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Jester ML48
Jester Series - Compact Intuitive Lighting Consoles


The Jester ML48 brings greater control and flexibility to mixed lighting applications using up to 30 moving lights and 48 dimmer channels. Featuring an effects system, recorded pallets, and an extensive library of fixture personalities, the Jester ML48 is an ideal choice for rental or mid sized venues with mixed lighting needs.

The Jester ML48 also offers direct control of up to 48 dimmer channels. Show playback is either via submasters or through a traditional theatrical cue stack.

Choose from preset, program or playback mode, add effects, and conventional fader control to tailor the way you operate your moving lights, colour changers and dimming to deliver exactly what you need, show after show.


  • Playback stack

  • Patching to 512 DMX channels

  • DMX in allowing snapshots of all 512 DMX channels

  • VGA Monitor Port

  • USB storage and keyboard support

  • MIDI Notes & Show Control

  • Lock Function

  • LCD Display for stand-alone use

  • Online Help in multiple languages

  • Offline Editor (Phantom Jester)

  • Remote triggers

  • RDM enabled

  • Upgradeable firmware

  • External power supply

  • 30 Fixtures

  • 24/48 channels of control

  • 20 x 48 Submasters

  • 30 each of Colour, Position and Beamshape Palettes

  • Fixture Library with almost 3000 types

  • Moving light effects system



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