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Chauvet Beam LED 350 Z88 Profile

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Hi all,

I'm doing a show in a venue that has a Jester ML 24. On the rig there are 2 Chauvet Beam LED 350s that are not patched into the console. Also there does not appear to be a profile for said fixtures under Chauvet category even though a quick internet search says that there should be one. Does anyone know if there is?

Also if not I would greatly appreciate if somebody could make one up for me, I've not used the software before and have very limited time in the venue so I would like to be sure it will work.



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Can you point me at a manual and I'll have a go. Chauvet have a "Beam" and a "Spot". You say "Beam" but then "Profile" which means I'm not sure which model you really mean.


This (Beam LED 350):




or this (Spot LED 350):




...or something else entirely!

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