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  2. Hi Paul, If there are faders that don't seem to be registering correctly, I'd recommend booting the console into Test Mode. You can access Test Mode by booting the console with the SETUP key held down. This will show you an on-screen representation of the console on the internal touchscreen. You will then be able to work through all of the console's faders and buttons, and ensure that the physical position of faders matches the on-screen representation. For more information on Test Mode see the link below... https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/trouble-shooting/test-mode If som
  3. kgallen

    Fader Calibration

    Sounds like you need a can of compressed air spray. Check it's suitable for electronics cleaning use.
  4. PaulJ

    Fader Calibration

    We have a few faders that don't seem to be taking the fixtures up to 100%. I would presume that this is maybe due to some dust getting in them but I don't particularly want to have to take apart the desk to try to fix it. Is there a way I'm missing to calibrate the faders in the software?
  5. Last week
  6. Hello, ZerOS Library files (.zlbr) contain fixtures in the new library format, which cannot be edited. These fixtures are created as per the fixture's official manual in our format. If you wish to customise fixtures, individual .ift files can be downloaded from the link below... https://zero88.com/fixtures/legacy-library/Legacy library (gft41.0)/ I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. Edward
  7. the 2.1 library is not opened by fixture tools 2.6, why? P.
  8. Thanks very much. Will take a look at those this afternoon. Edward
  9. Edward, Have sent some show files over. It's worth noting I can load all of my show files fine in 7.9.8. Will wait to hear via email! Nice One!
  10. Hi Jean, Thanks for confirming. Any known errors can be displayed by pressing Z -> System Information -> System Text. I don't believe this issue will be reported there. Many thanks for your time spent investigating this. Thank you for detailing the steps and taking images. Again, I have followed these steps, with your show file, and cannot reproduce the fault. This therefore indicates a specific issue with the handling of these fixtures. Many thanks for the video. I have downloaded this, and then deleted it from your post, to save your forum storage space.
  11. Hi Edward, Sadly no debug file or error message shown upon rebooting. Is there no log anywhere that can be extracted from the console to help understanding the issue? I invested some time into further investigating the problem. What I can say is that the thing is 100% reproducible with my desk. Here are the steps : Click on Reset Desk, it works Enable RigSync Let RigSync discover some devices Click on Reset Desk again -> grey screen and unresponsive console -> reboot required (note : the Reset Desk is not done when the crash occurs as fixtures still are
  12. Hello, Would you be able to email us the show files that are failing to load into ZerOS 7.9.9? Please email support@zero88.com, and we will take a look. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  13. Hi all, I upgraded from 7.9.7 to 7.9.9 and now I am unable to load any of my saved shows from 7.9.7 or 7.9.6. The show starts to load then just displays 'Load Failed'. Only thing I can think of is that those show files contained my own fixture files... Any suggestions welcome! Nice One!
  14. Hi Jean, We are currently still unable to replicate this with our RDM test fixtures and your show file. This may indicate the issue is related to how ZerOS is handling the specific RDM fixtures connected to your console. Sorry to hear this. If there are any debug files or error messages shown upon rebooting the console, please do send these to me, as these will help indicate the cause of the issue. If you would be interested in trying our beta software, to see if this solves the issue, please drop me an email. If you have any questions let me know. Edward
  15. That's great, glad to hear it. If you have any questions just let us know. Edward
  16. Amazing. Thanks. I am up and running now with an old computer screen using a VGA cable.
  17. Hi Edward, Any update about your investigations? Yesterday I could reproduce the problem 5-10 times in a row (it's getting quite annoying as I was trying to do something else entirely). It always happens when I play with RigSync, for instance detecting fixtures, then pressing Clear Desk in order to get rid of all detected fixtures and be able to do it again from scratch.
  18. Earlier
  19. Hello, Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. Jester consoles have a VGA output on the rear panel for an external monitor output. Any monitor with a VGA input should work with the Jester. If you have any questions let us know. Edward
  20. Can anyone tell me if there is a screen (LCD monitor) available for the Jester 24/48 zero 88? I have moved schools and in my last school we had a screen that the Jester hooked up to so we could see the cues and chases, in my new school I just have the lighting board and would love to find a screen to purchase. Any help welcome please.
  21. Hello, To Lamp On the Mac 550, select the fixture, and tap "Beam" to go to the Beam controls. Then dial the "Shutter, Strobe, Control" parameter until you reach "Lamp On". If you are on a FLX range console, you can tap the middle encoder button of the "Shutter, Strobe, Control" parameter, and then choose "Lamp On" from the touchscreen. If you wish you can then record a Beam palette, to give you a shortcut to the Lamp On command. Hope this helps, Edward
  22. Hello, Yes it is. To do this, when you update the cue, you can disable the “SmartTag” option in the Update options. When SmartTag is disabled, only manual control values will get included, not values form another playback. For information on the SmartTag feature, see here… https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/record-options/snapshot-smarttag#smarttag Hope this helps, Edward
  23. OSC triggers are on the list, as an addition to the Triggers tab of Setup. Edward
  24. Is it possible to edit a single playback live, and exclude other active playbacks from being incorporated into the updated cue?
  25. It helps, thanks for the sespons. But it is disappointing. Has there never been a need to be able to do this? And then preferably with OSC, so that you do not need a midi converter, only with a Cat cable.
  26. Hi, can you explain the exact procedure, because i also don't have macro to Lamp on for Mac 550. Thks by advance.
  27. Hi Roan, As Kevin says, FLX can receive MIDI, but not output MIDI triggers. The MIDI output is for connecting other devices on the MIDI daisy chain so they can all receive the same signal. For more information on MIDI see the link below… https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/setup/triggers Hope this helps, Edward
  28. I don’t believe this is possible (I have a similar application requirement too). I believe the MIDI output is ‘thru’ not ‘out’ and I’m not aware of any commands or macros that can trigger the FLX to output MIDI control messages to other equipment. This is a shame - the only output available on FLX is DMX (XLR or via ArtNet/sACN), there are no ‘aux’ type outputs.
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