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Submasters and Palettes

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is there any way to know which palettes are registered in the Submasters ?? or otherwise a possibility to see the real values of parameters (dimmers etc) ??

for instance I found a way, but this is really to complicated and I wished to have a better way !!!
what I do for the moment :
I load the submaster into the programmer; and then record it into an empty memory-location... now I can see (in the Fixture Level window) which palettes are used in the Sub and see also all other normal values like intensity-values etc)

this gives me the information I am looking for but this is not practical at all !!

I tried also to have a look into the show-file (with a Hex-editor) but there is nothing usable in there....


and here is one more request : how can I see directly which parameter was tagged or which dimmer (preset fader) was used to record a Sub ??

actually when loading a Sub into the programmer nothing is shown up !! on others desks, for example, Flash-Leds of used channels get lit; tagged parameters and fixture-selection are shown (leds get lit a.s.o.)


thanks for any suggestion or any help... :)

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