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“Top Story” at the Old Vic Tunnels

A play about the end of the World as we know it.

The venue is unique, presenting a combination of natural beauty, darkness and dampness. With an unusual depth that can be daunting to light with great length, limited height and no opportunity for side-light, there were many challenges.

The theatrical requirements called for signage at the rear of the performance space to spell out the days of the week as the play counts down to oblivion – this was achieved by 48 strips of RGB Tape from LED Flex on 3 wooden frames, controlled via DMX Decoders.

The Set design had 6 Sofas, 3 of which are moved around on wheeled steel-deck to change the layout and acting areas. Lighting wise this creates a multitude of different zones which were 3-point lit, in addition to the general acting areas in-between. With the cast of 7 remaining on-stage throughout it was the task of the lighting to create the different environments and atmosphere to focus the attention where needed.

The Old Vic Tunnels already had a 24 channel dimmer rack installed and a 32A 3-phase supply so the additional equipment supplied by LAMBCO Lighting for this play were 1 x Mac250, 2 x Chillipacks, 8 Seladors, 6 x Fresnels, 24 x Par56, 12 Source Four Spots and Spots, 2 x LED Battens, Haze and Fan, plus an Orb lighting control console. A relatively small selection that fill the overhead scaff pipes.

The Orb’s Learn feature and Touchscreens allowed great flexibility and speed in setting up the Lighting Cues, Timing them into the Set and Actor movements, for a multi-cue pre-timed playback that matches the performance.
The show is at the Old Vic Tunnels from Jan 5th to Feb 2nd.

Director: Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh
Producer: Caroline Couret-Delègue
Lighting Designer: Richard Lambert
Photo Credit: Foteini Christophilopoulou