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  2. Hi Kevin, These changes were completed back in November 2020, so any changes to our business in 2021 is completely irrelevant. Absolutely no data was lost, just moved. That update, which was principally initiated by myself – no one else, was directly as a result of having such poor feedback to our previous knowledgebase… which we’ve spoken about previously. (It’s worth noting that the knowledgebase was only live for a little over three years. The forum contains much more information, spanning multiple decades, than the knowledgebase ever did). So… I think this is less about us “
  3. I’ll certainly have the software (or at least a pretty recent one) downloaded (not that I could upload it here). What I don’t have or know off the top of my head, is how to make a bootable USB stick that the desk can use. That information was down the links that I now find are 404.
  4. Sorry, I can't help either - I've just looked through my library and I don't have even an old copy (I think I presumed that software would always be on the website). I've looked in the Solution section too and there's nothing there - the download link takes you to the FLX section.
  5. Mes "PAra" en 29 et 30 dans le fichier #1 n'étaient pas nommé sur le patch mais ils intervenaient dans ma séquence. Mais ce sont bien eux dont l'intensité était programmé. Dan sel fichier #2, J'ai échangé toutes les appareils led (ADJ et RVBW) en PARLED 1820IR. Et j'ai supprimé les id de 25 à 28, et c'est alors que dans ma programmation, les intensités enregistrés en ID 29 et 30 dans le fichier #1 sont passés en 33 et 34 dans le fichier #2 (C'est moi qui les ai renommé du coup dans le fichier #2 afin de pas perdre ma programmation). Je ne m'explique pas ce passage de 29 et 30, à 33 e
  6. Yesterday
  7. Jon/Edward, The resources we used to use to support the community are gone. Links posted by Edward to resources in the past 12-18 months no longer work let alone the knowledge we built up over the past 'n' years. We can't help out unless we can access these types of resources. This means you will have to answer every Forum support question yourselves, the community can no longer help others because you've taken away all of the knowledge that we used to use to provide answers. I just tried to help a user with a crashed S48. I couldn't give him instructions for a bootable USB stick be
  8. Can you make a bootable USB stick with the software on and see if the desk will read from that from a power cycle? I'd point you to some instructions on how to make a bootable stick but I can't - none of the links I can find in past articles with instructions on how to do this work anymore. Edward/Jon - seriously chaps this state of affairs with the website needs to be fixed ASAP. The community can't help anyone anymore without your support both directly to the question and getting this damn website sorted so that we can access the resources we need to help users with problems. I'm
  9. Hi, I have exactly the same issue on my S48. I have tried launching ZerOS Startup Tool to plug my keyboards, but it does not work. I have tried using 3 different keyboards but, they do not work. I tried plugging for each of them to both USB ports of the front and back panels. However, still not. Do you have any tips?
  10. Hi Delphine, I'm looking at your two showfiles together. This is what I see: #1 AUTONOMIE GIEVRES I can see 25-28 "7P Hex IP" present and 33-34 are "LED - RGBW". No fixtures named PARA*. #2 PONT SAINT MARTIN3 Fixtures 25-28 deleted as you said, fixtures 33 and 34 are swapped from "LED- RGBW" to "PARLED 1820IR" (and named "PARA J" and "PARA COUR"). So the result going from #1 to #2 is: Any programming related to fixtures 25-28 is deleted (deleted from cues and palettes) Any palettes specific to "7P Hex IP" will disappear since th
  11. Last week
  12. Non, je ne comprends pas Je comprends pour les adresses dmx, pas de problème mais pas pour les ID Mon problème est (voir fichiers envoyés). Mes PARA se retrouvent en 33 et 34, alors que sur le fichier original ils sont en 29 et 30. ET j'ai modifié en changeant juste de fixture comme indiqué plus haut pour les couleurs. Je ne comprends pas ce changement d'ID. RIen à voir avec le PAtch. Merci
  13. Bonjour, Lorsque vous modifiez un appareil dans le calendrier des appareils, l'appareil de remplacement sera étiqueté avec le nom de l'appareil. Les appareils ne seront pas supprimés lors de leur changement. Cependant, si vous remplacez un appareil par un appareil qui utilise plus de canaux DMX que l'original, vous constaterez peut-être qu'il n'est pas automatiquement corrigé. Cela permet de s'assurer que les appareils de remplacement ne chevauchent pas les appareils existants, ce qui vous permet d'attribuer de nouvelles adresses aux appareils de remplacement. J'espère que cela
  14. Ok, for the color. Mais, je vais vous envoyer deux fichiers. MA base et ce que j'ai lorsque j'ai remplacé les fixtures. Dans le premier fichier, j'ai en ID 29 et 30 des fixtures destinées à un usage précis (appellée PARA) Dans mon second, j'ai remplacé les fixtures ADJ et RVBW par les projecteurs que j'aurais dans la salle. GHILLIES DANSEURS AUTONOMIE GIEVRES.zosJ'ai ôté les ID 25, 26, 27, 28, et mes "PARA" se retrouve en 33 et 34. Pourquoi la mémoire ne garde pas la mémoire de l'ID ??? Merci GHILLIES DANSEURS PONT SAINT MARTIN3.zos
