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Possible buggy 'Next' yellow bar behaviour

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Playing with 7.8.5.


Thought it better to start a new topic now. The other day I reported this in one of my other threads:




Separately, another Next issue:


Playback 0 is on cue 6, Current:6 Next:7. Programming some other playbacks now, I'm seeing that the Next yellow bar on Playback 0 is jumping back to cue 1 after hitting one of the MFFs after RECORD (used syntax to set some levels, hit RECORD, hit eg MFF11). Also in the status row, Next:1. Also as an aside, I now press down arrow and the yellow bar jumps to cue 8 and Next:8.


The Next cue really had changed, because if I GO on Playback 0 then the stack goes to cue 1 not cue 7 as it should have. This behaviour wouldn't appear to be intentional, and is a potential pain when building a cue stack if it is!

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