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Phantom ZerOS error

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Both a friend and I have been having issues with using phantom ZerOS, we have been having the exact same issues.


On my Windows XP machine when I start one of the phantom desks, the on-desk LCD's show up as white (unique to my machine, not my friends) but when we try to close the phantom software, it freezes, closing and opening monitor 2 a few times, freezing, then crashing and genetrating a crash report.


I personally have tried re-installing the software (to no avail)


My friend has windows 7 and experiences similar issues.





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I've got the same issue: closing Phantom ZerOS most times causes a crash.

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Hi Both,


Please can you try something for me?


Open PhantomZerOS, choose a desk and select "Go".


Tick "Show Monitor 1".


Now, close just the small box (with the drop down menu, tick boxes for front panel / monitors, and the "settings" button). Only click the cross once.


In the monitor window, you should see a new ZerOS window, which will say "Shutdown DMX Output" - after around 5 or 10 seconds, Phantom should close successfully.


Please can you let me know if this happens?

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Hi Jon.

I can confirm I've just tried the above suggestion, and it still closes with causing crash report. I think we already spoke about this a while ago, but then it went "forgotten"...
It happens on Windows 7 64-bit systems, and I only got one single laptop (HP, Win7 home premium) that was closing it properly, few times in a row (it wasn't mine..).

It's not as disturbing at me, as it only freezes for a few seconds, closes and shows crash report, but still though... I'd be happy to assist more, by any chance as well.



However, Windows 8 64bit does close properly! Though, if I have LCD, Panel and DMX Input visible, single click on X closes the program within 2 seconds. If I don't have those windows visible, single click on X still closes the program, but it needs around 7 seconds or so... In the meantime, it's not frozen, just takes time to close itself I guess...

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