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Leap Frog 48 & Leap Frog 96

Legacy product

Developed using feedback from operators of the original Frog consoles, the Leap Frog 48 & Leap Frog 96 maintain Zero 88’s philosophy of providing great value feature packed products.

The Leap Frog 48 & Leap Frog 96 consoles are not to be confused with the original Leapfrog which was part of the Frog range.

Users of the original Frog Desks will find a familiar ergonomic hardware platform but that is where the similarity to the existing range ends. The hardware set has been expanded considerably. The new desks feature two DMX universes as standard, USB storage, external touch screen support, multiple on-board LCD displays and multi-functional keys.

The key change however is in the software platform. Consistency of operation with the existing desks is maintained but the new software allows users to achieve more. Up to 200 fixtures can be controlled on either of the desks and these can be allocated to up to 200 groups. 400 colour, beam and position and effects palettes can be recorded.

Industry standard Ethernet protocols and visualisers are supported. Free PDA software is available to provide (by adding a suitable Wireless Access Point) a wireless remote for the desk. A free Off Line Editor is also available.

Leap Frog 48 & Leap Frog 96 consoles were manufactured from 2007-2011, and were superseded by the Solution range. The Leap Frog 48 is pictured.

Leap Frog 48 & Leap Frog 96 operate identically to the Solution range. The Solution manual can therefore be downloaded below.


Part Code Name
12-123-99 SMPTE/MIDI/Remote/CAN PCB upgrade


Part Code Name
Leap Frog 48
Leap Frog 96

Spare Parts

Part Code Name
5537500 42w 4 pin XLR PSU
4905000 CR2032 3v Coin Cell Battery
1722-000006-00 60mm Fader - short tang (MFFs)