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  2. Hello, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Great, glad FLX S24 will work for you. If you have any other questions regarding the console please let us know. Thanks @kgallen for your support. Edward
  3. Great!! Thanks for your answer. FLX S24 1U will be enough for me
  4. An unexpanded FLX S24 is limited on fixture count (48) and number of DMX channels (512). So you could have one fixture that used all 512 DMX channels if you had such a perverse beast. Wing doesn't change how many fixtures/DMX channels the desk allows it just gives you more "control surface" i.e. knobs. So you could have up to 8 of your 64-channel fixtures - that due to the number of DMX channels limited to 512 (512/64=8). FLX S24 is upgradeable to 2 Universes (2*512=1024 DMX channels) - but this costs money. https://www.zero88.com/control/flxs
  5. Last week
  6. Can the FLX24s control a 64 channel fixture?
  7. Hi Gabriel, No problem at all, glad I could help. If you have any questions once you get back to Uni or need a hand updating the software just let me know. Edward
  8. Hi Nick, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. There have been no resolution improvements to Phantom ZerOS Front Panel window since this topic. If you are unsure of a front panel button, hover over it with your cursor, and the button name will be displayed in the Front Panel header bar. The virtual internal touchscreen will not be improved, as this can be opened as a separate Phantom window, by ticking "Show LCD" in the Phantom ZerOS launcher. For a list of keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier, see below... http://support.zero88.com/998481801 Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know. Edward
  9. OMG Thank you Edwards. These info really help me a lot. I believe the version is too old to handle these and I will update it as soon as I get back to Uni. Hope my questions are not too stupid as I am still a novice digging into this console.
  10. Was there any outcome from this post? Fairly new to phantom and downloaded today, and seem to be experiencing the same issue. Thanks
  11. Kevin's correct - the acid seems to creep along under the solder resist - depending how long the old battery was left in-situ, the more damage has likely been done I'm afraid. There are some fine tracks near the power supply molex on the main board that seem especially susceptible to corrosion - I had to scrap a Demux 48 because too much had been eaten away and it wasn't worth the time to try and get it sorted
  12. There's a voltage regulator inside the desks anyway to drop the voltage to what the electronics need but you don't want that to do much "work" hence trying to keep near to 9v (it's a 5v reg from memory). If the input voltage is more than 9v then the regulator will do its job but the excess voltage gets "dumped" as heat which can shorten the life of the regulator. Any decent smoothed DC 9v PSU will do the job
  13. Hi Fred, Hope you’re well. That’s great, glad to hear you have decided on FLX S48. Rather than me explain this on the forum, you may find watching the video below helpful... The first half of this video goes in depth on how to program a chase, and all the options available. The second half of the video then goes in-depth on effects. Give this a watch and let me know how you get on. If you would like any particular pointers, please do let me know. Edward
  14. Hi Edward From when we met at the Exeter seminar we have decided on the S48. During the lockdown I am getting more familiar with the console. I am really stuck when it comes to setting up a chase. Would you be able to set out a sample chase and blow by blow instructions for me to work to It would be a great help Fred
  15. Edward- Z88

    Smart tag

    Hi Gabriel, No problem, thanks for the information. Just so you are aware, those training sessions are primarily for our FLX consoles, but as Solution XL runs the same software as FLX, most will be applicable to Solution XL too. Some of the buttons you see will be different though. If you have any other questions whilst you learn the console do let me know. Edward
  16. Hi Gabriel, Yes, any Ethernet cabling will work. By default, you should see a screen layout that looks like the image. If you don’t, the windows have either be rearranged, or you aren’t running the latest software on your Solution XL. We always recommend running the latest software, and if you are learning the console it would also make sense to ensure it’s up to date. To check your current software version, view your Outputs Window. If you cannot see the window labelled Outputs Window, tap OUTPUTS to open it. If it doesn’t open, use the desktop chooser bottom left of the screen to change desktops until you find where the Output Window has opened. Then tap Other Windows top left of the Output Window, and then choose System Info from the drop down. In this window will be a line of text displaying the software version. The latest software for Solution XL is ZerOS 7.9.7. If you would like to update the software, please see the information below, and please ask if you have any questions. https://zero88.com/zeros#download To rename channels/ fixtures, see the article below... http://support.zero88.com/1011594321 Hope this helps, Edward
  17. Gabriel Lau

