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ZerOS Server

Preview - shipping soon!

ZerOS Server is a rackmounted, slimline (1RU), fully featured lighting control system ideal for use in performance installations and networks where show replay, tracking backup or architectural system integration is required.

ZerOS Server runs "ZerOS" - a powerful and proven lighting control application designed for the control of all types of performance lighting including LED, intelligent moving lights, media servers, effects and traditional theatrical lighting fixtures and dimmers.

ZerOS Server features interfaces to MIDI (notes, timecode & showcontrol), DMX, RDM, Art-Net 4, streaming ACN and contact closures, and has the option to act as an iLight iCAN network device within a distributed intelligence architectural lighting network.


  • Control up to 8192 fixtures
  • Flexible channel allocation across 64 universes
  • Control of LED, moving lights, media servers, effects and dimmers
  • Optional external touch screen
  • iOS, Android & Windows remote apps
  • DMX, RDM, sACN, Art-Net, Midi Notes, MTC, MSC & Contact Closures
  • Optional integration with control panels, touchscreens & iCAN devices
  • Quiet, dust free, fanless operation
  • 3 year warranty
  • CE compliant, designed and manufactured in the UK to ISO9001:2015

Show replay

Stand alone or remotely triggered controller for permanent installations such as facades, landscapes or theme parks.

Tracking Backup

Full tracking backup and auto switch-over with FLX, for any venue or event where redundancy is required.

Architectural integration

A bridge between performance lighting and architectural lighting, ideal for theatres, conference centres and other public buildings.



ZerOS Server runs ZerOS - the operating system for all premium lighting consoles from Zero 88.

Zeros Software


Part Code Name
0050-000011 ZerOS Server, 2048 channels, UK
0050-000015 ZerOS Server, 4096 channels, UK
0050-000019 ZerOS Server, 8192 channels, UK
0050-000012 ZerOS Server, 2048 channels, Schuko/French
0050-000016 ZerOS Server, 4096 channels, Schuko/French
0050-000020 ZerOS Server, 8192 channels, Schuko/French
0050-000013 ZerOS Server, 2048 channels, US
0050-000017 ZerOS Server, 4096 channels, US
0050-000021 ZerOS Server, 8192 channels, US
0050-000023 ZerOS Server +CAN, 512 channels, UK POA
0050-000027 ZerOS Server +CAN, 1024 channels, UK POA
0050-000031 ZerOS Server +CAN, 2048 channels, UK POA
0050-000035 ZerOS Server +CAN, 4096 channels, UK POA
0050-000039 ZerOS Server +CAN, 8192 channels, UK POA
0050-000024 ZerOS Server +CAN, 512 channels, Schuko/French POA
0050-000028 ZerOS Server +CAN, 1024 channels, Schuko/French POA
0050-000032 ZerOS Server +CAN, 2048 channels, Schuko/French POA
0050-000036 ZerOS Server +CAN, 4096 channels, Schuko/French POA
0050-000040 ZerOS Server +CAN, 8192 channels, Schuko/French POA
0050-000025 ZerOS Server +CAN, 512 channels, US POA
0050-000029 ZerOS Server +CAN, 1024 channels, US POA
0050-000033 ZerOS Server +CAN, 2048 channels, US POA
0050-000037 ZerOS Server +CAN, 4096 channels, US POA
0050-000041 ZerOS Server +CAN, 8192 channels, US POA

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    Software & Library

    Download the latest release of ZerOS - the operating system for all premium lighting consoles from Zero 88.

    • Phantom (offline)
    • Apps
    • Fixture Library
    Flx Straight On With Monitor Transparent Small

    ZerOS Universe Upgrade

    FLX & FLX S consoles can be upgraded in individual universe increments using an online upgrade system, ensuring your console is fully future-proofed.