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FLX Software - Open Beta - Phantom ZerOS

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the other topic is locked; so I create a new one here

just for information (and this is not mentioned in the main-topic) :


=> when installing the new Beta version of Phantom ZerOS, this will replace (and erase) any older version of Phantom-ZerOS

=> this particular version (PhantomZerOS MD Beta.zip) contains only the FLX editor, so there is no Solution and no ORB etc in it


for people who just want to have a look onto it (and give a virtual try to the FLX...) but who are working usually with Orb or Solutions desks, be careful : it would be a good advice to install this Beta version in a "special place/folder" because otherwise you are loosing your ordinary PhantomZerOS version....

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Hi Ziglight,


Thanks for bringing this up. It is mentioned a couple of times in the release notes (once in the "general" section and once listed as ZOS-6085), but I've updated the original thread to make it much more obvious.

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