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  2. Hi all, Like all of us, I am trying to make the most of the time being stuck indoors, and adjusting to this new temporary way of life. I have finally dived into linking FLX to Capture 2020 (all be it the free trial version) (KB Ref: http://support.zero88.com/988883201) and I have had good success in getting things working. Side note: you can download a version of the ‘Dockhouse’ venue for Capture 2020 from the Capture website which works flawlessly with the FLX showfiles. I managed to create a blank Capture file and added in a few generic fixtures and got these controlled directly from Phantom ZerOS! After considering this a win, I have also looked into using Show Cue System (SCS) to produce MIDI Show Control (MSC) cues (Side note: SCS Professional at a minimum required) and how this integrates and controls ZerOS (KB Ref: http://support.zero88.com/990063141). Unfortunately my USB to MIDI device is currently stuck at the back of a storage unit so I am unable to physically test the link between SCS and FLX yet, but initial results from SCS also look positive. The local junior drama group I support are performing Addams Family (postponed until December) and this will have musical backing tracks rather than a live band. As always in local am-dram, there is never enough technical crew, so it is likely I will be running both LX and sound. To save myself juggling through both LX and sound cues I thought it is within the realms of possibility that I could pre-program the majority of the show and command the FLX completely via SCS. Using the backing tracks I can program MSC cues to trigger throughout the song on exactly the right beats all in SCS. For LX cues that are not within a musical number I am thinking I may either add additional MSC cues or have a local ‘GO’ button at the sound desk. I think Addams Family is a great show and I want to try and get a fantastic looking show by not compromising on LX cues if I have to run both LX and sound. Has anyone ever attempted anything similar in a musical setting, or any reasons why you wouldn’t recommend this at all – apart from it being a massive time sponge to pre-program! Appreciate all thoughts, Alex
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  4. Cheers for the quick response, hope that you use the time on your hands to beef up zeros8 dev. At least I for one am waiting for it.
  5. Hi @Afx, Just to confirm exactly what's happened, the lighting divisions of Eaton (5500 people in total, including the Zero 88 & iLight team) were "spun out" to create a separate standalone company called "Cooper Lighting Solutions" (CLS). Although we've reinstated the "Cooper" name of old, the newly created company is a very different company than before - focused purely on lighting. Signify purchased CLS from Eaton, but Signify and CLS are run independently. For Zero 88 & iLight, apart from swapping the Eaton branding to CLS branding, and replacing the blue with some brighter colours, nothing else has changed - it's the same team, in the same locations, doing the same jobs! Hope this clears things up, Jon
  6. As stated. Can you give anything out on the effects on control range? More resources, merging with another line?
  7. Hi Rob, Great, glad to hear it. That's correct. To remotely control FLX S using a tablet or phone, you will need a wireless router connected to the console. Any standard wireless router or wireless access point should be fine. For demonstrations and training, we use NetGear routers. More information can be found below... http://support.zero88.com/996119181 Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  8. Thank you Edward. This worked not problem. Out of interest if I decide to use my tablet as a remote I assume I need to purchase a a wireless router. Is this correct ? If so do you suggest any particular model or brand. Thanks Rob
  9. Hi Rob, You cannot have both devices with the same IP address. In the world of Ethernet, devices must have unique addresses, or else there will be conflicts. Therefore please set: FLX S24 - Laptop - Both with subnets of Please try this and let me know how you get on. Edward
  10. Thanks Edward. I have followed all your instructions but I still am having problems. I have enabled the remote app on my console and static IP address. I have clicked on "Use the following IP address" on my laptop and put in the IP address that appears on my console When I click on OK and then go to the remote app and open it I just get the box with nothing in it, no automatic fill. I try typing in FLXS24 into name then to address and No to password. The mode is set to monitor. When I click on connect, I just get a black blank monitor screen with ZerOS monitor on top left hand top corner. Am I doing something wrong. Thank you. Rob
  11. Hi Rob, In the ZerOS Remote Monitor software for Windows, the FLX S24 should appear automatically, if the IP address of the console and the IP address of the laptop are configured correctly. An example of IP addresses you could use, are for the FLX S24, and for the laptop, both with subnets of Please follow the following steps for information on how to change your laptop's IP address - the option is hidden away in Windows 10 - ... - The easiest way to change the IP address on a Windows 10 laptop, is open Control Panel. Tap the Windows Key, and type Control Panel to find it. - Then top right view by icons rather than category, and choose Network and Sharing Centre. - From the left hand side, choose Change Adapter Settings. Then double click on "Ethernet", and then double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP)". - Then choose "Use the following IP address", and type an IP in range with the console, such as as suggested. Hit tab, and the subnet should auto populate as - You can then click OK. Then open ZerOS Remote Monitor for Windows, and the FLX S24 should appear. If after using the laptop connected to your FLX S, you then want to plug your laptop into a network connected to the Internet, you will need to repeat the above steps, and then rather than choosing "Use the following IP Address", choose "Obtain an IP address automatically". The name the desk shows can be configured on the FLX S24, by tapping SETUP -> Settings -> Desk Name. Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  12. Hi, I am trying to connect my laptop to use as a monitor and keyboard to my flx24. I have downloaded the app and info on how to do it. I am struggling with the ip address bit. On the app do I type flx24 in the first box then the ip address in the next box ? But which ip address, my pc's ip address (which I have found) or the ip address of my console. Then what next? Sorry if I am missing something or this is a really basic question, I am using Windows 10 on my laptop
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  14. Hi Chris, No problem. Any questions let me know. Edward
  15. stowedout

