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A quick way to set the numerical value of non-intensity channels

20 September 2017 - 08:46 PM



Is there an easy way to set the numerical value of non-intensity channels?


The usual Home for an LED is R=G=B=255. To get R,G,B to a value of 0 requires some furious rotation on each respective encoder which takes some 5 seconds per parameter. This is a little clunky.


I tried holding the encoder centre button and typing on the keypad in the hope that this might work (nope).


Sure, usually we'd use some pre-programmed palettes or the great range of filter look-ups on the FLX. But just sometimes you need to get those values to 0 because you don't want a non-zero value tracking though a cue stack.


If not, enhancement ZOS-xxxx?





ETA: Encoder behaviour is the default (Proportional) but the acceleration curve seems pretty shallow with rotation speed.

Knowledge Base for Legacy Products

16 September 2017 - 08:59 PM

Hi Zero88 guys,


Could you please look into Legacy Product info access in the Knowledge Base via the various links on the UK Zero88 product pages.


Sometimes I get to the German KB pages, sometimes the UK pages. On the UK pages, the product listings are a bit lacking/ad-hoc.


For example tonight I was looking for some information on Alphapack2. This is not listed (under Dimmers) on the KB accessed via the link here: http://zero88.com/su...dex/286/dimmers


However I've been on the KB page for AP2 in the past - I've linked documents in my Forum posts. But tonight I can't find the AP2 KB page. Maybe I found it via the German KB previously.


By using the search "alphapack" I manage to get to this document - but is this page an orphan page in the KB?



Anyway if you can ensure that (at least recent) discontinued products are available on the UK KB I'd be grateful! :-)

Much appreciated,


Alphapack1/2/3 channel fuse

02 June 2017 - 02:04 PM

Having had to dig around a bit to find the fuse types for the three Alphapack versions, I'm documenting here for other users:


All fuses are 6.3A, ceramic HRC fast acting, 5x20mm.


Alphapack1: 5x20mm (Note: NOT 32mm as quoted in this datasheet: http://zero88.com/su...achment/266/264)


Alphapack2: 5x20mm (http://zero88.com/su...tachment/84/616)


Alphapack3: 5x20mm (http://zero88.com/da...K_Rev2_0516.pdf)



RS 563-330 http://uk.rs-online....-fuses/0563330/

CPC FF02830 (SIBA 70-007-33/6.3A) http://cpc.farnell.c...ow-6/dp/FF02830

Betapack 2 screw size (security plate)

22 May 2017 - 03:14 PM

Hi Keith/Jon,


Could you let me know the size of the screw for a Betapack 2 that secures the DMX security plate (at its top).


Bigger than M3, smaller than M4 and possibly a tapered self-tapper rather than a machine screw so I thought I'd ask...!



Clear/Reset Options

30 January 2017 - 10:26 PM

I've finished the show and I want to reset the desk back to a fresh state ready for setup of the next. I want to remove the current show and everything that is specific to this show.


I can use Clear All - but that leaves the patch in place for all dimmers and fixtures, including their modified names.


I can use Reset Desk - this removes the patch but also removes my additional fixture definitions, so I need to reload them from USB (ok, a simple job).


Factory Reset - what does this do in addition to Reset Desk? The manual doesn't clarify this.