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Programming Macros

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I am experiencing problems programming MACROS on the TL Xtra. Macros seem to be ok with purely generic channels but the problems manifest themselves when using FIXTURES.


Select PROGRAM Mode


Select FIXTURES 1 to 8 ( LED PAR cans in this instance)

Set Dimmer Channel to 100%

Set Colour RED to 100%



Set all channels to 0, deselect fixtures, go to RUN Mode


In RUN Mode


Press MACRO 1

What happens next seems to be random.

Sometime all 8 fixtures are selected and the RED channel set to 100% but Dimmer Channel stays at 0, other times nothing happens.


Have tried reprogramming the MACROS have cleared the MACROS and then started again but I can't get consistent operation. Have updated to the latest version of the firmware but it is still the same.

What am I doing wrong ?




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