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PLASA 2011
September 8th, 2011

Cooper Controls entertainment lighting control brand Zero 88 will be showcasing their latest product releases at PLASA 2011 from 11-14th September.

New Solution Series

Launching at PLASA 2011 is Zero 88’s new range of multipurpose lighting control consoles, the Solution and Solution XL.

Running the powerful new ZerOS 7 operating software, the Solution Series offers comprehensive hands on control of conventional generic channels, submaster and cue stack playback and moving light controls, all laid out in an easy to use, familiar fashion. The consoles feature four DMX universes, USB storage, external touch screen support, multiple onboard LCD displays and multifunctional keys (MFKs).

Whether you require a solution for simple shows or major professional productions, the Solution Series is flexible and configurable to provide the controls you need when you need them. Designed to be easy to understand, yet adaptable enough to cope with even the largest lighting systems, the Solution Series make controlling your entire system as easy as turning on your house lights.


Solution Series provide a simple, clear progression from basic two preset generic control through to moving light and LED control. Hands on control with submasters and channel faders combine with a powerful theatre stack to facilitate any type of show.

• Channel faders for hands on control

• LCDs for clear easy to read information display

• Wizard driven patching to guide you through the process

• Full online help


The flexible front panel with cue stack, submasters and live controls allow the Solution Series to be adapted to multipurpose venues where the requirements change daily. From simple moving light patching to powerful offset effects, the Solution Series has been designed with flexibility at its core.

• Advanced fixture library with over 2600 fixtures

• Remote applications for wireless control

• Rate control, tap tempo and sound to light chases

• Move on Dark for cue lists


Featuring ZerOS 7 software, the Solution Series offer powerful adjustment of complex effects, a tracking cue stack and adjustable user preferences to enable full professional programming options. Advanced palette references, tracking updates and remote tracking backup options mean you can rely on the Solution Series to grow as your requirements do.

• Support for all major visualisation packages

• Ethernet output of DMX

• Fully enabled Remote Device Management (RDM)

With the power of ZerOS 7 and a new modern package the Solution Series is the perfect control solution for corporate, live and theatre events.

ZerOS 7

ZerOS 7 is the most substantial update to the ZerOS software platform to date, bringing a comprehensive set of new features to the ORB, Solution and Leap Frog ranges.

Showing on the stand, ZerOS 7 incorporates over 30 new features including:

• A completely redesigned look and style for an enhanced, clearer user interface

• Colour Filter lookup – match your moving lights to any Lee, Rosco or Apollo filter using on-screen palette keys or syntax

• A new ‘Fixture Levels’ window to provide instant view and modification of tracking data for the entire cue stack

• Added the ability to export show files to a comma separated file (CSV) – export your show data to a spreadsheet, for printing and manipulation through any common software package

• A ‘Page Lock’ function has been added, giving the ability to keep a submaster or UDK available across all pages – perfect for house lights or effects you need available throughout the whole show

• A major overhaul of the Macros system means they can now store syntax commands or front panel button pushes, and can be executed either fast or slow, depending on your requirements.

• An updated and integrated comprehensive online help for all desk types, built into the desk software for instant support on all desk features

• An updated fixture library with over 2500 fixture types from 175 manufacturers

Brand Manager, Claire House, commented that “We’re also previewing a taster of ZerOS 8 at the show. Cooper are continuing the development of the ZerOS platform even further, and it’s great to get the chance to preview some of these exciting new features so soon after a major release. “

ZerOS 7 Software, ZerOS 7 Offline Editor (Phantom ZerOS) and the latest ZerOS Remote Monitor software are all available from the support centre at


Cooper Controls is one of the leading lighting control manufacturers in terms of RDM implementation and continues to take an active part in the development of the RDM standard.

With the addition of all the ZerOS consoles (ORB, ORB XF, Solution, Solution XL, Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96 and Frog 2) all key products in the Zero 88 range are now fully RDM enabled.

Visitors to the Cooper Controls stand will be able to see RDM working live on the ORB XF & Solution consoles, demonstrating the power and convenience of Remote Device Management.

Zero 88 RDM enabled products can also be found at the ‘RDM Area’ at PLASA on stand 2-M38, together with daily presentations by Product Manager Peter Kirkup. Cooper Controls are one of the featured sponsors of the RDM Area.

ZeroWire CRMX

Based on industry leading wireless DMX technology, the ZeroWire CRMX from Cooper Controls features the first automated and adaptive wireless technology specifically developed for the lighting industry. CRMX wireless transmissions optimize the use of available frequencies providing the markets most reliable wireless DMX solution.

This fully automated feature offers unrivalled convenience and peace of mind during operation. The wireless DMX/RDM products offer this innovation in rugged enclosures designed to meet the particular requirements of the entertainment and architainment markets.

Cooper Controls – Zero 88

Stand 1-E38