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Version 7.0 ZerOS Software Released
July 6th, 2011

Powerful new software update for Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog 2 and ORB Series consoles.

Cooper Controls is pleased to announce the launch of Version 7.0 ZerOS software for the Zero 88 Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog 2 and ORB Series consoles.

ZerOS 7.0 is the most substantial update to the ZerOS software platform to date, incorporating over 30 new features including:

• A completely redesigned look and style for an enhanced, clearer user interface
• Colour Filter lookup – match your moving lights to any Lee, Rosco or Apollo filter using on-screen palette keys or syntax
• A new ‘Fixture Levels’ window to provide instant view and modification of tracking data for the entire cue stack
• Added the ability to export show files to a comma separated file (CSV) – export your show data to a spreadsheet, for printing and manipulation through any common software package
• A ‘Page Lock’ function has been added, giving the ability to keep a submaster or UDK available across all pages – perfect for house lights or effects you need available throughout the whole show
• A major overhaul of the Macros system means they can now store syntax commands or front panel button pushes, and can be executed either fast or slow, depending on your requirements.
• An updated and integrated comprehensive online help for all desk types, built into the desk software for instant support on all desk features
• An updated fixture library with over 2500 fixture types from 175 manufacturers

“The launch of ZerOS 7.0 is a testament to the investment Cooper has made in Zero 88 over the last four years. During this time our software capability has been growing and growing, and the launch of ZerOS 7.0 is the latest addition to this powerful platform” commented Peter Kirkup, Product Manager. “Aside from a visual face lift, users will see a host of new features which have been requested through our support forum and feedback provided directly to our product management team. I’m excited to release this software and enable our users to try out the new features,” he continued.

ZerOS 7.0 Software, ZerOS 7.0 Offline Editor and the latest ZerOS Remote Monitor software are all now available from the support forum at