using a different usb stick and that has now fixed all the issues. Thanks you very much, Josh
  11. Hi Josh, Thanks for confirming. Please email us a picture of the console's serial number to support@zero88.com, displayed at the top of the LCD when you open Super User, and we will be able to advise the next step. If you are able to, it would also be worth copying the Jester4.1 software onto a different USB stick if you have one to hand, and try booting the console with the left and right arrow keys held down again. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  12. Hi Edward Yes I did have the shift button held down when I pressed enter. I have tried restarting it several times to see if that helps but it made no change. Josh
  13. Hi Josh, Thanks for the photos. When you chose <USB Host>, did you have Shift held down? If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  14. Thanks for the reply. When I boot it with the arrows held down it goes into the update mode but it keeps saying "Searching for an upgrade file, Please Wait". I left it for 20mins before cancelling it as it didn't seem to find the update file. the usb has a light that was just solid red the entire time if that gives any info. When I go into the usb host mode option it doesn't come up with a upgrade option it just shows some text which I guess is some version info. I have included photos to see if that gives you any help. Josh
  15. Hello, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. JesterOS 4.1 can be downloaded here... https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/248ce535-0aef-40ac-89a6-88e34e4f2cf1/Jester41.zip Once downloaded, extract the file to the root of a USB stick, and plug into the Jester. Then boot the Jester with the left and right arrow keys held down. If the Jester cannot detect the USB stick, turn the Jester off, and remove the USB stick. Then turn the Jester on, and go into Super User (SHIFT + MODE). Then arrow down to <USB Host>. Hold SHIFT and press ENTER, and you should see the option to ch
  16. I have a Jester 24/48 at my college that has issues with the USB port. When I try to save a show file to a usb stick it keeps saying working until I cancel the save. It also has issues using a keyboard for labelling cues and subs as it will only work with a specific keyboard as long as the keyboard was plugged in before it got turned on. It is running v3.1 firmware I have tried updating it to 4.1 but it cannot recognise the usb stick. I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong or if there is a issue with the desk.
  17. Hello, What software version is your Solution console currently running? To find out, choose the "Other Windows" button found top left of the Output Window. From the drop down menu choose "System Information". In the window that opens will be a line of text displaying the Software Version. If you are running ZerOS 7.9.x, you will be able to install the latest ZerOS software following the instructions below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/setup/load#zeros If you are running ZerOS 7.8.x, please see the instructions below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/software-u
  18. Hi I am ask how to update console zero88 solution iam following the introduction and when press setup and choose load not appear to me anything just load show or load fixtures can tell me away to upgrade or some of shortcuts when iam open console power
  19. Hello, Pause also acts as a Back button. A single press of Pause pauses the cue stack, and a second press of Pause will then go back to the previous cue. Hope this helps, Edward
  20. You can use shift for Pause Playback, is there an option for Back ? or do you have to use the jump to function in cue playback.
  21. Roamin

    Macros sur "Page up"

    C'est nickel! Merci!
  22. Bonjour, Oui, ça l'est. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est d'enregistrer une macro de la touche «Page précédente» enfoncée, et vous pouvez alors déclencher cette macro à partir de n'importe quel repère. Voir la section Macros du manuel pour plus d'informations ... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/macros Si vous avez des questions dites le moi. Hello, Yes it is. All you would need to do is record a macro of the "Page Up" key being pressed, and you can then trigger that macro from any cue. See the Macros section of the manual for more information...
  23. Bonjour, Est il possible de créer une macros pour que lorsque j'avance dans mon Master Playback, je puisse monter dans mes pages de Playbacks? Ex: Cue 3 (Master Playback) = page 2 (Playback)
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  25. Yay - result! Glad you got sorted
  26. thanks mate sent me an old wheel today and it works fine, so all repairs now complete, but have but ya name in me boook thanks Dave
  27. If you let me know the PCB number of the board - I'm at my workshop on Friday & I'm pretty sure I should have one in my recovered spares stock, I'll have a look and check.
  28. Dear All, Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of the new ZerOS Online Manual, available here... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros Now that the manual is in the new online format, this will be updated regularly. The whole online manual is available as a PDF here... https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/manuals/zeros-en.pdf This joins the five other online manuals available here... https://zero88.com/manuals The ZerOS Online Manual, has now replaced support.zero88.com, and all articles that used to live there. The articles can now be found in their relevan
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