    Smart tag

    Thank you Edward. I am using Solution XL in my Uni. My Uni is in Hong Kong and I wish I can attend the training session offer by your company. So right now I can just watch those online training sessions and dig into the console by myself as no one know how to use it.
  18. Thank you for answering my first questions. And Yes I am using Solution XL! I hope I can install it by myself. oh btw, is it possible to bring in a cat6 cable instead of cat5e? I only got cat 6 at home. For the second question, I just want to have the same screen with you according to the picture attached below. I saw the channel button window on the upper screen. Where should I open this window? And how can you name/categorize the channel regarding to the picture I attached? Gabriel
  19. Hi Gabriel, By XL, I assume you mean Solution XL console. Yes that’s correct. If you have a spare wireless router, the same one used at home, you can simply connect it to the console using a CAT5E cable. You can then enable the remote connection on the console, enable DHCP, and the router will then manage the console and the connected devices. For more information, see below... http://support.zero88.com/996119181 Could you elaborate a little on categorise name? Hope this helps, Edward
  20. Hi everyone. I have 2 questions and I am still figuring out how to fix it. The first one is inserting a wireless control in XL. My school didnt install the remote function due to security reason. Yet I want to use the remote badly as it is much easier for me to take control. Should I just bring in a Cat5e cable and a router in order to activate the remote function? I saw a wireless hub in the Manuel https://zero88.com/storage/downloads/420a6dfa-f8ae-4528-aca0-9619099cfa9b/FLX-networking-guide.pdf. Does that referring to a router? Secondly, I watched the online lesson video and I saw some categorize name on the screen. How can I do it in XL? Gabriel
  21. Edward- Z88

    Smart tag

    Hi Gabriel, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. No, SmartTag is a function, that allows the console to do a bit of work in the background, to make sure what you see on stage at the point of pressing RECORD, is what you’ll get when you play it back. Without SmartTag, only “tagged” values get stored. You can therefore toggle this option on/off to choose how you wish to program on the console. By “tagged”, we mean values you have manually changed, not values from other cues. For more information on this, see below... http://support.zero88.com/1014189311 Tracking is as you describe, where if you add a fixture in, it will stay there until it’s told to go off. May I ask which ZerOS console you have, and what uni you’re at? Feel free to email me this info if you’d prefer. If you’d like to go in-depth, take a look at our training sessions below... https://www.zero88.com/live In particular, check out our session on Tracking, including SmartTag... Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  22. Gabriel Lau

    Smart tag

    Hey everyone I am a bit confuse of what you are all talking about. So does it mean that Smart tag is just another name of tracking mode? As JWylie91 said, the smart tag will record everything (Let say I selected channel 3 @30% to update cue 1. Does it meaning that I will update all channel 3 into @30 in my show?) If the smart tag work in this way, can I un-select several cues so that I can avoiding fading up wrong channel in that several cues? Sorry I am still digging into this console as no one knows how to use in my Uni.
  23. Earlier
  24. Hi Doug, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. I can confirm all of these products use PSU 0010211, so PSUs can be interchanged with the products below, as stated in the spare parts list in the product web pages... https://zero88.com/control/level https://zero88.com/control/alcora https://zero88.com/control/diablo PSUs for consoles with analogue outputs are no longer available. The article you found on Google has been deleted recently, and spare parts information has been added to the relevant product pages. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  25. And perhaps for the futur, it can be good when there is library Update to include it in zerOS update ! Just to giving a complete download with all the last version ... i m just thinking about new users which don’t know ZerOS and fixture version ... take care
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