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  2. You need a lot of information to do a patch. Once you know what fixtures you have and their addresses the actual patching is pretty straightforward. If the desk was patched before then someone must have done it. They may have a showfile. If not they must have had the information you need. They should be able to help - are you able to contact them? Failing that. What is your situation? Is this a school, a community theatre, etc? Is there a tech responsible for it, other users, etc, who may have showfiles? They may even be on this forum but not realise it's "their" venue. Where are you? Another forum member may be close by - it would help avoid us asking lots of questions if someone experienced could take a look in person.
  3. Are the lights "intelligent" i.e. do they move around or have LED's that light up to change the colour they produce? If they're conventional lights like fresnels & profiles that take a lamp then they will be connected to some form of dimmer and that will have the address you need. Usually the dimmer address will be set via an LCD Keypanel, front panel rotary switches or internal DIP switches. If your installation is the latter then a simple 1 to 1 patch might suffice to get things running e.g. DMX channel 1 is patched to Desk Channel 1, DMX 2 to 2 and so on.
  4. The lights are on lx bars and I’m trying to find the dmx number of that
  5. That depends on the fixture. A lot of fixtures have a display that shows their address when they are powered up - these are the the easy ones. Some have displays but show nothing when they are powered up (or they display something that isn't the address) - these you will have to go into the menu on the fixture and find the address. Lastly there are ones without a display that have a row of tiny 'DIP' switches - these actually represent the address in binary, usually with the least significant bit on the left. It really is a nightmare and I'm pretty sure you will be saving your showfile at every turn in future. One thought, is the desk used by anyone else who might have saved a showfile? If so, you can load that - there are options for how much of it you want to load or you can .old the whole lot and delete stuff you don't want.
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  7. How do I find out the dmx number
  8. Hi @james_ If you haven’t saved your show file to a USB drive prior to resetting the console, you will need to patch it. Otherwise the console won’t know what lights you have. See the link below for information on adding lights into your console… https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/patching/add-fixtures Hope this helps, Edward
  9. Did you save to USB stick? If not then yes you will have lost your programming.
  10. Yes but maybe not in the way you describe. You can create any sequence of cues on a playback then you can trigger that playback from any other playback(s) when you want to trigger that sequence. When you start programming the sequence, when you go to record the second cue, the desk will ask if you want to create a sequence, where you can set the speed. Effects are something slightly different. On FLX S (compared to ‘full’ FLX) they are a little more limited on how you can create your own. But nonetheless you can setup say some movers in a position pattern with some colours and gobos then you can record that as your own Effect palette. You can use this effect palette in the same way you can use any other palette type.
  11. I’ve looked at your guide but one of the problems is the lights aren’t turning on by using a fader
  12. There are training videos on the Zero88 Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/zero88 , some cover FLX and FLXS. I have attached a quick guide I wrote for year 10 production students that covers most used items when they are starting to use a FLXS24. FLXS24 SHOW GUIDE.pdf
  13. Hi there, I know that you can create your own custom effects by using a sub-master (playback) using chase or something like that, but can you then save this as an effect to use in a master playback? Cheers
  14. Hi may I have some help I accidentally factory reset my Flx s 24 And I have lost everything and I have to do everything from scratch and I’m not sure what to do can anyone help please
  15. Last week
  16. Dear All, We’re excited to announce the availability of ZerOS 7.12, a new update for consoles and servers running the ZerOS Operating System. New Features include: KiNET support Vision.Net support Philips Hue support Updated fonts & improved font rendering ZerOS Library 3.2 Various enhancements and bug fixes Please see the Release Notes for full details. The Online Manual has also been updated to support all the new features: https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros ZerOS 7.12, Phantom ZerOS 7.12 (offline editor) and the Release Notes can be found at zero88.com/zeros If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@zero88.com Kind regards, Jon
  17. Hi @CestM0i64, we have a thread where you can vote for features you'd like to see - I suggest voting there!
  18. I’ll add a bump to this as a feature I’d like to see
  19. Just got round to testing it, the resistance seems fine - but going to test it I think I found the problem. Pin 3 on the input is just missing/broken off so there's no Data+, @kgallen was on the right track! Well I'll add replacing that to the list of jobs... Thanks all for your help.
  20. Hi Peter, Thank you for the information. Without any error messages, it is hard to say what may have caused this. If you encounter this issue again, it would be worth just connecting a single monitor, to see if this resolves the issue. If you need an extra monitor, you can add additional desktops using the ZerOS Monitor app for Windows and tablets. What USB devices were connected to the console? If you have any questions, please let us know. Edward
  21. Hi @Rene van Hove This sounds like an intermittent internal connection, sometimes causing the console to fail to boot. An approved service centre should be able to open the console, to ensure everything is seated correctly. Edward
  22. Hi Edward, Thanks for your reply. The desk was "unmanned" at the time. No cues were triggered at the time of reboot. By the time I saw the screen ( I was filming the show at the time) it was displaying the "normal" load sequence. For info we have two monitors connected in parallel on the vga, could this prompt a reboot? Regards Peter
  23. After some more unsuccesful tries, I brought the console to my supplier. It's indeed under warranty. In their service centre, it boots up straight away under identical circumstances as my tests. Interesting but seems solved somehow...
  24. Hi Stefan, No problem, pleased to hear it. If there's anything else we can help with, please let us know. Edward
  25. HI Edward, thank you for the quick reply. I did all necessary changes with the phantom software and built a recovery stick for the desk. I don´t need the beta at the moment. Best regards Stefan
  26. Hi @Petera Sorry to hear this. What did you see on the external monitor? Did the console go straight from the normal interface, to the first boot screen? Was there a certain button that was pressed, that seemed to trigger the reboot? How long did the console take to reboot? Edward
  27. Hi Stefan, Thank you very much for your description of the issue, and for sharing a debug file along with your show file. Sorry to see you encountered this issue with your console. We are aware of an issue on Leapfrog consoles running ZerOS 7.11, which can result in a crash when changing multiple fixture profiles at once in the Fixture Schedule. This issue will be fixed in ZerOS 7.12 software, which we are hoping to release in the next couple of weeks. If you need a fix sooner, please send us an email to support@zero88.com, and I can share a beta version with you. I can confirm that based on the information in the debug file, there is not a hardware issue with your console. If you have any questions, please let us know. Edward
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