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Zero 88 at The Edinburgh Festivals 2014

19th Aug 2014

The 2014 Edinburgh Festival and Fringe is the biggest yet, increasing on last year’s program by 11% and making it the world’s largest arts festival in history. Eaton’s Zero 88 team have reacted in a similar manner by increasing their support and training opportunities at the festival Product Specialists Paul McEwan and Jon Hole, along with UK Sales Manager Mark Morley, are all staying in Scotland’s Capital City to ensure  superior support is provided throughout the festival’s 3 week run.

“The exact number of Zero 88 consoles at the festival is still unknown, but estimates are that over 150 different performance spaces are using everything from ORB XF and Solutions, through to Jesters and even Level 6s!” commented Paul McEwan, who is in Edinburgh for the whole festival. He added “around 50 of these venues took advantage of our free training before they opened, and many more have made use of our onsite support to answer their programming questions”.

“The friendliness of everyone working on the festival, even when there’s so much time pressure with shows, is what makes us want to return year after year” claimed Jon Hole.  “Some of the nicest venues we’ve visited are those who haven’t needed support or training, but have invited us to see their venue and how they were using their Zero 88 kit! The Edinburgh Festival is one of the best ways for us to build lasting relationships with our end users, so they can feel comfortable to call us at any time.”

This year, Eaton’s Zero 88 have also jointly sponsored the Edinburgh Festival Lighting Drinks, hosted by C Venues and the ALD. This is a great opportunity for designers, programmers and technicians to get together after their long show run and relax with friends and colleagues within the entertainment industry.