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ZeroWire CRMX
Wireless DMX Transmitter & Receiver




Based on the first automated and adaptive wireless technology developed specifically for the lighting industry - the ZeroWire CRMX brings a new level of assurance to wireless DMX systems.

CRMX is the first system to continuously scan the radio spectrum and adapt to the best frequency without interruption. This avoids both interference in the increasingly crowded license free radio sphere, as well as helps to maximize the performance of all the other radio systems sharing those frequencies. In short, it’s a smart radio that adapts. Add RDM and a rugged enclosure suitable to the demands of the entertainment and architainment industry and the package is complete.


  • Automated Cognitive Coexistence CRMX wireless transmissions never disturb, or are disturbed by, other wireless equipment. This fully automated feature offers unrivaled convenience and peace of mind during operation
  • Fidelity - The DMX frame output is identical to the frame input
  • Error correction - Advanced algorithms recreate corrupt or lost radio packets
  • Compliance - Non-compliant DMX is corrected to meet the DMX512-A standard
  • Synchronization - Precision timing mechanism guarantees synchronized frame delivery
  • Latency - Industry best; 5ms even in multi- universe systems
  • Ethernet support - Art-Net I & II and Streaming ACN (draft & final) protocols
  • RDM Enabled
  • Ease of use - One button simplifies all setup
  • Ease of mounting - Multiple mounting options facilitate easy rigging or rack mounting
  • Security - 128 bit encryption ensures no hacker interference
  • Legacy support - ZeroWire CRMX receivers are compatible with all CRMX systems and legacy W-DMX™ systems *
  • Upgradeable - Software and firmware readily available from our website

*CRMX systems are capable of receiving W-DMX data G3 and below, and from G4 systems running in G3 mode.



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ZeroWire CRMX Data Sheet

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