  15. Ah...! You know how to set the video link to the correct time point too! Me - failed!
  16. Thanks Kevin, also available here...
  17. Hi Delphine, From 37:30 in this video, Edward describes fixture swap-out. (Maybe there is a "better" video Edward can reference, I just came across this section watching this video):
  18. Oh non, j’ai supprimé mes fixture et en ai mis d’autres !! Oups ! Je vais tout refaire alors… je pensais que l’ID suffisait, il y a aussi des intensités que j’ai perdu mais je pense que c’est la même erreur. Ça fait peu de temps que je travaille avec ce type de console… je n’ai pas encore la bonne logique. Je vais recommencer et vous ferez signe si je n’y arrive pas. merci beaucoup pour votre réactivité delphine
  19. I wasn't to annoyed until I was told it was not a bug and my fault for not tagging and changing the additional colours, I am sorry but an auto generated Red pallet should output red or close to red (hence automatically removing the unsupported colours when using auto colours would achieve this). When you have a venue filled with just over 400 people and the act on stage rips into you for a fault with the lighting desk then yes it is upsetting not to mention damaging to my reputation. In essence this would be great but given the desk outputs erroneous colours then this is not so good. L
  20. There's my first lesson. I was under the impression that programmer time only applied to fade in but not to clear. Definitely going to give that a try. The video I'll have to review later, I've got a dog reminding me that it's walkies time. Thanks for the input though, prompt and helpful as always.
  21. Hi @Davidmk Upon double tapping CLEAR, if you would like your fixtures to fade to their defaults or cue values, you can enable Programmer Time. Programmer Time can be accessed from the fourth encoder wheel in the Z window, or from a fader. For more information, please see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/z-key/z-encoders#programmertime To remove certain fixtures from the programmer, you can use a "Clear Fixture" UDK on FLX. For more information see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/user-definable-keys/advanced-udks You may find
  22. There are two things I do though. One is using blind mode to create a new cue before I need it, another is to use the programmer to make a new cue live, record it and make it live then clear the programmer. I can then fade out the new cue which I can then delete or keep and re-use.
  23. Strong statement, you are clearly annoyed by this issue. So, are you using the programmer to add these bits on the fly? As I said, I avoid that. It's easy to override or add to existing live cues this way but hard to then get rid of that override - not least because clearing the programmer doesn't have a fade time. If you don't clear the programmer then stuff just builds up in it. I'm aware that there might be ways to remove things but TBH I try to avoid being in that situation in the first place. You could research this or perhaps Edward could advise us both.
  24. To be honest it depends on the situation. I would say 50% of my work is in Cue stacks the rest is generally on the fly. If I have the time and/or a show is in for more than 1 performance I will generally use a que stack. If a show it just in for 1 performance we generally do not have the time to record much as getting the show in is the number one priority so in this case it will be on the fly. That Said last week was a mix of small Que stacks for specific sciences, than a lot was added on the fly to fill out the small amount we had set. this was when we got the colour mixing issues. FLX is c
  25. Bonjour Delfine Utilisez-vous le calendrier des appareils pour remplacer vos appareils existants par de nouveaux appareils ? Si tel est le cas, toute programmation effectuée avec les appareils d'origine sera appliquée aux appareils de remplacement. Après avoir fait cela, c'est une bonne idée de sélectionner les appareils et de vérifier chacune de vos palettes, pour vous assurer que le nouvel appareil correspond à ce que vous avez programmé. Si ce n'est pas le cas, vous pouvez mettre à jour la palette, et tous les indices qui ont utilisé cette palette seront également mis à jour. N'hé
  26. Bonjour, Je me suis fait une séquence de cues pour un show que je suis. J'ai programmé ma console avec certains projecteurs, et enregistré et nommé mes couleurs dans ma palette. Or, et ce n'est pas la première fois que j'ai ce problème, si je change de projecteur, ce qui est le cas dans chaque salle où je vais, je n'arrive pas à dire à ma console de reproduire ces couleurs avec ces nouveaux projecteurs. Est-ce que j'oublie une étape ? mes couleurs utilisent uniquement du RVBW et les projecteurs dans la salle qui m'accueille ont les mêmes propriétés. Merci, merci.
  27. So you are operating in a world not unlike my own but you imply you have cue stacks rather than single cue playbacks. I do use a bit of a mixture like that myself even though we have RGB, RGBW, RGBAW & RGBAWU fixtures. What I don't do is use the programmer to busk. Never had the issue you describe though.
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