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Orb Xf


Legacy product

The ORB series of lighting control desks come from a heritage of control system development which spans almost 15 years.

The ORB features a traditional theatrical layout, including ten playback faders capable of functioning as playbacks or submasters. This console is ideal for users who wish to playback in a traditional theatrical format, with a pre-built cue stack. The ORB was manufactured from 2009-2013.

The ORB XF replaces these ten playback faders with 60 Multi Function Faders which can function as Channels or Playbacks. This console is more suited to users who require flexibility in playback and a simpler programming approach. The ORB XF was manufactured from 2011-2018 (pictured).


Part Code Name
0020-000016-00 ZerOS Wing (with USB connection, feet & brackets)


Part Code Name

Spare Parts

Part Code Name
4905000 CR2032 3v Coin Cell Battery
5440500 Soft Touch Fader Cap (Narrow) - Black/White
1722-00006-00 ORB Fader (all) & ORB XF Grand Master Fader
1722-000007-00 45mm Fader (FLX: Grand Master, FLX S: All)
5442000 Soft Touch Fader Cap (Wide) - Black/White
Some other parts still available. Contact us for more information.