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Output Window and Blind Mode on a S48

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Hello everybody,

I`m working with a Leapfrog 48 and - since 2 weeks - also with a FLX S48.


2 questions:

1, The outputwindow of the Leap Frog shows the "Source" button.

It´s not on the display of the FLX, but really useful to find open channels during a running show.


2, Is there a "blind mode" on the flx to program playbacks?


Great Stuff, the FLX S48!

Rock on



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Hi Stefan,

Glad you like the FLX S!

Source, Preview and Blind mode are all removed from the FLX S to keep it simple. These features are on all the other ZerOS consoles though.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know. 

Kind regards


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