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It would take you nearly eight years to watch every performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Almost three million tickets are sold for over 56 thousand performances of three and a half thousand shows from approx. 55 countries in over 300 venues throughout the City of Edinburgh.

Every year, Zero 88 provide unprecedented free training and support to hundreds of venues running Zero 88 control, data and power during Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Meet some of the venues, suppliers and technicians benefiting from the speed, simplicity and reliability of using Zero 88 #BehindtheFringe.

"FLX has some definite innovations that makes it the best choice. Zero 88 have designed a range of desks that work really well and hit that market sector spot on!"

Adrian, Hawthorn
Head of Lighting


For Martin, it is the "flexibility, easy of use and familiarity for incoming companies" that makes Zero 88 a go-to console choice for Fringe, coupled with being able to undertake "complex programming without confusing options for less advanced users".

George Square Studios


"So far, the fringe has been going very well. Companies have been happy and I've really got into the pattern of the day. My favourite show so far is 'Brendan Galileo For Europe' - funny and very relatable as it's based in my hometown. I'm glad to have the opportunity to work with Zero 88 FLX. It's easy to explain how it works to the companies techs during rehearsals". George Square Studios hosts six performance spaces along with the "Studios Bar", "Club Bar" and "Container Bar".

Alexie & Fiona

"The variety of individuals and shows is amazing" mentions Alexie. Fiona adds that she loves "being able to be in the city and still be surrounded by parks and hills". Alexei likes "the simplicity and flexibility" of Zero 88 consoles. They "allow for an interesting design mix". Bristo Square is one of 21 separate performance spaces across the Fringe run by Underbelly.

Ruari, SLX

"We needed a console that was straightforward and easy to use with the power to control a reasonable amount of moving and / or LED fixtures with all their parameters, and FLX was a perfect and cost-effective solution”

Production Manager


FLX S range has a "powerful feature set and a superior theatre cue stack compared to most others. Zero 88's support and training is vital for events like Edinburgh Fringe. We have numerous users of various abilities and very little room for error or downtime".

Venue Technician


"The chance to see ground breaking theatre" in a city of "old, historic architecture, beautiful nature and modern culture" is why Verity loves working at Summerhall. Her role included programming and operating the mixture of FLX and FLX S consoles which Summerhall use.

Lighting Designer


Sarah is a Brooklyn based designer who lit "Monsoon Season". She loves "the gigantic number of artists that descend on the city - people from all over the world united by their passion for art". The touring showfile from Monsoon Season was imported onto a FLX console in Underbelly. "The Zero 88 customer service and support has been extra ordinary".

Venue Technician


"The Fringe has been a great experience". 2019 was Charlie's first Fringe, but he loves "the diversity" available, and was thankful for the opportunity to "learn something new" by attending Zero 88 training. "Teviot" houses half of Gilded Balloon's 18 performance spaces - the gorgeous, castle-esque Teviot building is hard to miss.

"At a Fringe event you need a product that a wide number of people will be familiar with and that is easy to learn and use for those who aren't... and of course it has to be cost effective for the venue provider."

Dan, White Light
Venue Technician


"Edinburgh is beautiful and welcoming. I love the vibrancy of the people at the fringe, from the audience members to the producers and technicians, everyone you meet has a story. The food is also a plus!".

Catrina, who travels over 400 miles for the Fringe, continued, "Zero 88 provided extremely coherent training - I feel really prepared for tech rehearsals".

Deputy Venue Manager


"Edinburgh is always such a lively and gorgeous city that you can wander around for ages in. Everyone is always so lovely and chatty, it's so easy to meet people you'll be friends with for life.

Every year I've been at the fringe, Zero 88 have helped me brush up on my desk knowledge, and their support is always amazing"

Venue Technicians

Alex, Maria and Rob

Fringe is "a time for performers and companies from all over the world to show their work in the freest and most welcoming environment possible" says Rob. Alex's favourite thing about Edinburgh is "the vibrancy and culture this city exudes". Maria from Argentina, celebrates Zero 88's "great training", with Alex highlighting "the ease of use and the brilliant support". Rob noticed how "versatile, reliable and easy to use" Zero 88 products are.

Venue Technician


"The History & architecture of the City" stands out to Neal, along with "the atmosphere of everyone having a great time". Neal was operating FLX at The Stand's New Town Theatre, enjoying "how easy it is to use, and how well it is designed"


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