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  2. Tried, but still keeps cycling through the colors when I stop fader-movement. Maybe wrong settings for "record"? Did you try? Could you provide detailed steps if you got it working? Thanks, Kay.
  3. I’ve often just used a screen grab from the pdf manual, so no it can be whatever it is. When you read it into the Detail tab then it gets scaled. Kevin
  4. Rainbow effect then set Fader Controls -> Effect ?
  5. Dear Team, need a good idea/solution: Let's assume some RGB-fixtures (some washer for background lighting). For a live-show I want to change the colors just by moving one fader up/down, cycling through some rainbow-colors. Similar to the rainbow-effect, but not on a timely base, but on a fader-position-base. No need to change brightness, just assume 100%. Maybe there is a solution with fader-position down (0) for black, and values 1 to 255 for different colors (in full brightness). Ideas? Sounds tricky, does it? Thanks, Kay
  6. Thanks Edward. I'm happy to have a go at this, I could do with keeping my hand in. If I do this do gobo images have to be 25x25 pixels? Ch5 no strobe info Ch7 There is no gobo info Ch13 No reset info appearing on the beam page ch14 No lamp control On further inspection the colour wheel on Ch4 might be more complex than I first thought. The fixtures have 3 possible settings available on their control panel 1 Linear Colour. 2 Full Colour and Rainbow effect . From combinations of having these on or off it gives 6 different variations of the way Ch4 behaves. The Clay Paky manual doesn't make it easy but I have attached it if that helps And the brochure has some better images of the gobos https://www.claypaky.it/media/documents/Alpha300_Brochure_EN.pdf Cheers Chris HR_AlphaBeam300_Manual_05.2015.pdf
  7. Last week
  8. Hi Chris, If you drop us an email to FixtureSupport@zero88.com with details on what is missing, we’ll be able to take a look and add this in. Edward
  9. Does anyone have their own Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300 (Vector mode) fixture profile? The one on the Fixtures database has a fair bit of data missing. I'll re write one but just in case some one has done all the work already I thought I would ask. Cheers Chris
  10. To clarify we're not saying you should records lots of playbacks with red, green and blue etc and have to mix from primaries all of the time. More that you record playbacks, with restricted attribute information that you can combine to make more interesting scenes. For example you might have a playback with only spot positions for the musos (only record position). Then you might have another playback that has certain colours (I don't just mean RGB) for those spots (only record colour). You might have another playback that sets all those spots to white. You might have another playback that puts gobos in (only record beamshape). You might have another playback that you use as a "base" that has a certain position, colour and beamshape. You trigger that first, then think, ok I want the gobos in for the backlights - so then push up the playback that only has backlight gobos programmed in. So a given scene might have 3 or 4 playbacks active, with each providing part of the picture. And of course you should use palettes and do palette referencing so when you move to a new venue, you update your position palettes and all of your position playbacks automatically see and use the updated positions. Easy to say of course - this takes time to set this up the first time, but potentially gives you more flexibility. When the band add a new song, say some soppy balad, and you need a pink wash, you just create a playback with the pink in it. Then you use that as your "colour component" when mixing on to of your existing position and beamshape playbacks. It all comes down to recording only certain stuff into a playback, not everything for every fixture.
  11. Hi Eric, That's great, when we have an updated fixture file we will include it in a future library version release. Edward
  12. Hello, Hopefully Kevin's suggestions help you out here, if you have any questions let us know. (Just so you're aware I have deleted your duplicate post). Edward
  13. Hello, As Kevin and Thierry say, if you have 2 playbacks which have information for the same fixture, whichever you raise most recently controls the fixture, due to Colour, Beam and Position in playbacks mixing Latest Takes Precedence. As Kevin mentions, for better mixing, don't record whole lighting states on playbacks. Instead of having 2 colour scenes on faders, have lots of single colour scenes you can mix between. As well as achieving better mixing, this also gives you added flexibility of the lighting states you can create. Thanks very much @kgallen for linking to those. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  14. You need to be in Partial Mode. (This in itself has a lot of implications if you're not already in Partial Mode if you've already programmed your show). I'd also ensure you have 10.12 software on the Frog and select Partial Mode with Tracking is what I'd recommend. When you record the submaster, the only attribute that should be tagged is the appropriate attribute (intensity, colour, beamshape, position) of the mover you're talking about. Then when you raise this submaster then only information that will change is that attribute of that mover. I'm not clear from your question if you just want to fade up the intensity, or move the mover to a new position. Acoordingly before you record you should only tag the intensity or position of that mover. When you know the solution, it's "easy" - however getting there may be a more complex journey, so I wish you good luck! (This is all perfectly do-able on the Frog, but I don't think you can switch between Full and Partial mode without consequence, unlike the FLX's where you can switch the equivalent setting at will. With Frog you need to decide your programming approach [Full or Partial] upfront.).