    Midi note mapping

    Cheers good to know. I was trying to run page 5 upwards via midi. Explains why I was hitting a brick wall. Re-jig required Chris
  16. Hi Chris, That is correct, MIDI Notes will trigger playbacks 1-128, with no way of applying an offset. Hope this helps, Edward
  17. stowedout

    Midi note mapping

    Thanks Edward, So is that the first 128 playbacks only with no way of pushing the start point up the playback list. Chris
  18. Hi Chris, Yes thank you - hope you are too. ZerOS can only be set to receive a single MIDI Notes channel number. There are 16 channels in total (0-15). 128 playbacks can therefore be triggered from a single MIDI Notes channel (MIDI Note Pitch 0-127). A fade time can be applied using the velocity. For more information see below... http://support.zero88.com/990063141 Hope this helps, Edward
  19. stowedout

    Midi note mapping

    Hi Zero88 team, Hope you are all staying safe in these difficult times. Can you confirm how playbacks are numbered for midi purposes (for info my FLX set to midi channel 1). My understanding is that there are 128 notes in each midi channel, therefore If playback 1 is midi note 1. Does playback 129 get pushed up to Channel 2 midi note 1? Chris
  20. Hi David, Thanks very much for posting, and for those links. I'll add to this thread too - if anyone wants to refresh some lighting key terms, see below... https://zero88.com/jargon For questions on how to do the above, just let me know. For a 20 minute chat with myself or one of the others in the Zero 88 support team, see below... https://zero88.com/news/zero-88-to-provide-free-remote-training-and-support Edward
  21. I came across this website today (when I wondered exactly what the flying term "deads" meant). Apart from being a handy reference it looks like an excellent source if you have to teach lighting (like I do). Even if you know every theatre term, don't teach and have followed all the Z88 suggestions, it also links out to this which you might find more interesting than youtube videos of cats. If anyone has any other serious or entertaining suggestions to keep us amused do, please, share. PS. Stay safe everyone, they will need us when they re-open.
  22. Hi Martin, Hope you can find the reason for this soon. When Wireshark is running, it should put the currently sniffed NIC (Network Interface Card such as Ethernet or WiFi) into “promiscuous mode”. This means it should be able to see traffic out of range and not on the NIC’s Host Address. A way for your PC to become an ArtNet device, is to run a piece of software that can be controlled by ArtNet. You could use our presentation files of Capture visualisation software for this... http://support.zero88.com/1004254221 Run this application, and Capture will then send an ArtPollReply packet from the PC to the source (in response to the ArtPoll), and you will then see ArtDMX being sent to your laptop. If you have RDM enabled on FLX S, you will also see ArtTodRequest packets, as FLX S is asking devices for any RDM information. Hope this helps, Edward
  23. Hi Edward, my device IS programmed to send ArtPollReply packets to every ArtPoll packet. But for mysterious reasons it stops doing that after some time. Therefore I want to know if there is something going on on the network which I cannot see with Wireshark. Cheers, Martin
  24. Hi Martin, ArtNet devices should always send ArtPollReply packets, to notify other ArtNet devices of its presence. If a device doesn't, it would be considered "offline", and the source would stop sending ArtDMX to that device. Edward
  25. Thanks Edward, that would be very nice. I don't see the ArtDMX Packets, as the FLX seems to send them unicast and they are not routed to my Wireshark device. But I can see the ArtPoll and ArtPollReply packets every ~3 seconds. At some time my device stops replying to the ArtPoll packets, and some seconds later it gets removed from the FLX. Thats the problem. I want to find out why this happens. As written in the first post, I am trying to build one myself with an ESP8266. The failure could be easily on my side, but I want to clarify this. Very sad, but maybe necessary ;-( Thanks, Martin
  26. As venues close and events are cancelled across the world, we want to help in whatever small way we can. We’d like to offer you a 20-minute free session, 1-on-1, with one of our technical support team. We’ll phone you at a time and on a number that’s convenient to you. We can help in any way you wish, but here are a few ideas: Set you up with a free visualiser, allowing you to perfect your programming skills Teach you how to create fixture personalities to use in the future Guiding you through updating the software on your Zero 88 equipment Discussing what products might be most suitable for you in the future Click here to choose your free appointment: https://appoint.ly/s/zero88/chat
  27. Thanks for the info, works great!
  28. Hi Martin, I’m not able to attach a Wireshark capture file now, however will do this for you so you can take a look. You should be seeing ArtDMX packets from FLX S, ArtPoll packets from FLX S, and ArtPollReply packets from all ArtNet devices. That’s odd, what is your ArtNet device? Yep, I think all of the Zero 88 community are going to be finding their consoles are getting used less on shows in the next few months. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
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