  15. You're experiencing "Latest Takes Precedence" behaviour plus you're recording your other memories with too much information. For example you are recording a memory with your other light settings and including "new" information (like make it red) for the spotlight you want to stay white. Thus when you execute this new memory, your white spotlight gets new information from the memory that says "change to red" - and because that information is "later", then LTP behaviour causes your spot to change. Regardless if you are creating a cuestack or using individual playbacks with "looks" (or "partial looks") on it, you should read up on tagging - so that you only record into a memory the information you want to change. i.e. you'd not tag your "spot" so it didn't get new information from your other "look" memories. Other options, although more clunky, but possibly a get-out-of-jail, is to PARK your spot - this stops it being affected by anything. However when you want to change this spot, you need to un-park it first. Relevant KB articles include: http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1014189311/What-is-Tagging.htm http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/975070091/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-Faders-Changing-Fixture-Defaults.htm http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1011405471/Fader-Controls.htm http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1011403601/What-is-Parking.htm http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/1011587771/How-do-I-manually-Release-a-Playback.htm And this jargon series from this Christmas (see HTP, LTP, Tracking, Park, Busking, maybe Inhibit):
  16. hi, perhaps i'm wrong and you'll have to wait for Edward's knowledge... You have to consider that led's fixtures have different behaviour than traditionals fixtures. when you use led's fixtures or automatics fixtures, you must work with "cues" and not with "memories" in several playbacks... Try to program your sequence of several cues in one submaster (playback) and you'll get what you want... If you try to work like "the old school" method, it's not always possible to get what you want, using different playback with the same fixtures involved in... Example : if you really want to mix correctly colors of identical fixtures with different playbacks, you need to make each time a memory with the "primary" color, untagging the other colors. you record a full blue memory in a playback 1, a full red memory in a playback 2, a full green memory in a playback 3 (with in each playback the other colors untagged), then you'll be able to fully mix your 3 playbacks without any trouble... But if you want to do something else than my example, then no more memories but cues only, simultaneous dmx command behaviour is okay with "cues" . I hope that i'm not "offside", if it is, Edward will tell...
  17. Hello! With modern live rock n roll rigs using LED's only, I am having a hard time keeping a said fixture "no color". For example; PB1 is a 2 color scene Red US, Amber DS. PB2 is just 1 of the DS fixtures no color for say guitar solo. PB3 is a 2 color scene, Green US, Blue DS. PB4 is a 2 color scene, Magenta US, Yellow DS. With PB1 active, raise PB2, you have Red US, Amber DS w/ one DS fixture now no color. When I make PB3 active all DS fixture now goes to Blue, even though PB2 fader is still at full. I guess what I am trying to say is how can I make this one LED fixture stay n/c like I was raising a fader channel for a leko. Am I wishing for the impossible? Thanks in advance FYI I am using LeapFrog96 and Solution desks.
  18. Probably a very simple question but I can’t get my head around it! I have a show set up of a few generics, LED’s and movers. I want to have a sub master fader which simply fades a single mover up and down in a predetermined position, but what mode and settings do I need to be in to stop the sub master from saving all my other movers positions and states when they are off? I have the light I want up and in position and everything else dark when I save. The effect is have is currently my mover moving to the right place when the sub master is recalled - but every other mover that was on doing great moves goes off (as that is what it was when I saved it!). How do I make it not affected. Many thanks for what is hopefully an easy solution!
  19. exactly. The importateur have find a solution. He did for me a 10 CH mode try, and it's working. I try now to have a complet version (6ch/10ch/18Ch) And he tell me that was really a factory problems... So When I will a good version I will send you for complete the Fixtures files. (Version gtf40... ) Thank a lot Take care !
  20. Hi Eric, No problem. It sounds like the fixture's manual is therefore incorrect, if you have tried the replacement fixtures and are still experiencing difficulty. You can change the RGBW defaults to 0 if you wish, to avoid the fixture coming on despite the dimmer being down. Edward
  21. I’m amazed at the quality of the Frog 2 desk Ian. The one I purchased on eBay looks almost unused with, apart from one tiny scratch, no signs of wear. I bought it as a cheap way to get up to speed with the Zero 88 desk having been using Strand mostly but more recently having to work with a Frog desk. It was odd at first but I have really got to like the desk and Zeros. In fact the more I use it the more impressed I am with the usability.
  22. Unfortunately it does not work better. In 6ch mode I have a little fader light at the bottom, and the only way to turn it off is to lower the intensity again in the color option touch screen. in 10 ch mode, I have nothing that lights up and there to have something you have to go to RGBW Dim, but it's not magic ... I do not access the Zoom or strobe ... I gave the link of the fixtures page to the importer to see if maybe he can find a solution ... (He creates the fixtures for the Sunlite environment.) Thanks for your help...
  23. I going to try and telling you in few minutes. Thank a lot
  24. Hi Eric, I believe Keith has replied to your fixture request with an updated fixture file. Has this solved the issue? Edward
  25. I had indeed confirmation that it is preferable to have the values at 0% at the level of the Dimmer Level. ch 6 on 6 ch mode, CH 10 on 10CH mode and ch 18 on 18CH mode. This channel will go on an up / down time in 8 and 16 bit mode. When I put it all at 100% it's chaotic. With Jester 24/48 So I tested in mode 6, 10ch and 18 ch I confirm indeed that while being at Zero, the projector behaves in the best way. Then if in 10 CH and 18Ch mode there is an "All Dimmer" channel which behaves like general, in 6ch mode, there is no general setting. So the only way to increase or decrease the intensity is through channels 2, 3, 4, 5, (a bit like on the "Martin Rush Par2") défaut mode on "speed" is "0" (CH 9 on 10 ch mode - Ch 17 on 18 ch mode) Defaut mode on "dimmer level" is "0" (Ch 6 on 6ch mode - CH 10 on 10 ch mode - Ch 18 on 18 ch mode) défaut mode" strob" is "0" (CH 7 on 10 ch mode - Ch 15 on 18 ch mode) défaut mode on "Fonction" is "0" (CH 8 on 10 ch mode - Ch 16 on 18 ch mode) Do you need more info? Normaly it will be work like this. Thank Edouard
  26. Hi Eric, This is purely for testing purposes, so you can work out what the channels do. This matches the fixture file. When you find this information, we will be able to modify the fixture file, and send it back to you. It sounds like the "Dimmer" parameter is more like a shutter. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
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